Morscher's Pork Store: A Ridgewood Family Business Runs On Hard Work"The secret to our success, I always say, is that we always give the people good value for their money," co-owner Herbert Morscher told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
E.Rossi & Co.: Little Italy's Oldest Gift Shop Keeps Memories Alive"It's like stepping into a bowl of minestrone soup; you don't know what you're going to find," owner Ernie Rossi told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
Casa Latina: A Long-Running Music Shop And Community Hub Perseveres In Spanish Harlem"I love to be with the people here. I've been doing it for 56 years, and it's happy. It's a happy job," owner Vicente Barreiro told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
Source of Knowledge: A Newark Bookstore Honors African Ancestry"I get to meet my family every day, the customers, and the first thing I tell them is: 'Welcome home,'" co-owner Patrice McKinney told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
Ben 'Moody' Harney Helms NYC's Only Oyster Cart"Such a huge foundation to New York history is the oyster culture part," Moody told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
Kelewele: A Brooklyn Food Stall Where Plantains Are The Main EventFounder Rachel Laryea grew up eating the namesake dish, a popular street food in Ghana.
Canal Rubber Supply: Family Business Solves Problems With Rubber And Foam For Three GenerationsCustomers' needs range from the ordinary—noise cancellation and room ventilation—to the unexpected—puppet building and jar opening.
Bobb Howard's: Auto Repair And Old-Fashioned Candy In New Hyde Park"Kids, years ago, would come here after school to get their candy. Now, they're bringing their children in to get candy," owner Eileen Caplin Wysel told CBS2's Elle McLogan.
Family-Run Tofu Shop Fong On, Founded In 1933, Is Embracing Its Past And FutureOwner Paul Eng makes tofu using barrels his grandfather bought in the 1940s.
Paradox Comics: A North Arlington Hub Where All Characters Are WelcomeCarol Manthey and her husband John opened the shop almost three decades ago, and their comic book collection hasn't stopped expanding.
Taller Peralta: Fashions From Inwood Artist M. Tony Peralta Represent Latin Culture With A New York Twist"Once I started creating work that represented my culture, I figured out that this is my purpose in life," owner M. Tony Peralta told CBS2's Elle McLogan.