Bite-sized desserts are popping up all over the city. These small sweets are addictive – and the best part? No mess and no utensils. If you’re looking to get your sugar fix, here are our favorite places to get these tiny confections. By Carina Cruz.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

onegirlcookies5 NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit: One Girl Cookies)

One Girl Cookies’ tiny ice cream sandwiches are made with their pumpkin or chocolate whoopie cookies that make these sandwiches easy to bite in to. They are also serving up made to order mini cupcakes in creative flavors like carrot, banana, and hazelnut cupcakes.

mini tarts NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit: Three Tarts)

Mini Tarts

Located in Chelsea, this boutique has an array of petite pastries. These mini tarts can be boxed and given as a gift. At under 100 calories for the small snack (only 1 3/4 inches!) you won’t feel too guilty for indulging. Their flavors include pine nut, kumquat, and chocolate espresso.

twelve oaks NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit:Twelve Oaks Bakery)

Cake Bites & Pops

You won’t find a store front for this bakery, at least not yet.  Twelve Oaks features made-to-order cake bites and cake pops, which are exactly what they sound like: Tiny cake balls covered in frosting. They come in a number of flavors and can be designed to fit any occasion, like these beach themed bites. They have made these tiny treats for a number of different occasions, including weddings. To make an order, email:

baked by melissa NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit: Baked By Melissa)

Mini Stuffed Cupcakes

Baked By Melissa may be the brand responsible for starting the mini dessert trend. Famous for their mini cupcakes, these tiny treats are just a bit bigger than a quarter – and are about 45 calories a piece. They come in flavors like mint chocolate chip, s’mores and peanut butter fluff. You can also order cupcakes online; mix and match icings, stuffing, toppings, and even the color of the cake.

bouchon bakery NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit: Bouchon Bakery)

Mini Macarons

At Bouchon Bakery you’ll  find mini versions of their famous macarons. The small French pastries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – filled with buttercream. Check out their seasonal flavors.

mini cannoli stuffeed cannoli NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit:Stuffed Artisan Cannoli)

Micro Cannolis

Stuffed Artisan Cannoli offers not just a mini cannoli – but also offer an even smaller size. Dubbed “micro” cannolis, the items are only about 1 1/2 inches. Flavors like pumpkin pie, dulce de leche, coco loco, mudslide, and key lime pie are served up in a chocolate shell. Their store front is coming soon. For now you can order their cannolis online or checkout their Twitter for pop-up locations in NYC.

bombolini2 NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts


Mini Bomboloni

Bomboloni are fluffy Italian fried doughnuts. This Upper West Side bakery offers them in a mini version in a number of flavors like apple cinnamon and toasted chocolate marshmallow.

kees NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit: Kee’s Chocolates)

Mini Macarons

If you want a bit of color in your dessert, Kee’s chocolates offers mini macarons. They are always searching for new flavors. They have innovative flavors like pineapple and papaya, kiwi with pear, rosewater lychee, and sour sap. You can get a bag of the minis or just one to satisfy your sweet tooth.

sugarsweetsunshine cupcake1 NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts

(credit:Sugar Sweet Sunshine)

Mini Cupcakes

There are plenty of sweets to delight in at this Lower East Side bakery, but if you’re looking for a bite sized treat that will leave you wanting to eat a whole box, look no further than their mini cupcakes. With quirky names like Ooey Gooey, which is chocolate cake with chocolate almond buttercream and a yellow cake with chocolate almond buttercream called Bob, you can’t go wrong.

cupcake 1227858451 NYCs 10 Best Mini Desserts


Mini Brownies

Kyotofu is known for its tofu – but this low-key restaurant also boasts that their desserts are lighter and lower in fat, sugar, and calories than the typical confection. At Kyotofu you’ll find a mini brownies that can be made with Vegan chocolate. You’ll also find mini cupcakes in their award winning chocolate soufflé flavor and many others like their matcha green tea cupcakes.


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