(credit: facebook.com/yorganic)

(credit: facebook.com/yorganic)

Tangier and lighter than that radioactive-colored stuff you got as a kid, today’s FroYo is more sophisticated and flavorful than ever. Grab a spoon and enjoy the healthier way to chill out – these are your best bets for frozen yogurt in New York City.  By Yvo Sin.

16 Handles

Multiple Locations

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With multiple locations across the East Coast, 16 Handles has made an impact on the frozen yogurt scene with its self-serve model. With sixteen kosher-certified flavors and and a ton of toppings to make it your own, there’s hardly a better way to celebrate frozen yogurt.

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Red Mango

Multiple Locations

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Red Mango’s frozen yogurt, slightly tart, slightly sweet, comes as a nice treat any day of the year. Topped with just about anything imaginable, they make a good choice for your frozen yogurt needs.

(credit: Pinkberry)


Multiple Locations

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The West Coast spot has completed its migration east, and New Yorkers are all the better for it. Pinkberry caught on like wildfire to become one of the most popular FroYo chains in NYC. Their fresh fruit toppings are cut daily at each location, or you can indulge in some less calorie-conscious toppings like brownie, cheesecake, or Cap’n Crunch. Check out their lineup of seasonal specials.

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Multiple locations

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Local and organic ingredients are plentiful at Yorganic, touting the message that Yorganic wants the world a little healthier – and why not? With toppings that are as local and organic as possible, Yorganic is an indulgence you can feel good about.