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4/17 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

Showers will be with us by dawn. A decent soaking is expected before noon. But the afternoon will clear out nicely and only a few spotty showers will be around. High temp: mid 60s.


4/16 Weather headlines

4/16 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather Headlines

Mostly sunny skies will prevail for the rest of your day, with temps about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday thanks to an easterly flow as high pressure moves offshore.


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4/15 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Wow, what a beautiful day outside! This is a real spring day! Warm sun, a breeze, just a beauty. We should get close to the 70-degree mark.



4/15 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

High pressure just off to our N&W will keep the skies overhead looking good the remainder of the afternoon. Expect highs to be a few degrees warmer than yesterday… upper 60s to nearly 70°.


4/14 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

We had a mild day today with a just a little rain. The light rain remained mostly to the south of the NYC Metro area. Atlantic City was the closest moderate rain came.


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4/14 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

The remainder of the afternoon will be mostly cloudy with rain & showers pushing just to our S&E. Highs will be slightly cooler in the low to mid 60s.


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4/13 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

Clouds will move into the region through the night and there could be a few light showers toward daybreak.



4/13 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather Headlines

High pressure will continue to push offshore this afternoon… winds will persist out of the south.


Morning 7 Day

4/13 CBS2 Monday Morning Weather Headlines

Good morning everybody! It’s going to be a spectacular start to the week. Plenty of sun with a few clouds, low humidity, and mild temps.


Evening 7 Day

4/12 CBS2 Sunday Evening Weather Headlines

Today was definitely the better of the two days in terms of temps – many folks reached the upper 60s! Skies will remain clear tonight and we’ll drop to 49 overnight in NYC.


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4/12 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

If you’re stepping outside for an early morning run, you’ll notice a chill in the air. Many spots are starting in the 30s and low 40s.


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4/11 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather Headlines

What a Saturday it’s been across the area! Plentiful sunshine and nice temps really made up for the cool, damp and cloudy week we just endured.



4/11 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

After this week’s gloomy days, the sun has finally returned! In fact, it’ll be sticking around for a while.


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4/11 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

Today is finally a nice spring day! It’s sunshine from start to finish this weekend. There will be a nice breeze today, making things feel slightly cooler than tomorrow.


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4/10 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather Headlines

Hope you’re all having a nice Friday. We will finally bust out of this gray, cool cutoff low that has been entrenched in the northeast all week.