warrior fitness boot camp obstacle course Best of New York Bootcamps

The Warrior Fitness Boot Camp Obstacle Course - warriorfitnessbootcamp.com

by Kimberly Rae Miller

Gym memberships aren’t for everyone.  The smells, the crowding, the wait for the treadmill.  If you’re looking to challenge your physique without waiting around in spandex for your turn at the triceps machine, why not try one of New York’s many Bootcamps?  Guaranteed to get you in shape, no gym membership required.

bootcamp republic Best of New York Bootcamps

Photo Credit: Bootcamp Republic

Bootcamp Republic


This is one for the commitment-phobes out there.  This is no pay-as-you-go bootcamp, when you sign up you sign up for 6-sessions at a time, twice per week. That way you are ensured a consistent routine and eventually results. Camps are held in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, so pick your favorite borough—indoor options available during the winter months.

brooklynbridge Best of New York Bootcamps

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp

Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp


And you thought the Brooklyn Bridge was just easy on the eyes, you’ll never look at this landmark the same way again.  This hour-long workout starts at the Manhattan side of the bridge and incorporate running the length of the bridge twice (in 6-intervals), push-ups, lunges, and a mighty resistance band workout that will have you begging for mercy.  Nutrition and running classes also offered.  Classes cost $20 a piece, scenic view is free.

quinn essential fitness Best of New York Bootcamps

Photo Credit: Quinn Essential Fitness

Captain Quinn’s Fitness Bootcamp


This Brooklyn-centric Bootcamp is good exercise for all, but it is especially accommodating to those of you that hide under the nearest desk at even the thought of a bootcamp.  There’s no drill sergeant to be had, just a full-body workout that will be adapted to your fitness level.  This yelling free zone will have you doing “man” push-ups in no-time.

purepower Best of New York Bootcamps

Photo Credit: Pure Power Bootcamp

Pure Power Bootcamp


This is the highly motivating (if not a wee bit intimidating) lady you’ve seen on the tiny screen in the back of cabs.  Pure Power Bootcamp is real military style bootcamp, for you purists out there.  Don’t expect coddling; do expect definition.  If you’re into role-playing, this military style obstacle course will totally rock your push-up loving world.

warrior Best of New York Bootcamps

Photo Credit: TimeOut NY

Warrior Fitness Bootcamp


Imagine the United States Marine Corp was your personal trainer.  That’s pretty much what Warrior Fitness Bootcamp is like.  This is real-style military bootcamp designed to get you in shape.  A less “themey” environment than Pure Power, but don’t be fooled you can expect the military treatment.  Expect lots of running, jumping, and lifting of heavy things.


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