NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As we look forward to 2022, some may be plotting New Year’s resolutions.

Or maybe not?

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CBS2’s Nick Caloway went to find out what people are giving up after the countdown.

Perhaps it’s the pandemic, or maybe just managing expectations, but after two years of down times, resolutions are not top of mind.

“No, haven’t thought about it. Just try to stay fit and be safe, honestly,” said Pam Ferrari of North Arlington, N.J.

Caloway heard that a lot as shoppers browsed the greenmarket at Union Square Park.

According to a CBS News poll, just 29% of Americans say they’ll be making a New Year’s resolution this year. That’s down from 43% a year ago.

Still, plenty of people Caloway found like to set goals for the new year.

“Trying to lose some weight. A little bit, not much,” said East Harlem resident William Rosario.

There’s the usual: Eat right, exercise more. And there’s the more nostalgic.

“Reaching out to more people in the New Year, more friends that I haven’t seen in a long time,” said Roxy Dorrance of Chicago.

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“I would like to find peace and grow my career,” said East Harlem resident Krissy Fantasia.

“I agree with her,” said Isabella Rourke.

“Try to be a better person,” said K. Vaughn of Philadelphia.

“We make New Year’s resolutions by creating, like, a plan, like, what we’re going to do for the year, what potentials we are going to try to achieve this year,” said Edgewater resident Anthony Church.

Lots of us like to start out the new year on a health note. For Hilary Sheinbaum, that means embarking on a dry January.

“That means no beer, no wine, no spirits, no cocktails for 31 days,” she said.

Sheinbaum even wrote a book about it, called “The Dry Challenge,” to help others who might want to give it a try.

“It can definitely be hard. But there are so many benefits, including physical benefits, mental benefits, and certainly financial benefits. Because alcohol is really expensive,” she said.

You may have guessed the most popular New Year’s resolution is usually losing weight and improving health, which is probably why the gym will be so crowded in 2022 – at least for the the first few weeks.

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Nick Caloway contributed to this report. 

CBSNewYork Team