Remembering The 1996 Yankees: In A Word, They Defined 'Team'The Yankees' 1996 championship season was as unexpected as it was endearing, as diverse as the city it represented, a gift basket of baseball misfits, retreads, and blooming stars.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Girardi Got The Best Of Buddy MadduxThe biggest hit of Joe Girardi’s career happened in such a flash that he barely remembers anything about it.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Torre Pushed All The Right ButtonsThe 1996 World Series did not start out well for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Second Time Was The Charm For HayesIt’s quite clear that the baseball gods wanted Charlie Hayes to be one of the main contributors to the Yankees' 23rd world championship.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Leyritz's Series Blast Still ResonatesJim Leyritz and Mark Wohlers will forever remain inseparable in Yankees history. They spoke recently to WFAN's Sweeny Murti about that Game 4 home run in the 1996 World Series.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Duncan Didn't Just Coin A Catchy PhraseEven though he wasn't initially penciled in as everyday player, Mariano Duncan ended up being a huge part of the Yankees' run to the 1996 championship.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Torre's Team Had The Town All To ItselfFor a whole year, the Yankees got to lord their 1996 World Series championship trophy over the rest of the city, with not a single chance of getting one-upped by anyone, including that motley bunch over at old Shea Stadium.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Wetteland Did A Lot In A Short TimeWith 56,375 fans roaring, John Wetteland stood on the Yankee Stadium mound just one strike away from closing out the Bombers' first world championship in 18 years.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Pettitte Wrote His Own Redemption StoryFrom ineffective to electrifying, from distracted to determined, from a disgrace to the toast of Gotham, there were two Andy Pettittes pitching for the Yankees in the 1996 World Series.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Tino Martinez Sits Down With SweenyTino Martinez came to the Yankees in 1996 with big shoes to fill, trying to replace Don Mattingly. It's safe to say he got the job done.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Bernie Williams Was All Pinstriped ClassYou'd be challenged to find someone more vital to the Yankees' turnaround in the mid-1990s and dynasty of the late-'90s than Bernie Williams.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Paul O'Neill, The Warrior, Was BornAs far as baseball’s great warriors go, the players who would do anything they could to help their team win every game they played, Paul O’Neill belongs at or near the top of the list.