horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park for tourists and locals alike can be cozy…if a little corny and pricey. While some consider them to be a romantic throwback to a bygone era,  other New Yorkers are peeved by what they, err, leave behind. Vocal animal welfare groups have leveled serious charges about what they say are poor working conditions.

In fact, a recent petition drive by New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets gathered more than 71,000 signatures in favor of retiring the carriage horses. Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t seem to be overly concerned though.  So, if you’re still interested in taking a carriage ride around the park with your honey or an out-of-town visitor, here’s the skinny:

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Hours: Mon to Fri – 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Sat to Sun – 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Walk-ups only

One of the first sites as you make your way to Manhattan’s backyard, Central Park, features a multitude of horse-drawn carriages lined up and waiting to offer on-the-spot rides. Carriage rides operate practically year-round, unless the temperature rises above 89 degrees or goes below 19 degrees. On average, the rides last between 20 and 40 minutes, though you have the option to add more time for an additional fee. Give in to your inner tourist, and hop into the carriage to see some of New York’s most popular sights including the carousel, the Central Park Zoo, the mall, the dairy, Turtle Pond and Wollman Rink.

Hours: Mon to Fri – 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Sat to Sun – 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Reservations requiredSkip the line and schedule a pre-arranged ride to ensure a carriage is ready when you want it. The price of the ride will vary depending on length, which ranges between 45 and 90 minutes. With this option you’ll get to see additional sites from what the standard walk-up ride offers like the Boat Pond, the Great Lawn and the Bethesda Fountain. You can customize the ride even further by adding photography, flowers and even a special pick-up or drop-off location.

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Price: Extended rides start at $173.23

Hours: Mon to Fri – 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Sat to Sun – 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.; Reservations Required

Take in everything Central Park has to offer with one of the extended tours through Manhattan Carriage Ride. These hour-plus excursions will take you through almost all of the park with up-close views of quintessential landmarks such as Strawberry Fields, The Museum of Natural History, Tavern on the Green, the lake, Columbus Circle, Cherry Hill and Sheep’s Meadow. Customize your ride to have roses or champagne waiting in the carriage.


Hours: Mon to Sat -– 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.; Sun – 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.; Reservations required

For those who want to see a little more than Central Park, the Times Tour is for you. This ultimate, 90-minute tour will take you through the excitement and sparkle of Times Square, the spectacular views of Rockefeller Center plus everything Central Park has to offer. You’ll see Broadway, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Planet Hollywood, 42nd Street, NBC Studios, the Rainbow Room, Radio City Music Hall, MoMa, Tiffany, Saint Patrick Cathedral, Wollman Rink, the carousel and Balto’s statue.

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Traci Tournoux is a freelance writer living in New York. She is covering Travel & Outdoors. Her work can be found at

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  1. Christine MacMurray says:

    Please do not support the horse-carriage trade. These horses suffer terribly their entire lives, 7 days, 24 hours. They can not take part in any of the horse behaviors or activities that make horses happy and healthy. If one is knowledgeable about horses, you would know that their living quarters and work schedules would make them beyond miserable, and one can tell by looking at them that they are depressed and miserable. The practice should be banned immediately.

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      Please ignore ignorant people like Christine MacMurry. Even Buck the horse whisperer says that carriage horses have it better than most horses. These horse have stables that are better than many of the show barns and racing stables I have seen. The NYC carriage horss are not “depressed and miserable” they are comfortable and well acclimated to their urban environment. The horses work 9 hours ar less a day. The rest of the time they are at home in their stalls with automatic waterers, plenty of hay and lots of bedding. They get a minimum of five weeks vacation in the country each year.

      1. This is the truth says:

        CHL…living in denial? Ha.

        1. Ross says:

          Actually these horses work way more than 9 hours. I live across the street from central park and I see horse carriages giving rides until 1am or later almost every night after having been working there all day. These horses are overworked, maybe not all of them but allot are. As for the stables, they are filthy, small and cold. NYC building are not meant to be stables. I myself have seen allot of these horses collapse all of a sudden and also loose control after being startled by NYC noise ect. Lets face it, horses are not meant for urban living.

          1. This is the truth says:

            Thank you for your honesty in witnessing the reality of their lives! Hero for horses!

          2. FACTS not "feelings" says:

            There are 68 carriages and more than 150 carriage horses living in the city at any given time (plus more are on vacation … there are about 220 licensed carriage horses). What that means is that the CARRIAGES may be out all day, but most carriages work two separate shifts with different horses and drivers. The individual horses are not out more than 9 hours. A day shift comes out in the morning and stays till late afternoon or early evening, and then the night shift comes out. A few drivers work a “mid-shift” so that there are some carriages working during the changeover.

            Your logic is like saying that because you see yellow cabs in NYC 24 hours a day, the taxi drivers are working 24 hours a day. Very poor logic, sir.

            1. sallyMay says:

              So I see that the article has been rewritten somewhat, primarily to try to confuse the issue around legality of the exorbitantly high fares. Also I see petition mentioned. I think an important petition that you would want to mention is the one on for the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriage; this petition targets the New York State Senate and has quickly garnered nearly 118,000 signatures. This petition is particularly important, because the horse need help–and our protection–NOW. The state ban bill would solve the problem (that is, the problem of an outdated, inhumane, and dangerous industry that “uses” horses for profit and dumps them when they are no longer profitable). The petition is online, at:


              Also, industry platitudes are no longer good enough the dupe the public. Nothing has changed since the 2007 audit, which found that the city had “dropped the ball” with regard to oversight of the industry. A New York Times story ( reported this:

              “One of the most fascinating findings in the first audit of the city’s carriage-horse businesses by the New York City comptroller is the strange discrepancy it found when investigators compared the 2005 health certificates of 135 carriage horses with the 2006 certificates.

              Fifty-seven of them ­– 42 percent ­– offered conflicting physical descriptions of the horses. Including color.”

              And another Times story (different edition) reported that the city had abandoned many of its responsibilities and “permitted some carriage owners to maintain their horses in substandard conditions.

              Monitoring by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Consumer Affairs at the Central Park South carriage stands is inadequate, the audit found, and lax veterinary care in the field and infrequent inspections have created health hazards.

              ‘“The agencies entrusted with oversight here have dropped the ball,”’ said the (then-) comptroller, William C. Thompson Jr.



          3. Eric Nix says:

            Ross buy glasses. The horses That are out in the morning are NOT the ones out at night.

          4. Carriage Horse Lover says:

            Well, Ross- IF and I do emphasize IF, you see these horses working more than the 9 hours the law stiputaltes Why oh why haven’t ypou picked up the phone and REPORTED this instead of coming on an Internet site to report it???

            And Ross, you are aware aren’t you that the NYC carriage horse stables REALLY were meant to be stables because that is what they wee built as originally- back before motor vehicles.

            And Ross, you ARE aware aren’t you that there are TWO different 9-hour shifts of carriages each day. The carriages may be the same, but the horses are changed out after each 9 hour shift.

        2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

          This etc– No, I’m not the queen of denial– You and the rest of the anti-carriage horse extremists are. I am a carriage horse owner and retirement farm manager in Louisiana. I know the truth about carriage horses. You can learn the truth for yourself, too. For Truth and accurate information about the NYC carriage horses go to

          1. Ted Teodoro says:

            Excuse me, Carriage Horse Lover, you labeled people as “extremists?” How did you come to the conclusion?

        3. Carriage Horse Lover says:

          Thi etc.– YOU are the Queen of denial and your fellow anti-carriage horse radicals are living in denial with you. For truth go to

      2. Marugeist says:

        So I have to say it is Ok to ride the Central Park horses carriages because they are not as miserable as race horses and because they get 5 days! vacation one a year!? “Well acclimated to their urban environment???” Since when horses belong to an urban environment? Did you ask them how comfortable they were? I’m sorry. I understand some people make a living from enslaving and exploiting animals, but they oath to look other means of living. Exploiting and torturing animals are not a way to do it. Besides only for a few rich tourist to draw a smile on their faces without thinking about the well fare of horses it is not worth it. Please people just leaved them alone, bad karma might chase you in the after life…

        1. SLH says:

          First off working animals are not slaves comparing an animal that you partner with to accomplish a job a slave certainly belittles what millions of HUMANS went through as actual slaves.

          2nd their mandatory vacation is 5 weeks not 5 days.. FACTS are not hard to come by. Most if not all drivers have their horses on a much more generous rotation some even doing 6 months on 6 months off.

          Umm thousands of police horses nationally and internationally live very similar lifestyles Margueist.. are you saying you take issue with them as well ?

          Again enough of the hysterics .. take a breath and a moment and go do some research about the lifestyles they do lead.

      3. against animal abuse says:

        CHL – get a clue – these horses are abused!

        1. SLH says:

          If your definition of abuse is house well cared for given top medical care and well loved by multitudes including their owner/drivers then yes !

        2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

          AAA— Libel is an actionable cause. Insinuating that someone has committed a crime, when NONE was committed isn’t a good idea. Animal abuse has a legal definition and is a crine. The NYC carriage horses are not abused. No carriage drivers or owners in NYC have EVER been cited for animal abuse–You need to get a clue- and if you keep libeling carriage drivers and owners, don’t be surprised if you end up needing to get a lawyer, too. Just a word of caution.

          1. Ted Teodoro says:

            Carriage Horse Lover, if you are going to hand out legal opinions and issue threats of legal action, you should properly identify yourself rather than hide behind a screen name. Please do so right now.

      4. Heather says:

        CHL have you seen the picture. I own horses and I can tell you that this is not a healthy, happy animal. This horse is either ill, tired, depressed or all 3. Yes, horses can get depressed.

        1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

          Heather- I own horses, too. I have owned, ridden and driven horses for 55 years. I don’t know which horse you are posting about but NONE of the NYC carriage horses I have seen pictured are “ill, tired, depressed or all 3.” I think that because of your bias against carriage horses you WANT to see carriage horses as “ill, tired, depressed or all 3” because you are projecting your emotions fuleed by your bias onto the horses.

      5. Anja Poole says:

        Yeah, right! I’m sure they get regular massages and vacation in first class equine resorts!! Anyone that chooses to ignore the statements from real equine professionals who point out the obvious, like that the respiratory system alone suffers terribly breathing exhaust while moving behind running or idling vehicles, that their hooves, ligaments and joints suffer terribly from spending their lives on asphalt and that indeed, their faces do express their depressed state, is just as guilty of the abuse these magnificent animals endure as those who exploit them for their own financial gain!
        I am NOT one of those animal rights activists! I have spent many, many years of my life living with and caring for horses and NOBODY that truly loves and respects horses believes they belong in a city!!!
        Btw, I have seen pictures of those ‘posh’ stables! They are a building where the horses are housed and I wouldn’t want a horse of mine be forced to spend a single day there!!!

    2. This is the truth says:

      Christine> just because you have a different opinion, some people think you are ignorant. You have the freedom of expression. Don’t let that keep you from expressing your thoughts as you wish.

      1. SLH says:

        Expressing thoughts and speaking miss truths or miss informed propaganda are totally different avenues.

        Again just to point out NONE of the “abuses” you’ve claimed have you been able to or even attempted to substantiate .

        Continuing to post arguing without any compelling proof is just giving the readers a better view of how absurd and filled with fantastical non realities the activist groups really are.

  2. Doris Hess says:

    Shame on CBS for, in essence, promoting animal abuse. These horses live short, miserable lives and for CBS to promote their abuse is appalling.

    1. SLH says:

      Doris the life expectancy of NYC carriage horses is actually above average with many of their horses working into their late teens and 20’s.

      If your going to shout propaganda at lest do some research first.

      1. This is the truth says:

        You think you have all the right answers, lol!

        1. SLH says:

          And you have none of the correct answers your name is only ironic in its absurdity. You can post your 10 cent quips about each and every post all you want. It still leaves you wrong , lacking facts and unable to provide any truths other then activist propaganda.

          1. This is the truth says:

            And you claim to know all the right answers. Pfttttttt?

    2. This is the truth says:

      SLH: It didn’t seem she was shouting. Simply stating her opinion.

  3. sasa says:

    I wrote from Germany.We visitet New York three month ago. New York is a wonderful town. New York is modern, young and wonderful.Then I saw the horses to the carriages. near the central park and in other Streets. Time Square Braodway etc. We were chocked. Cars, cars and horses between the cars. Horses on the roadside. Where is the grass Where the pasture for the poor horses. .Ich found the stables on the Internet. The horses can not lie. This is cruelty to animals. I Love New York. I do not understand that New York can handle this. Animals suffer.Dear animal rights activists Please fight for the horses.
    Cruelty to animals

    1. This is the truth says:

      Your heart felt compassion is appreciated. Maybe one day this industry will be dissolved.

  4. Ted Teodoro says:

    All of you who insists that these horses are well taken cared of, I want to hear you justify the many horses that have dropped dead on our streets. Hows is that possible? Don’t ignore their deaths. Justify it.

    1. Olivia Joan says:

      Charlie may have had an aneursym, similar to people who drop dead. This means he would have dropped dead at that time no matter what he was doing, whether turned out in a field or munching hay in his stall. His death had nothing to do with the fact that he was a NYC carriage horse. Do you have knowledge of any other NYC carriage horse that dropped dead? I suspect not …

      1. Ted Teodoro says:

        Is that the best you cold do? He may not have had an aneurysm. And the others?

        1. SLH says:

          First there are only 2 “others” in the last 30 years. Second Charlie had a full necropsy done buy Cornell’s veterinary department and NO signs of abuse or mistreatment were present. There were some submucosal changes to his stomach that could not be pin pointed to be pre or post mortem and a fractured tooth also which could not be determined to have been pre or post death. No signs of infection, good body condition , no injuries.

          Charlie had only been a carriage horse for 20 days prior to his death .. yet people want to attribute it to that industry. Just absurd melodrama. Nobody was more upset and concerned about his demise then his driver and owner .. however it activists hysterics that got the most publicity.

          Ted if you want to cite “many ” you better well have some proof because your simply crying wolf.

          1. Ted Teodoro says:

            Thank you, SLH, but you are trivializing very serious matters. If there were three horses that dropped dead on the job, then that is unacceptable. Your excuse did not preclude fatigue and other problems that could stem from overworking an animal. An overworked animal could very well have no signs of abuse. Furthermore, it is obvious that 20 years of hauling passengers year-round is nothing to you. I bet it isn’t so for the horses themselves. This is part of the problem. There is no sympathy for these horses.

            1. SLH says:

              @ Ted I appreciate you being candid. I am however in know way trivializing the death of any animal. First I said 3 horses have died not dropped dead. Charlie is the only one that has literally just dropped dead. I believe what is being lost in translation is that in an industry and we will stick to just the NYC geographic area so an industry with 200-300 horses that has been active for well over the 20 years you mentioned. 3 Horses over 30 years is not a gastly figure. How many persons out of 300 over 30 years might you expect to die ?

              Grand Prix Jumper and Olympian Hickstead dropped dead in the middle of a national ring this year , was he abused ? What about Eventer The Grasshopper who collapsed and died on course this week? What about International Dressage star who died moments after his test? Breeding Stallion Contango who died seconds after a good roll in his field >? The point none of those horses including Charlie were abused. It was simply their time.

              Charlies nercropsy did include examination of his muscular and skeletal system. Signs of over work would have included poor condition, pooling of lactic acid , tissue death, and Brown coloured urine resulting from the kidneys filtering myoglobin (a muscle protein) from the blood. None of those were present at time of death. Further more Ted you realize that Charlie had just left the stables and was only blocks from them when he passed… how would he be over worked? He had only been active as a carriage horse for 20 days and was minutes into work . Since they are regulated to a 9hr day and must punch in and out via their drivers and stablemen then one would realize that Charlie had just spent the last 15hrs resting not working.

              You are wrong to assume no sympathy. I have plenty and I would also be toes to the line if any of the horses had died under nefarious conditions. The industry has a tremendous safety record. If the bottom line is seeing the horses work goes against your moral or ethical fibers then so be it but then say that don’t try to guise the issue and throw around the abuse card.

            2. SLH says:

              Silly auto correct “In no way”

    1. This is the truth says:

      This confirms the caliber of people driving carriages. Vulgar language in front of families and their children. Driver asked inquiring customer to perform oral sex on him and his horse?!! What was that about? Sick!! And CBS supports this industry!

      1. Ted Teodoro says:

        Can you imagine a life without rights or protection under a guy like this? And we are being told that the horses are under good hands. This guy was talking to his paying customers. What about those who can’t speak for themselves? Those who defend the industry, tell us how this is good for the horses.

        1. SLH says:

          What about this as an example.. here we have all the lovely activists barging in a CHILDREN’S clothing store with their picket signs and verbal slander.

          Yet it is the carriage drivers and owners who are wrong ??

          1. This is the truth says:

            Whats the problem here? I watched the video in its entirety. It seemed to be orderly and making a clear and distinct point about the reality of carriage horses.
            No cursing from protesters….just facts.
            Oh, and quite effective, I might add. 🙂

            1. SLH says:

              You really think that protesting and and intruding on a store filled with children is appropriate ? Shows how sick minded you and your like really are.

              1. This is the truth says:

                Not nearly as sick as those who have your twisted point of view…

                1. SLH says:

                  My point of view you mean 30 years of professional horse experience and almost two decades of work in the large and small animal veterinary field.

                  The only twisted thing here is your imagination. Please truth do tell your equine back ground and support for your platform ?

      2. SLH says:

        So you post a video of a driver who you goad and coerce at least once a week by picketing where he works and lobbying his clients by screaming obcenities at them and the drivers and are shocked when he aggressively fights back. Get real.

        Why don’t you post some of the videos and pictures with captions where the activists make despareging comments to and about the drivers , their passengers including and often children to go along with its counter part.

    2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      The driver was not cursing potential passengers- he was being harassed by anti-carriage horse extremists until he was pushed beyond the breakiong point. The unseen activists can be heard claiming to be a NYPD officer AND the unseen extremists did their fair shair of cursing, too. These are the same extremists tha tinterfere every weekend with the drivers’ ability to condust a lawful and legally authorized business. In my opinion, these people are animal enterprise terrorists, and should be arrested..

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      @walknyc– THIS accident report is more than SIXyears old, and details what happened to one of the three carriage horses who have died as the result of a traffic accident in 30 years– yes, only THREE carriage horses have died as a direct result of a collision while working in NYC in THIRTY years. That’s an average of one horse death every TEN years. By contrast, recently THREE race hroses were injured and killed in just ONE day at a NYC area race track.

  5. ray says:

    Is CBS so insensitive to the abuse committed by the horse carriage industry and to the plight of overworked animals trying to survive in bumper to bumper traffic or is CBS just plain stupid? I’ll leave for you to decide. How dare you give a thumbs up to this industry when it is so poorly regulated and supervised. With horses dropping dead in the streets CBS should have known better. I won’t be watching CBS anymore that’s for sure. CBS shares the same stupidity and insensitivity of our idiot mayor.

  6. Solvejg Zaferes says:

    What a BLAMAGE for CBS. I thought, CBS was a CIVILIZED station, but now I realize, “IT is NOT a CIVILZED station. If they can support an Industry, like the Horse Drawn Carriage Industy,, then there is something very wrong with CBS. They and the Public knows very well, about the abuse done to the horses, working 9 hours 7 days a week, in Traffic,”A HORSE DOES NOT BELONG”, in this day of age. Living in too small stables, etc.etc. I am sorry to say, I will not watch CBS. anymore, unless they get to their senses, and report the TRUTH about this issue.

    1. Olivia Joan says:

      There is no abuse. Please provide any citations of abuse – these horses are extremely well-regulated. You are repeating the lies of the anti-carriage radical animal rights activists.

    2. Laura McFarland-Taylor says:

      The truth is this:

      There has NEVER been a carriage horse driver cited for abuse of a carriage horse. There has NEVER been a citation for mistreatment, cruelty, etc. Three horses have died in traffic accidents while on duty in over 30 years; seven other horses have died while working in over 30 years. That’s 10 horses in over 30 years! I am in no way minimizing the death of any horse, but that is a remarkable record. There is no other riding discipline that can come close to that number.

      The New York City carriage horses are some of the most regulated animals in this country. The fact there has never been a citation for mistreatment or cruelty, even with an awful lot of folks looking for it, speaks volumes.

  7. Laura McFarland-Taylor says:

    Here we go again – the anti-horse crowd presenting the same old lies, misrepresentations, and libel presented as truth, when nothing could be further from the truth than their so-called “facts”.

    Here are the real facts: there has NEVER been a carriage horse driver cited for abuse of a carriage horse. There has NEVER been a citation for mistreatment, cruelty, etc. Three horses have died in traffic accidents while on duty in over 30 years; seven other horses have died while working in over 30 years. That’s 10 horses in over 30 years! I am in no way minimizing the death of any horse, but that is a remarkable record. There is no other riding discipline that can come close to that number.

    There have been no human deaths in any of the accidents and only one carriage driver has been injured.
    The drivers must present ALL the paperwork upon demand by an ASPCA agent or city inspector. The ASPCA performs, on average, about 180 hackline inspections every year (about once every other day, where they check all paperwork, plus the horses). That’s not counting stable inspections and individual horse inspections. And that’s not counting inspections by the city inspectors.

    The New York City carriage horses are some of the most regulated animals in this country. The fact there has never been a citation for mistreatment or cruelty, even with an awful lot of folks looking for it, speaks volumes.

  8. Susan says:

    Don’t you have a job? So do I.

    I wish I had the Union rules these horses have and the great Health Care plan they have, too.

    1. This is the truth says:

      Ha! What a joke!

  9. Deborah Zarb-Cousin says:

    Oh dear don’t you know that the way a nation treats it’s animals speaks volumes about them. Abuse of horses is not a good impression.

    1. Christina says:

      No, it’s not, but the carriage horses in NYC aren’t abused.

      If all horses in the US were as well-treated as this fine population of beautiful horses, I dare say our image would be improved. (You may want to do further research about starving, neglected, abandoned, or ACTUALLY abused horses by the thousands elsewhere.)

    2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      @ Deborah Zarb-Cousin– Wher is thiss ABUSE you are going on about? The NYC carriage horses are not abused. No carriage drivers have bee charged with abuse- ever. The “abuse” you see is all in your own mind.

  10. Carriage Horse Lover says:

    The NYC carriage horses and carriages as well as the drivers and oners are among the most regulated businesses operating in NYC. The radical animal rights extremists who are out to destroy these independent small business woerns are among the most organized and persistant extremists in NYC– as evidences by the flood of anti-carriage posts in response to this fair and accurate article.

    I have been reading and monitoring the anti-carriage hrose sites and pages on the internet for some time now. I recognize almost all of the posters and their misinformation and deliberate LIES on sight now.

    CBS would do everyone a favor if it would look into the activities of these anti-carriage horse extremists as well as their funding sources and ties to both “mainstream” animal organizations like the ASPCA, NYCLASS and the more radical elements like WAR, PETA and ALF.

    Thank you for a fair and honest article, and please dont let the rants, lies and threats by radical animal rights extremists count for anything — other than to pershps spur CBS on to investigate THEM.

    1. Ted Teodoro says:

      Horses, many of them already, dropping dead in the streets… Justify this.

      1. Christina says:

        Well, one doesn’t have to justify your FALSE assumption. You have a serious misperception of reality (that’s been manipulated by the anti-horse advocates) if you believe that “many” horses are dropping dead in the streets.

        In the past almost 30 years, there have been fewer than a dozen carriage horses who have died working. Charlie, in October, died unexpectedly of unknown causes – just the same as Olympic champion horse Hickstead died showjumping two weeks later. Only THREE horses of those dozen or so have died as a result of collisions with traffic. One horse was killed through the same negligence by ConEdison that claimed a woman’s life and electrocuted countless dogs in the city. Now, with an ongoing population at any given time of 210 horses and a life expectancy of 30 years, you’d expect a “random” population of 210 horses to have a mortality rate of 7 per year (the baseline mortality rate would be higher if the life expectancy were shorter, but carriage horses live long full lives). Carriage horses spend about 1/3 of their time on the street (8 hours per day). So out of a population of 210, you’d expect about 2 deaths per year to occur on the street, just by random, normal population dynamics. That’d be 60 horses dying in the streets since 1982 – but the FACT is that there have been less than a dozen, or less than 1/5 the NORMAL, EXPECTED mortality rate for a “typical” population of horses.

        I think having a mortality rate that is in excess of FIVE TIMES safer / better than LIFE ITSELF doesn’t need to be “justified.”

        Rather, it justifies the people here who rightly point to the good care and oversight of this population of horses.

      2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

        ONE horse- ONE died suddenly of unknown causes (despite a necropsy) ONE horse dies not = MANY. get your FACTS straight. Oh, I forgot the anti-carriage people deal in emotions, and opinions NOT facts.

  11. ellen says:

    i am appauled by ms. tournoux’s lack of awareness and sensitivity in the subject matter that she has chosen to cover…..institutionalized animal abuse. there is nothing charming or attractive about giving one’s business to the archaic and barbaric practice of carriage horse riding.

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      Ellen- THIS is simply YOUR opinion. thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people believe as I do that carriage rides are charming and attractive. Britian’s Royal Family, which has become much more sensitive to public opinion in recent years,had a royal wedding last year — the bride and groom left the church after the wedding in what? IN a HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGE. I don’t think a potential heir to their throne would be riding in a carriage on his wedding day IF carriage riding were preceived as archaic and barbaric by the general public. I’ve got news for you –ONLY the radical animal rights minions see carriage riding as “archiaic and barbaric.”Right now they are spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to trick the general public into seeing things there way. I think John Q Public has more sense than to fall for extremist propaganda.

      1. This is the truth says:

        Horses in America’s carriage industry do not compare to the horses of royalty in England. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the parallels are similar. Quite the extreme opposite! Living in denial?

        1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

          @ “This is The Truth—Yes, you are correct, the Royal carriage horses and the NYC horses do not live in EXACTLY the same conditions– the NYC horses have bigger stalls. The Royal horses in the Royal Mews live in TIE stalls, which are usually only 6 to 8 feet wide, while the NYC carriage horses live in B OX stalls. don’t take my word for it, you can “tour” the Royal Mews on line– Oh, yeah, I almost forgot– the Queen’s hroses stabled in London at the Royal Mews walk up ramps just like the ones in the NYC stables to get to their TIE stalls.

          1. This is the truth says:

            No lies here….I have seen sores and damaged skin on carriage horses, covered up with gear. I have seen living areas that are not acceptable to these majestic horses. I have seen horses denied water, YES and food thrown on the street for them to eat…not in buckets!! Or feed bags! My eyes haven’t lied. Hope my “eyes” don’t offend you. I’m sure you want to keep bantering, but on what I have seen, I rest my case.

    2. Shirley Perry says:

      You are 100% correct. Thank you for being the voice of these beautiful horses. I dare anyone to stay all night in the same quarters these horses have to endure! Cold damp areas, in some cases, minimal shelter, and little if any grooming. Going all day without water, breathing exhaust fumes of busses and all other vehicles. I have seen it. Yeah! Life is really glamorous for them. If u only knew 🙁

      1. Olivia Joan says:

        What are you talking about? They live in box stalls full of straw with hay in front of them all the time. There are automatic waterers in the stalls and troughs in CP. No grooming??? Have you ever seen these animals? They look good. You have a right to an opinion, but you do not have the right to lie.

      2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

        @ Shirley– Either you have never seen the NUYC carriage horse stables or you just like to tell LIES. The NYC horses have automatic waterers in their stalls. All they have to do it touch a trigger panel with their noses and they have fresh water on demand. The carriages have buckets on them hung under the carriages to provide feed and water to the horses while they are workiong, whih is only 9 hours or less out of 24. The stables are in brick buildings that were originally built as stables back before motorized vehicles were common. There used to be hunderds of these stable buildings in NYC but now there are just a handful left. There are “wash racks or stalls” in them where the horses can be bathed and groomed. These are historic buildings that are threatened by attempts at “redevelopment.” Carriage horse owners and drivers always groom their horses because they have pride in their horses and a pretty, well-groomed horse will attract more passengers than a dirty or unkept horse will.

        1. This is the truth says:

          Puh-lease. Are u really in NYC??!

  12. Karen Banda says:

    How can you endorse this form of animal abuse? These horses do NOT belong on the streets of Manhattan! What is wrong with you that you can’t see it? How many horses have to suffer and die in agony before this outdated, barbaric form of “transportation” is finally abolished? SHAME oh YOU!

    1. Laura McFarland-Taylor says:

      There has NEVER been a carriage horse driver cited for abuse of a carriage horse. There has NEVER been a citation for mistreatment, cruelty, etc. Three horses have died in traffic accidents while on duty in over 30 years; seven other horses have died while working in over 30 years. That’s 10 horses in over 30 years! I am in no way minimizing the death of any horse, but that is a remarkable record. There is no other riding discipline that can come close to that number.

      The New York City carriage horses are some of the most regulated animals in this country. The fact there has never been a citation for mistreatment or cruelty, even with an awful lot of folks looking for it, speaks volumes.

  13. Rina Deych, RN says:

    As a registered nurse, humanitarian, and animal advocate, I am SHOCKED that CBS is promoting the cruel, outdated carriage horse industry. These horses, many of whom are doing a second lifetime of work for man, work up to 9 hours per day, 7 days per week, with no turnout time, in all temperature extremes, with very minimal (and unenforceable) restrictions and no consideration for the wind chill factor. They drag themselves through chaotic, unyielding traffic, often at the hands of inexperienced and uncaring drivers. If they are not “lucky” enough to drop dead on the job, when they are no longer useful, they are often sold at auction to suffer horrifically a brutal and painful death in the slaughterhouse. That is their “reward” for several lifetimes of work for man. The vast majority of New Yorkers polled support a ban on the carriage horse industry, and there is currently a bill in the senate that intends to make sure this relic is cast into the dustbin of history. The ASPCA, a very mainstream organization, supports a ban on this disgraceful industry. Shame on CBS for glorifying this tortuous, outdated industry.

    Rina Deych, RN
    Brooklyn, NY

    1. Laura McFarland-Taylor says:

      Here we go again – the same old lies, misrepresentations, and libel presented as truth, when nothing could be further from the truth than the so-called “facts”. Oh, and you do know that you can be sued for libel, right?

      Here are the real facts: there has NEVER been a carriage horse driver cited for abuse of a carriage horse. There has NEVER been a citation for mistreatment, cruelty, etc. Three horses have died in traffic accidents while on duty in over 30 years; seven other horses have died while working in over 30 years. That’s 10 horses in over 30 years! I am in no way minimizing the death of any horse, but that is a remarkable record. There is no other riding discipline that can come close to that number.

      There have been no human deaths in any of the accidents and only one carriage driver has been injured.
      The drivers must present ALL the paperwork upon demand by an ASPCA agent or city inspector. The ASPCA performs, on average, about 180 hackline inspections every year (about once every other day, where they check all paperwork, plus the horses). That’s not counting stable inspections and individual horse inspections. And that’s not counting inspections by the city inspectors.

      The New York City carriage horses are some of the most regulated animals in this country. The fact there has never been a citation for mistreatment or cruelty, even with an awful lot of folks looking for it, speaks volumes.

  14. Freedom for Carriage Horses says:

    This looks like a paid advertisement from the cruel and abusive carriage horse industry. CBS is the same news network that covered the many accidents that took place over the course of the winter months. CBS covered the death of carriage horse Charlie, who dropped dead in his traces. And they also covered the memorial candlelight vigil for Charlie. They know how cruel the industry is, so the only conclusion we can draw is that CBS supports cruelty when they are being paid to do so. Shame on you CBS. I will be using my remote control to switch away from CBS immediately.

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      Freedon for Carriage Horses- The carriage horse drivers in NYC are neither cruel or abusive. There is no “carriage horse industry.” There are only independent small business owners who own the horse-drawn carriages in NYC. This is not some big corporate “industry.” The carriage hroses are NOT abused or treated cruelly, but are valued partners in these small businesses.
      Shame on you for making false accusations and claiming abuse and cruelty where athorities have repeatedly found NONE.

  15. THIS MUST END says:


    ASPCA – As the primary enforcer of New York City’s carriage horse laws—with firsthand knowledge of ongoing problems and violations—the ASPCA has concluded that neither our city’s environment nor the current law can provide horses with the fundamental necessities to ensure their safety and well-being.


    1. Christina says:

      This would be the SAME ASPCA that inspected the carriage horse hacklines 200 times in 2011, conducted nearly 100 more stable and individual horse inspections and cannot find ANY cruelty or abuse?

      The one that PRESSURES its agents to issue citations where none are warranted, as reported by Henry Ruiz to the NY Post in December?

      The ASPCA that PRESSURES its vets to go against veterinary science to score a political point? Despite the hysteric outcry about Charlie’s alleged “ulcers” and “poor” health – even the ASPCA in their own press release about his FINAL necropsy report admitted that it was most likely a false positive and that he most likely did not have ulcers after all and was in very good nutritive health, with no cause of death that could be determined?

      The same ASPCA that has given $450,000 of its donors money (that was no doubt intended to help dogs and cats and horses who are homeless or actually abused) to its president Ed Sayres’ and real estate developer buddy Steve Nislick’s anti-carriage-horse lobbying group and PETA-supported NY-CLASS?

      THAT ASPCA? The one who tries and tries and tries to find the abuse they’re claiming, yet makes completely false statements about the industry THAT THEY INSPECT about stall size, sprinklers, horse care, etc? (At least, they change their story to the truth when they are called to speak to city authority, like the DOH or City Coucil).

      The belief that the horses “shouldn’t” be in the city is an OPINION. The findings of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement agents and of the other agencies regulating the carriage industry, and the findings of all the vets who have actually laid hands on and examined the horses themselves are FACTS. And those FACTS show the horses are well-cared for and healthy.

    2. Laura McFarland-Taylor says:

      The ASPCA is working to ban the New York City carriage horses based not on cruelty or mistreatment (there has never been a carriage horse driver cited for abuse, mistreatment, cruelty, etc, of a carriage horse) but rather on a relationship it has with a real estate developer that wants the very valuable Manhattan real estate on which the carriage stables are located.

      The ASPCA has donated over $450,000 to NY-CLASS, which is headed by Steve Nislick, one of the real estate developer’s after the carriage stables’ property.

      As one of the leaders of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, a group that supports NY-CLASS, has stated:

      “The hand writing is on the wall. When this industry goes down, it may well be because of the Hudson Yards/Hells Kitchen real estate development project that will wipe out two stables. And then move uptown to take the others. Manhattan real estate is very valuable and many developers have their eyes on the redevelopment of the far west side. You can rant at NY Class and the ASPCA all you want – but you can’t stop this kind of progress.” (link on file)

  16. truth is here says:

    Wow, CBS is a news channel. don’t they know as many New Yorkers do that this industry is so cruel and fraudulent. seriously, i am disgusted that CBS would promote animal abuse and doesn’t do any research on their stories. How many more horses need to drop dead on the street as Charlie, or killed in traffic as Smoothie or the other horse who passed out in the middle of the street?

  17. Marcia Mueller says:

    A news organization should investigate what it is promoting. I don’t understand how anyone who is familliar with the carriage trade could support it. Sounds like CBS has sold out to greed and meanness.

    1. Good Horse says:

      They have investigated it and found out it is a well-regulated industry that takes good care of its horses. Where are you getting your information? From groups like Win Animal Rights, whose founder was convicted of 81 counts of animal abuse?

      1. Shirley Perry says:

        Some people just won’t learn! I’ve seen it. I know the truth, and the suffering horses do, too. I’m sure we’ll hear of another horse being worked until it drops dead on the streets of New York. Sadly, just a matter of time.

        1. Good Horse says:

          So exactly what have you seen? If you are referring to Charlie, please give facts – he was not “worked to death.” He had been in the city three weeks. He simply dropped dead – it happens to people and animals. You did not cite your sources.

  18. BeKind says:

    It’s 2012 – Horses don’t belong on Manhattan streets Take action to stop this outdated practice by signing the petition at

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Horses belong wherever they are wanted, useful, and can lead good lives – check, check, and check on all three as regards NYC cariage horses!

      If horses ‘don’t belong on Manhattan streets’, where is your petition to get the mounted police banned?

      1. This is the truth says:

        Take off your blinders!!

  19. Mary Beth Artz says:

    Do folks at CBS condone animals traipsing through traffic, the dangers of sharing thr road with ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and having to remain most of the day nose to tailpipe? Do you find nothing wrong with these majestic animals dealing with the day to day messes of a so-called progressive city not to mention having to endure the extreme elements of winter and the heat and humidity of the summer…and at the end of the day, retreat to a hellhole of an existance? There is NOTHING romantic about animal abuse.


    1. Greta Levine says:

      These horses are NOT abused. They live in box stalls – not hellholes by any stretch of the imagination. Have you ever seen the inside of the NYC carriage horse stables? Have you ever seen a photograph of them? Check out Carriage Horse Facts on FB – be free to ask questions. Unlike the anti-carriage horse sites, CHF does not ban people unless they simply post to harass others. From that tired “nose to tailpipe” line is it obvious you read the anti sites. Have you ever wondered why NO ONE ever supports working horses on those sites? It’s because they are quickly deleted – shades of Putin’s Russia. So please, if you have questions, visit Carriage Horse Facts and get answers. And if you think I’m joking about the posts being deleted on other sites, just try and post a pro-carriage horse comment and see how quickly it disappears.

      1. Mary Beth Artz says:

        I puposely avoid going anywhere near the areas where these horse work, so that I do not subject myself to the sight of these horses trying to maneuver through dangerous traffic. It is a sight, that as a child, I knew was wrong. Perhaps a hundred or more years ago, this may have been acceptable. It is no longer. They ARE nose to tailpipe. It is not a “tired line” It is the sad truth.

        1. Greta Levine says:

          It sounds more like you purposely do not bother to acquire actual information. You purposely do not see animals in good condition. Please ask some questions of actual horse people on CHF. The safety record is very good.

  20. Compassion says:

    Save a horse, ride a pedicab!

  21. Jerry Klein says:

    Planning a trip to NYC soon, thanks for the recommendations! I may need to take all of these rides! 😀 LOVE IT!

    1. truth is here says:

      troll alert

  22. dmr says:

    Anyone who knows horses knows it’s a miserable life for them. They don’t last long, sucking in exhaust fumes and being housed in an apartment building which laughingly is called a stable. It’s a BUSINESS and they could care less about the horses – A horse belongs on God’s green earth, NOT ON A CITY STREET – Maybe YOU should pull a carriage. I suggest you read one of Kathy Steven’s books from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary or go vist New Holland PA where EVERY MONDAY HORSES ARE AUCTIONED FOR SLAUGHTER. IT’s a disgrace and I”m not an animal activist.

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      There are several auction houses operating in PA where horse owners consign horses they no longer need, want or can afford. The purpose of these auctions is to provide a place where sellers and buyers can sell and buy horses. These auctions are NOT help expressly to sell horses to slaughter.

      There are many different people who attend tthese auctions. These include private buyers looking for a horse they need and want for their own purposes as a farm, pelasure or work horse. Some genuine rescue groups looking to buy horses that can be rehabilitated, retrained and re-homed also attend and bid.

      Horse dealers looking to buy a horse cheap and sell it on to buyers who don’t or won’t attend the auctions frequent these sales. Some of these dealers will gladly sell any horse they buy to a private buyer at a profit- some for as little as $25-$50 profit, but some also have contracts to fill for the slaughter houses, too. And lastly are the “meat men” or “kill buyers” who have contracts to fill for the large European-owned slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico.But even some of the meat men will sell a horse to a private buyer- if the profit margin is good enough- That just gives them more money to buy more horses to fill their contracts.

      dmr- Anyone can go to these auctions, bid on and buy a horse- if theirs is the highest bid. All it takes to keep a horse from being bought by the dealers or the “meat men” is to bid it up high enough that neither feels they can make a profit selling the horse on to another buyer or to the slaughter house.

      NYC carriage horses or any other well-trained carriage horse is rarely bought for slaughter because everyone knows they are worth much more than the “meat price” because of their training. Right now the slaughter houses are paying between 50 cents to $1.20 per live pound for horses. The price varies according to market pressure just like the price of hogs or cattle.

      If you care so much about horses going for meat, just get yourself over to one of the auctions and buy one. Of course that would mean making a committment to house, feed and take care of that horse.

      In my experience, it seems much easier for anti-carriage horse extremists to rant and rave and point fingers than to get up off their a**es, abandon their keyboards and actually do something presonally to help a horse.

  23. Olivia Joan says:

    Don, you are absolutely right!

  24. Michelle L says:

    I am very disappointed in CBS for promoting horse drawn carriages.

    I, as well as many tourists and residents support a ban on horse-drawn carriages. Carriage horses pose a risk to drivers, bikers and pedestrians; and obstruct the flow of emergency vehicles.

    In addition, horses are not cut out to haul carriages through streets clogged with bikers, walkers, cars, taxis, busses and emergency vehicles. They get spooked and someone can get hurt. A horse should not be forced to lug a bulky cab on unyielding pavement in extreme heat or cold. NYC carriage horses, who endure fatigue, dehydration, chronic hoof conditions, and lameness, work an average of four years, compared to police horses on active duty for about 14 years. For carriage horses, there is no reprieve from the daily exhaust fumes that lead to respiratory ailments. Carriage horses are denied soft pastures to graze and mingle as a herd. Instead, they are isolated in cramped stables with barely enough room to move.

    It is high time carriage horses in NYC are banned.

    1. Faith Alphonse says:

      This statement is full of lies. Your “four-year” comment comes from data based on19TH century NYC carriage horses. Many of the NYC carriage horses work into their 20s. Please, submit ONE photo of a NYC carriage horse in bad shape. Have you been in the stables? I have – they have box stalls with hay in front of them at all time, automatic waterers, and deep straw bedding. Please bother to do some actual research before posting this nonsense.

  25. cate says:

    Shame on CBS promoting this cruel and inhumane industry. Not to mention that they are thieves.

    1. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      @Cate– How about some proof to back up your accusations? NO carriage driver has ever been cited by authorities for abuse or cruelty to carriage hroses. The drivers all have to charge the approved rate for rides and that rate is POSTED on the carriages as required by law.

  26. Jordan S says:

    It’s really shameful that CBS is blatantly promoting animal cruelty. These poor horses are literally worked to death, kept in squalid living conditions, not getting adequate rest, water, food. It’s truly disgusting. If you want to experience NYC take a pedi cab ride by a human being who is capable of making the decision to ride you around and who actually gets paid for their efforts rather than an animal who is literally enslaved and most likely shipped off to slaughter once they no longer have any value to the carriage horse industry. Shame on you CBS!

    1. Lorraine says:

      You are clueless. Do some actual research and don’t swallow KoolAid mixed by Forel and others. NYC carriage horses have regular, MANDATORY vacations and a retirement plan. Do you know anything about horses whatsoever? Anyone looking at these animals – on CPS – can see they are in very good condition.

      1. Jordan S says:

        Who’s swallowing the KoolAid here? And in addition to everything I know about this industry I have looked at these animals thank you, and quite frankly, they are not in very good condition. If believing this helps you sleep at night then sweet dreams Lorraine. You’re living in a lalaland.

        1. Christina says:

          Jordan, what did you see that indicated to you that the horses were “not in very good condition”? What is your horse experience? Are you a vet or do you own horses?

  27. elizabeth says:

    It is sad that man feels that any creature owes him. The fact remains that these horses shouldn’t be on those roads, must less on busy times. This is just down right wrong and the people who promote this are just in it for the money.

    I am so disgusted to see those who feel that these horses have to work to pay for their substandard conditions that they are given after working so hard for these worthless people. I am disgusted that man has chosen to look the other way when they know of the suffering of these horses. Maybe one day they themselves will have to endure what they have caused these horses to live in, only then will they feel it is wrong.

  28. Ted Teodoro says:

    In reality, these rides are cruel to the horses who have to work in the coldest days of Winter and the hottest days of Summer. These rides, perhaps during more ignorant days, were acceptable. But, in our enlightened time, a much informed time, the horse carriage industry has been exposed as money earning schemes for those who do not have the welfare of the animals in heart. When you ride these carriages, you participate in the cruelty and perpetuate the enslavement of animals. New York City has a lot to offer. Just look elsewhere and help NYC become a more humane city.

    1. Donny says:

      Enslavement? Really? So you think the horsies should be “running free in a field?” How about the dogs and cats in NYC apt. buildings? Are they also “enslaved.” It’s especially sad that during black history month insensitive louts compare working domestic animals to human slavery. BTW, these horses have several agencies looking after their welfare. Do you have any idea about the unwanted horse situation in this country? Gentle readers, google “unwanted horse” and find out about this huge problem, where equines are literally being abandoned all over the country because people can’t afford them. The NYC carriage horses get vet and farrier care and retirement. They receive good care. Please put your efforts into unwanted horses who would love to have half the level of care the NYC carriages horses get.

  29. Bob Pomilla says:

    Get the stars out of your eyes and as a reporter, do your homework. Blindly supporting this abusive industry without seeking insight into the overworking of these horses, the disappearance of so many of them each year and their subsequent deaths at the hands of the killers, the overcharging by the drivers, the collapsing of these horses in the gutters, et al, does not speak kindly of your reportorial skills or your critical thinking.

    Plainly speaking, in your refusal to examine this industry beneath the surface, you’re supporting animal abuse. And if you are aware of the abuses these creatures suffer, but promote this miserable industry regardless, your motivations, not to mention your character, are certainly open to speculation.

    1. Greta Levine says:

      Your refusal to use critical thinking skills and learn something factual about this industry is far more blind than anything the reporter wrote. Where do you get your information? NYC-CLASS – an organization started by a developer who wants the carriage horse stables to build parking garages? Look up noted horseman Buck Brannaman’s statement on the NYC carriage horses.

    2. Carriage Horse Lover says:

      Bob- You need to stop calling carriage driving abusive and cruel when it is NEITHER. Where is the proof to back up any of the false allegations in your post? We all know by now that radical animal rights extremists are anti-carriage horse. We all already know that you all are busy claiming there is abuse where irepeated inspections have found NO ABUSE.

      I think CBS should examine the “radical animal rights industry.” CBS should look into its ties with violent pro-animal rights terrorist groups. CBS should looki into just who is funding the fight and paropaganda against the NYC carriage horse owners and drivers.

        1. Christina says:

          So, you cited a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD article where there was a police investigation of a minor carriage accident and NO ONE was cited for abuse or cruelty? Not exactly proving your anti-carriage-horse argument about imagined cruelty.

          1. walknyc says:

            Funny. Yes, I CITED a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD article. to show respect for this horse, who never gets mentioned, like so many others, in your fantasy talking points that are handed out by out-of-state mouthpiece Laura. Speaking of police reports, why was one not filed on Oct. 28, when the horse (baby face?) spooked and crashed the carriage inside the park? Officers were standing around the scene. What, maybe they moonlight for industry? And the horse — I hear — was “gotten rid of.” Sad. Another tool, discarded.

            1. SLH says:

              Then WalkNYC cite your sources ? All the insane blabber about abuse , slaughter , neglect , including silly dribble like “gotten rid of”. They are all just pathetic attempts to garner attention and a emotional response.

              The ASPCA is currenlty being investigated along with other organizations for their conflict of interest as well as being brought up by former employees on the charges or accusations of in just strong arming to twist citations to suit their stance on the carriage industry. Need I remind you that their top Veterinarian ..openly admitted they asked her to bend the truth about the actual results of the ONE horse’s death this year (Charlie) Attempting to encourage reports to publicize that he died in “pain” and that the conditions were caused by his job as a carriage horse and or their neglect. When in FACT none of those statements were true in the slightest when Dr. Corey publicly admitted her statement was false they fired her. Sounds like an ethical organization. Certainly would cite them in my attempts to garner support…oh wait.

              1. walknyc says:

                The horse from the Oct 28 accident is no longer on the Department of Health’s rolls. Neither is the horse who fell/collapsed on Dec. 4.

  30. Jo DeGeorge says:

    I am an native New Yorker and one of the most embarrassing and shameful things in this city is the carriage horse industry. To see those poor creatures, day in and day out, having to ride through heavy traffic, nose to tailpipe, and withstand the hardship of all types of weather makes me extremely angry. To glorify this industry is pure bull feathers. This industry should have been abolished ages ago. Blood money on the backs of innocent creatures….Shame NY and Shame CBS.

  31. victoria berry says:

    I cannot believe that you are FOR this industry! What a tragedy for the horse that such a n informative media would advocate the use of these magnificent animals to be used over 9 hours a day, half the time without water in the summertroughs, in blizzard like conditions inhaling fumes from cars and trucs and buses …in between shafts without even the ability to scratch an itch. Shame on you …

  32. Just a filly says:

    There is nothing romantic about these carriage rides…..unless you consider frozen, empty, or garbage filled water troughs and seeing horses collapse in the streets….romantic. These horses lead miserable lives, overworked until the day they die, or are slaughtered. How about drivers that leave their carriages unattended, horses walking off?, how about drivers that text or talk on the phone, even read, while they have passengers?
    Horses do not belong in the city, period. Pity these poor horses, look in their eyes, the sadness is palpable.

  33. Anne Settanni says:

    I am very disappointed to read that you are promoting this cruel practice borne out of a romantic ignorance! These horses endure severe weather, cramped stalls, no pasture time and a death sentence when they can nolonger do their job!

  34. Jacquelyn Sanders says:

    Why did CBS side with the ones who promote abuse of horses by making them do things they truly are not suited for, such as crazy city traffic…maybe the reporter should pull a wagon attached to his body in horrifying NYC traffic to find out what it feels like.And have him stop and wait for however long the driver wants in all kinds of weather conditions. It is a sad commentary trying to white wash the real truth.

  35. Anne Streeter says:

    CBS how can you support this cruel trade! Do your homework. Check out the miserable lives these horses lead only to end up in a brutal Canadian or Mexican horse slaughter house. Horses do not belong in an urban environment! Ban the trade once and for all!

    1. Good Horse says:

      Do YOUR homework, Anne. These horses are well-cared for and have a retirement program. How come you aren’t protesting the police horses? Those horses are deliberately put in harm’s way.

  36. John Sibley says:

    Gross. CBS promotes animal abuse. That’s all this is.

    1. Mary V says:

      Thank you! That’s the long and short of it!

      1. Barbara Dee says:

        I am extremely shocked that CBS would promote animal cruelty. Have any of CBS reporters or employees ever looked at the condition of these poor horses, that are treated like slaves. The horses are forced to pull extra heavy loads of 4 adults and the carriage horse driver and the carriage and equipment for double shifts. They are out in the freezing cold and the extreme heat and humidity of the summer. This trade is truly NYC’s disgrace and now CBS has disgraced themselves by promoting it…

  37. andrea basile says:

    Why would CBS pimp for the carriage horse trade. It’s something 71% of their viewers are protesting. Any civilized person would if they knew the facts.
    This is not the place to describe how these animals suffer….but it is the place to question why any respectable network or legitimate city office would support such a cruel operation. Are they all in bed with the unions? Things don’t look good for these tragic captives. They still fall victim to greed , the ignorance of the public and political needs of the our leaders.
    How we shame ourselves

    1. Olivia Joan says:

      Your statements are ludicrous. “Tragic captives?” Let me guess – you’re a PETA supporter. People Euthanizing Tons of Animals.

    2. This is the truth says:

      Sorry, but Olivia has some misplaced anger for people trying to help save horses from enslavement.

      1. SLH says:

        What is misplaced is a group of activists down playing the tragic injustice suffered by millions of HUMANS by comparing it to a working animal. The NYC carriage horses are not SLAVES nor is it slavery in any way to have a symbiotic relationship with an animal.

        What I am truly shocked by is that more are not disturbed and angered by their attempts to compare these animals to slaves. It makes all that any of the oppressed have gone through a mockery.

        These are the same insane groups of people who pressed forward with a lawsuit against Sea World brought forth by “the whales” for enslavement.

        The only thing abusive about any of this is people abusing the First Amendment just because you have a right to speak doesn’t mean you should.

  38. Eva Hughes says:

    Dear Ms. Toumoux:

    As VP of the Horse & Carriage Association of NYC, I appreciate both your interest and positive reviews of the carriage ride experience in NYC.

    However, your article contains many inaccuracies, such as the prices and length of our rides.

    We would be very happy to work with you on a comprehensive and accurate article with regard to what we offer, the NYC laws which regulate our prices, etc.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,

    Eva Hughes

    1. Hell's Kitchen Resident says:

      Quick quick – try to cover up the illegal amounts of money that these rip-off carriage drivers charge.

      So many tourists are ripped off – – they are told they have to “add a tip” and “pay a tax.” Why should CBS be giving these cash-only please drivers free advertising?

      How about equal time given to a reporter who will do an article on those of us who have seen what goes on first hand???

      1. Eva Hughes says:

        This article was written without input from the HCANYC.

        I am publicly informing the writer of this.

        If you are accusing me of being complicit in a crime, please know that your ISP address can be traced, even though you are hiding behind an alias, and that you will be contacted by my lawyers.

        Care to qualify your assertions?

        Eva Hughes
        VP HCANYC

        1. Hell's Kitchen Resident says:

          Absolutely Eva Hughes. Have the reporter look me up. So – you are saying that what is happening here is indeed a crime? Is that a threat? Are you stating that I am telling a lie? I would be more than happy to tell them what I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears. Despite they way you want it – this is called free speech. What a shame you have to ask the reporter to change the amounts and the time span of your rides. Assertions? No. Truth? Yes!

          1. Eva Hughes says:

            You accused me of being complicit of covering up a crime; both the alleged crime and my complicity are YOUR assertions, not mine.

            If you stand by your direct allegations that I have done something illegal on this forum, you can expect to hear from me.

            Do you want t retract your allegations or no?

    2. Hell's Kitchen Resident says:

      There are NO rides around the city! In response to julieparise, the Industry spokesperson wrote: : “a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city” which is so illegal! The horses must drive behind buses spewing out diesel fumes into their noses and in full traffic. Drivers were caught last winter selling bottles of wines and champagne without a liquor license!

      What is wonderful is to look up a riding stable in the country – where horses do not eliminate into bags, have their tails cut, no blinders, and they look happy!

      1. Eva Hughes says:

        There most certainly are times and areas where NYC law allows rides through the city.

        Hysteria and exclamation points do not replace knowledge and facts.

  39. Hell's Kitchen Resident says:

    Cannot believe that CBS would promote this! Of all companies – you actually see these horses being brought up from their horrid stables in the West 30’s and 50’s. How dare your promote the “inner tourist” – indeed – do some real reporting and go into those stables and follow the horses up the steep ramps into the cramped stalls. Ask the workers there what really goes on. Look at the first picture – no water in that trough! Follow the money CBS – how are they making so much? You should know better! These horses suffer! The fares are a total rip off, too!

  40. Paulette Callen says:

    How much did you get, CBS, as a pay off for promoting this archaic and cruel industry as a top tourist attraction? Which, by the way it is not. Shame on you.

  41. nybri says:

    All cash business that abuses the animals and pays no taxes…and is lightly regulated? Romantic, fun trip? Not, CBS. Get a grip.

  42. Elizabeth Forel / Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages says:

    What is this all about CBS – have you become a shill for the carriage industry? This is not objective reporting. You are also promoting a scam — these are not legitimate rates. This has been reported to the DCA, which supposedly is investigating.

    Horse-drawn carriages are an eyesore to NYC; inhumane, cruel and unsafe.

    Everyone – please visit our web site – Sign the petition and sign up for our newsletter.

    1. Jewel Kaye says:

      Elizabeth Forel knows nothing about horses. This 80k a year NYC bureaucrat spends most of her time trying to put hard-working people who care deeply for their animals out of business. If you oppose her, you’re a “capitalist.” She is a shameless selff-promoter.

    2. Kelly says:

      No better than Camille Hankins, founder of WAR

      1. Jewel Kaye says:

        Yes, she’s the one who is an actual CONVICTED animal abuser. Eighty-one counts, I recall?

  43. J. Palais says:

    Do your homework before taking a ride on one of these horse drawn carriages. Here is the ASPCA position statement on why carriage horses should be banned from NYC streets.

  44. TCC XPOST says:

    Totally disgusted that CBS did a story like this. I live on CPW. I see these animals daily. I know about horses. They are not only badly cared for but they work in temps that they should not and the ASPCA doesn’t do a damn thing. This is a DIRTY BUSINESS. Do your research and find out the truth behind this industry… or was this reported paid off by one of these drivers. I’m no longer a fan of CBS news!

  45. Amie says:

    CBS, why don’t you do some REAL reporting – like the abuse the animals go through for the pleasure of people who want a romantic ride through Central Park!! This is NOT the normal like for any animal, especially horses!! I’m ashamed of you, CBS!!!

  46. Deborah Mitchell says:

    I am appauled that you would promote horse drawn carriage rides in New York City. These animals are worked to death until they drop n their tracks and die. If they don’t die in service, they are not let out to pasture to enjoy their final days. The carriage industry in New York City should be outlawed. These horses work their entire lives and deserve veterinary care and more oversight from those responsible for their care. Pathetic!!!

    1. Olivia Joan says:

      That is ludicrous. These are well-cared for animals. They are probably the most well-regulated horses in the country.

      1. Jordan S says:

        Right, I suppose the factory farming industry is well-regulated too? You obviously know nothing about this industry. But hey, ignorance is bliss isn’t it!

        1. Olivia Joan says:

          This has nothing to do with factory farming and all to do with a developer’s campaign to gain valuable real estate. And what is your horse experience, Jordan? I am not a carriage driver but have had horses all of my life. I spent a lot of time and money in horse rescue. There are thousands of horses who need homes, are starving and in danger of being sent to slaughter. The NYC carriage horses are doing just fine.

  47. Donna says:

    ther is nothing romantic about cruelty to animals. If you have that kind of money, donate it to a shelter. The best way to see the city is on foot – your feet.

  48. walknyc says:

    These fares are illegal and are being reported to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

    1. This is the truth says:


      1. SLH says:

        Throwing a fit and accusing the carriage horse industry for price gouging when the links are clearly 2nd and 3rd party contractors makes about as much sense as blaming the ball parks for ticket scalpers.

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