Despite the countless warnings from doctors and experts on the danger of eating fast food, it’s sometimes tough to resist the temptation for a Big Mac or a side of french fries. We know it’s bad for us, but we sometimes find ourselves guiltily sneaking into fast food restaurants hoping that no one sees us. To help avoid such occurrences and alleviate the post-cheeseburger remorse, CBSNewYork has come up with a list of healthier fast food restaurants. By Lesley Thompson

Au Bon Pain

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Au Bon Pain offers a wide variety of soups, salads and sandwiches. One of the unique features is their “Café Smart Menu.” Most stores have a computer kiosk where you can enter your dietary requirements (i.e. low calories, low saturated fat, low sodium, high protein etc.) and the system will list the meals that fit your dietary needs. There is no guess work needed to know exactly what you are getting (nutrition-wise) before you even order!


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Chipotle values “Food with Integrity.” They really try to offer food that is made from ingredients that are organic, family farmed and local whenever possible. They also use traditional preparations for the food (no short cuts). It might even seem as though you are back in mama’s kitchen. You can build your own burrito, taco or salad from a buffet of ingredients. Just remember to go easy on the cheese and sour cream.


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Well, we have all heard Jared’s story of only eating Subway and losing tons of weight. I think that it was shocking to everyone that someone could lose weight eating “fast food.” Subway has always done a great job of offering healthy choices that are prepared quickly and fresh though. They also have “Fresh and Fit Kids” meals that always include grains, veggies, fruit, a lean protein and a juice or milk. They are under 500 calories and low in fat and sodium. You can choose from turkey, ham, roast beef or the veggie delight.

Boston Market

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Boston Market has always tried to make fast food seem more like home cooking with options like rotisserie chicken, turkey breast and meat loaf. Bring home one of their family meals and you might even pull it off as your own! They also offer several individual meals, which include 2 sides, for around 500 calories. Best of all, with the variety of menu options, everyone in the family will be happy.

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