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Notorious Landlord Skips Court Hearing As Forgotten Families Still Seek Justice In New York's SOTA ScandalNow, the courts are holding these landlords accountable. One of those notorious landlords was expected in court Wednesday, but Sean Young was a no-show.
How Can New York's SOTA Program For Homeless Families Be Fixed?Mark Peters talks about issues in fixing New York City's program to help homeless families after several were placed in uninhabitable homes.
Another 'Forgotten Families' Landlord Faces JudgeSean Richway, of Maryland, was forced to show up in court on a $50,000 bench warrant.
Forgotten Families: Occupants Of Dilapidated Homes Confront DHS CommissionerThe commissioner for the Department of Homeless Services was grilled by the City Council Monday. For the first time, he was also confronted by the very families who say his agency failed them.
Department Of Homeless Services Commissioner Grilled Over Forgotten Families By City Council And CBS2The head of New York City's Department of Homeless Services was on the hot seat Monday.
'Forgotten Families' Landlord Avoids Tenants During Court AppearanceA New Jersey landlord accused of housing New York City homeless families in dilapidated conditions returned to court Wednesday. 
CBS2 On Hand As Embattled Forgotten Families Landlord, Displaced Tenant Meet Face To FaceFor months, CBS2 has been investigating a New York City program intended to help homeless families. But instead, those families have ended up worse off.
'Forgotten Families' Landlord Back In CourtCBS2's Lisa Rozner again confronted one landlord accused of renting some of the properties that also had rodents and holes in the walls.
'Not Clear What Planet The City Is Living On': Outrage Grows Over Mismanaged Money Used In Homeless Assistance ProgramThe city's handed over hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to private landlords upfront, and they can't say for certain if that money will ever be recouped.
CBS2's Lisa Rozner Demands Answers From 'Forgotten Families' LandlordReporter Lisa Rozner caught up with landlord Sean Young outside court Wednesday in East Orange. 
Reporter Ali Bauman Talks On Plight Of 'Forgotten Families' Caught In DHS ProgramCBS2 has been investigating working parents who were moved out of shelters by the Department of Homeless Services into squalid, uninhabitable homes in New Jersey.
For New York City's Forgotten Families, 'This System Never Fails At Failing'Since January, CBS2 has been showing stories of working parents who were moved out of shelters by the Department of Homeless Services into squalid, uninhabitable homes in New Jersey.
DHS Was Put On Notice About Deplorable Living Conditions In SOTA Program More Than A Year AgoCBS2 has discovered that for 10 months, officials knew they were sentencing vulnerable homeless families to live in hellholes, and did nothing. 
DHS Chief On What's Being Done To Help Families Living In Squalid Conditions As Part Of SOTA ProgramCBS2 has reported on seven families who say the city moved them out of shelters to broken down homes in New Jersey. 
What Rights Do Homeless Tenants Have In NYC?Kathryn Kliff, a staff attorney for The Legal Aid Society, talks about how some families have had to approach legal aid for help.
Expert: NYC Spending $50 Million To Put Homeless Families Into Unlivable ConditionsWith 3,000 families in the system at an estimated $17,000 per lease, taxpayers could be funding more than $50 million for the one-time assistance program.
Mother Of 3 Says DHS Pressured Her Into Signing City-Sponsored Lease At Dilapidated Home In NewarkFor Sophie Gurley the city program offering to get her family out of the shelter seemed like a dream come true, but that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.
East Orange, N.J. Cracking Down On Landlords Providing Dilapidated Homes To NYC's Forgotten FamiliesA half-dozen families have talked to CBS2, saying a New York City program meant to help solve their housing crisis instead left them in crumbling homes in New Jersey.
Newark Mayor Issues Statement On New York City Homeless ProgramRas J. Baraka blasts NYC's program as for "serious defects" and "causing a burden on the City of Newark."
De Blasio Faces Tough Questions In Wake Of CBS2's Reports On City's Forgotten FamiliesIt's a story uncovered by CBS2 last week -- family after family saying the city moved them out of homeless shelters into homes with no water, no heat, and crumbling walls.
Woman Talks About Nightmare She's Endured Since Entering NYC Homeless Services SystemThe city moved the Queens native to Newark through a special program designed to put those in need in a home long term, but it's a home that is caving in on her.
After More Families Say They Were Abandoned In NJ, NYC Homeless Services Chief ApologizesCBS2 introduced you to a family who was relocated into a dangerous apartment by the Department of Homeless Services. On Monday, CBS2 discovered two other forgotten couples facing similar situations.
DHS Facing Tough Questions After CBS2 Report On Homeless Family's City-Sponsored HousingCBS2's Ali Bauman sought answers from the landlord and city officials about this forgotten family. 
East Orange Officials Claim NYC's Homeless Services Agency Not Helping Abandoned FamiliesA New York City family thought the Department of Homeless Services was giving them a second chance, but the family says they were soon forgotten and their dream became a living nightmare.
Homeless Family Says City-Sponsored Temporary Housing Has No Heat, Lights, Or Running WaterThey moved out of their shelter, but say the home they were placed in is so bad they're better off in the streets.

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