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New NYPD 'Digidog' Robot Raising Questions Among New Yorkers"Defund the Police" critics sounded off on social media, portraying digidog as a frightening instance of over-militarized police and, with a $75,000 price tag, wasteful.
Bloomfield High School Senior David Odekunle, Who Grew Up In Nigeria, Receives Acceptance Letters From 7 Ivy Leagues Schools: 'It's Like A Once-In-A-Lifetime Feeling'It wasn't even the first time it happened in his household. Two years ago, his older brother, Emmanuel, earned the same honor.
Officials Say Long Island Rail Road Is 'Safer, Cleaner, More Reliable' Than Ever As They Beg Riders To ReturnNassau County Executive Laura Curran says a return to mass transit will fuel the region's recovery.
House Committee Holds Hearings On Dueling Bills Regarding Puerto Rico's Potential StatehoodWhen it comes to cultural pride, Puerto Ricans are strongly united, but much less so when it comes to the future of the island, currently a territory of the U.S.
Bronx High School Students Partner With DOT To Improve Local Street SafetyChanges will include building pedestrian islands and adding bike lanes, stop signs and angled parking across a 10-block radius between East 156th Street and East 166th.
Firefighter Daniel Foley, Who Died After Battling 9/11-Related Illness, Honored Posthumously At FDNY Medal DayOthers honored Wednesday included paramedics Niall O’Shaughnessy and Joshua Rodriguez, who responded to a building collapse, treating several injured construction workers inside.
Sources: Ex-Boyfriend Guns Down Woman Working At Construction Site On City IslandAuthorities say the suspect, a 67-year-old man, fled the scene on a bike and was struck by a car.
New Effort To Help Frontline Pandemic Medical Workers Process Their GriefMany experts believe another crisis is brewing when it comes to mental health during this pandemic.

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