(credit: Jacques Torres)

(credit: Jacques Torres)

Try jazzing things up a bit by discovering what else can be drizzled in chocolate.

Jacques Torres Cheerios (credit: mrchocolate.com)

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Alongside excellent, traditional truffles and other chocolate-covered goodies, you’ll find bags of crave-worthy chocolate-covered Cheerios at this lighthearted NYC institution. Indulge your sweet tooth without sacrificing taste or adding junk like preservatives, flavor extracts or extra oils.

(credit: The Plaza Food Hall)

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Find everything from fresh sushi to peanut brittle at the elegant food hall in the concourse level of the Plaza Hotel. Sit where you like and order from any of a variety of gourmet food stations. When it’s time for dessert, chocolate-covered treats — including cakes and cookies — do the trick.

(credit: Ronie-Sue’s Chocolate)

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It’s called “pig candy,”and it’s manna from heaven. The adage that everything is better with bacon is writ large in this small confectionery located inside the quirky locavore-themed Essex Street Market. The bacon is baked crisp, then dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, then get ready to begin dreaming of your next visit.

(credit: fpbnyc.com)

Fans of Payard’s elegant chocolates mourned the closing of his Upper East Side shop in 2009, then cheered when two new locations, dubbed FPB, opened up. Here you’ll find expertly crafted truffles, pastries and birthday cakes to die for.

(credit: Max Brenner)

Reservations online only, walk-ins accepted

Skip the multi-hour wait and kiddie parties at Serendipity 3 and head instead to Union Square. While there is a carnival atmosphere, both food and dessert offerings are complex and grown-up. Seek the fantastic popsicle chocolate fondue for two, featuring vanilla ice cream bars, melted chocolate fondue and crunchy wafer balls to top things off. It’s the ice cream truck gone right.

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  1. Robert H-P says:

    Max – actually, I’m not paid at all by the establishments. Lilac is indeed amazing, and there are incredible chocolatiers all over the city.

    What we were going for here were chocolate-covered candies that took things a bit beyond the truffle. Lilac stays pretty traditional for the most part (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Torres may be pricey, but the chocolate quality is extremely high, the products and atmosphere fun, and people from all around the country make it a destination. I’ve personally braved gale-force winds to visit the DUMBO shop for hot chocolate (and I wasn’t even paid by them!) Can’t really argue with that.

    Robert H-P

  2. max says:

    the people who write this column are paid by the establishments
    Torres is so overpriced
    the best is LILAC since 1923 on horation and hudson st

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