Point Lookout 9/11 Memorial (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

September 11, 2001 is a day that will forever be known as the day New York City was attacked, the day the world as we knew it changed, and the day that Americans came together like never before.

Where were you on that fateful day, when you learned that the world would never be the same? Many of you have already shared your memories with us via our Facebook page- some of which are posted below. If you would like to comment, please do so in our comments section at the end of this page.

Michael Oliva: I was driving a MTA city bus S57, on SI it was my first day in uniform as a Bus Driver. Never will I forget, the sick feeling inside me.Steven James: I was working for Bear Stearns at the time in IT and we were all on lockdown because no one knew what to expect.Heather Schlichting: I was at my home in LI with my infant daughter when my husband called me from his office in Midtown. He told me to turn on the news. I was in fear for my husband, my child, and my country.

Randi Tompkins-Byock: I was explaining the homework to my group of 5th graders in the Bronx. Our staff developer came over to me and told me that a plane had hit the WTC. Then things got really chaotic and parents started coming in droves to pick up their kids. We had to stay calm forn their sake. I went to the school library and saw footage of the towers falling. I sat their in shock and cried. I went to HS with a guy who died. My brother lost 14 friends/acquaintances. Absolutely horrible and I’ll never forget it…

Jennifer Addeo-Soran: Going to work but my brother was a NYC cop and we could not find him till 5 pm that day and that he was OK…

Sandra Johnson Kaufman: My husband (who works for the Port Authority) and I just got in from having our “Yay, the kids are back in school breakfast” @ IHOP when his mother called us to tell us what happened…. turned on the tv and could not believe what was unfolding…we saw the towers fall right before our eyes!! Horrifying… Even scarier when we learned of what happened in Shanksville PA and at the Pentagon!

Bernie Wagenblast: I was at home in Cranford, NJ planning to leave for a conference in Atlantic City.  As a former Port Authority employee my first thoughts were for my former co-workers in 1 WTC.

Elisabeth Kehoe: I was a Jr. in High School at Kellenberg Memorial it was towards the end of third period. I will never forget how quiet the usually busy hallways were during the change of classes and the images on the tv, which was turned on during my forth period history class. I also will never forget my history teacher saying “This is the start of something big.” What a terrible day! It feels like it was only yesterday.

Anne Lipton: My mom and  I were watching the morning news and discussing our trip to NYC when we saw this terrible crash.At the World Trade Center our hearts sunk and we both burst into tears. On this senseless act of terrorism.

Brenda Lisy Torres-Harrison: I was on my way to work at about 9 am. I was able to see the smoke from the WTC site and some of the survivors covered in dust walking down 6th Avenue. It was a day in NYC history that I will never ever forget.

Charles Butman: I was working in Ridgefield Pk N.J. watched on a customers tv in disbelief. First heard about on while listening to the howard stern show and thought it was just a freak accident.will never forget that scared feeling from that horrible tragedy.

Stew Kupperman: I had worked in the world trade center years before the tragedy. I thought and wondered about all the people I had worked with. but, my biggest memory of the day was in the evening, after everything had happened. I was in maplewood nj takin…g my dog for a run in the park. i came back to my car, which was parked at the maplewood train station. I saw a woman get off the train, and was met by her mother. the woman who had gotten off the train had come back from work in nyc. the two of them hugged and cried for a while. all I could think was “was that woman around the trade center, and thought she was going to die”?

Mike Nauer: working 25 blocks away on 18 street and 6th ave and heard the plane flew over and then the boom

Billie Rama: Katie Couric was the one who informed me of the attacks via my television screen. I watched in horror hoping it was just a tragic accident, only to soon realize that it was anything but. I’ll never forget receiving a call from my grandmother later that morning who asked me, while sobbing, “Why are they doing this to us?”  

Shirell Gamble: I remember being stuck on the no.2 train going back to brooklyn and i was extremely shaking praying that I will come home to my mother.

Daisy Noel: I was getting out off on 8th street Broadway to go to work, when I look up I saw one of the building falling and I could not believe what was happening……That day I did walk all the way from the village to Queens and get home around 7:00 PM…

Phil Frandino: Teaching 5th grade in CharleySouth when I heard about it, got visibly upset in my class as I knew I had a couple of High School buddies who were/are NYC firemen.  One, happened to be my SCUBA BUDDY Captain John “JAY” Jonas, hero of Miracle on Stairwell B, whose story has been immortalized in the movies.  Hero’s all!  Teaching 5th grade kids, especially boys, it’s all right to cry!

Stacy Doering Ferguson: I was living in Secaucus New Jersey at the time.  That morning I was at the vet putting our beloved dog to sleep.  When I left I heard the news and drove to my girls elementary school which had a clear view across the river and scooped them up and headed for our vacation home in PA.  When we got there, it was as if nothing happened.  It was business as usual for anyone outside the tristate area.  Thankfully I did not lose anyone in the attacks.

Michelle Neckonoff Jenner: I was across the river on the Jersey City at my job on the waterfront. We were evacuated and as we were walking away from the building I saw the 2nd tower fall. I will never forget that image.  For all those that perished that day-may they rip and never be forgotten. Condolences to the friends and relatives of all those that were lost.

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