It takes a real anglophile (or colonized palette) to appreciate the propriety of taking a perfectly fresh filet of plaice or haddock, enveloping it in batter and dropping it into the deep fryer. But it doesn’t take much to appreciate the deliciousness of a good plate of fish and chips. Check out out our list for a look at the top spots to find fresh fish, excellent chips, malt vinegar, tangy tartar sauce, lemon, salt, and a spanking good beer. By Anna Van Lenten

a salt battery fish and chips NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(credit: A Salt & Battery/Facebook)

This friendly, Brit-owned shop serves up proper chips, with bottles of Sarson’s, shakers of salt, and ketchup all about. The fish batter fries up rich enough to satisfy your craving without being unctuous. And the fish is mighty fine—made doubly so by A Salt’s new Pollack-not-Cod policy, meant to help remedy the deplorable state of cod fisheries.

fish and chips NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(file photo credit: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

You’ve come to a French restaurant and wot’s this? They’re ‘avin’ a go at the British national dish? Eyebrows up, vinegar on—mais, c’est superbe! And frankly, Autour’s Brooklyn Beer Battered Fish and Chips is a great direction to go with this dish. The crunchy coating is not greasy, the fish is moist and tasty, the home done frites on point.

bondi road NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(credit: Bondi Road)

Bondi ‘s Australian-by-way-of-the-LES take on fish and chips might not please the queen, but it smacks of savory quality. Chips are spot on, the beer batter finish hits home, and the fresh fish—you choose your species—melts in your mouth.

fish chips NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

File photo/Clipart

Recommended at this delicious Harlem outfit is a triple play of fried fish, fried shrimp, and fries. Get it all in the paper box, and go to town with adding salt, pepper, tartar sauce, hot sauce, lemon juice, mustard and ketchup. When they ask if you’d like a couple of slices of bread with all this fried manna, say yes—it’s a great underpinning for the feast.

landmarktavern NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips


With a bar carved from a single tree and a pedigree extending back to the 1860s, Landmark brings to bear all of the signifiers of authenticity. And their fantastic fish and chips and great beers are a taste-making combo of hoppy, fishy, salty enchantment.

longbow pub pantry NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(credit: Longbow Pub & Pantry)

Leg it out to Longbow to sample the fare many assert to be the best in town. A classic take on fish and chips yields soul-satisfying sounds from your mate or date. Fish batter is super crackly and light, fish itself blooming hot and savory, and the chips just want malt vinegar and salt to make them tingle and smart. A Bay Ridge delight.

molly fishchip NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(Credit: Molly's Restaurant)

The nicely dark, woody Molly’s, a real Irish pub in Gramercy, sends up thoroughly professional fish and chips. Chips are tender within and crisp without, cod filet is fresh and flaky throughout, and the lightly browned ale batter is, out and out, finger licking good.

chip shop NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

Photo from

Two Brooklyn locations

One huge portion of steaming, flavorful haddock nested in a golden, crusty coating can get you far. A side of toothsome, fluffy chips sprinkled with plenty of malt vin and salt will send you over the edge. All this is served in newspaper, which adds a brief point of focus as you inhale the (not overly) greasy, salty goodness.

fish and sip NYCs 9 Best Plates Of Fish & Chips

(credit: Fish & Sip)

Watch with happy anticipation as F&S flash fry your whiting/flounder/Pollack. The fish is always juicy, the batter nice and crisp, and their extraordinary homemade tartar sauce, redolent with herby aroma, seals the deal. They also offer a homemade secret hot sauce whose lure has led to one or two thefts. P.S.: the lemonade and the coffee are amazing.

Anna Van Lenten is from Brooklyn, N.Y.

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