Bicyclists, Drivers and Pedestrians must work together to follow all traffic signals, signs and safety regulations.

10 Tips to Sharing Paths, Roads & Trails for “A Safer City”

  • Do not dodge in and out of traffic, ride bicycle in a straight line
  • Wear light reflective clothing and use lights when riding at night
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet
  • Bicycles should include a working bell, brake and light
  • Do not drive bicycle against the flow of traffic
  • Pedestrians should use the sidewalks when they are available
  • If forced to walk in the street, always face traffic as far to the left as possible
  • Drivers should always watch for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Always use caution, obey the speed limit and slowdown in school zones.
  • Only use a hands-free mobile device when operating a vehicle

Ad Council: Project Yellow Light


WCBS-TV and WLNY-TV are teaming up with Project Yellow Light, an annual PSA scholarship competition for high school juniors and seniors and undergraduate college students that seeks to prevent distracted driving, specifically texting while driving. The project was created by the family of Hunter Garner to honor his memory after his death in a car crash at age 16.Submissions are due March 1 for the billboard design competition and April 1 for the radio and video competitions.

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Get Involved with the USO Today!


Remember that joyful feeling of being presented with your first bicycle? Operation That’s My Ride enables thousands of USO volunteers to assemble bikes and tricycles for children of military families serving on bases and ships. At USO sponsored military appreciation events and throughout the holidays, children of military families are presented with helmets, instruction manuals for safe cycling, and brand new bikes tied with bows and notes of appreciation. This is just one way we can help to ensure that sacrifices made by military children are not forgotten. To find out ways you can volunteer with the USO or to make a donation, visit

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