Sure, the beer prices are sky-high, but there’s still plenty to love about the food & drink scene at Yankee Stadium.  The team boasts a gloried past, hopefully a fantastic future, and some delicious eats at the stadium. Check ’em out! By Yvo Sin.

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Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Left field, field level
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Brother Jimmy’s boasts locations all over Manhattan, so those familiar will certainly find comfort in frat-boy style ‘cue served here. However, Brother Jimmy’s also boasts the best fried pickles in the city, and can be had at Yankee Stadium for hardly any markup. Now you know what to eat while watching Andy Pettitte’s return to Major League Baseball.

Carl’s Steaks

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Right field, field level

Carl’s owns the bragging rights to the best cheesesteaks in NYC, and the stand at the stadium does a good job of keeping up. Lines can be long, but the field is visible from where you wait!

Garlic Fries

(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Right field, field level

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Garlic fries are quickly becoming a staple at ballparks ’round the country, and Yankee Stadium gets on board with their own offerings. Sometimes the guy making them can be overzealous and dump a bit too much of the butter-garlic mixture, resulting in soggy fries, but for every time he gets the ratio right, you’ll be in garlic heaven. Enjoy these but not on a date.


(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Great Hall, between Gates 4 and 6

The Torrisi sandwich spot boasts a location as soon as you enter Yankee Stadium; the offerings are small, but the taste is big with a turkey sandwich (the best seller that day) or a meatball parm. The meatball sandwich is a meatball the size of a baseball, pressed flat on a roll, served with mozzarella and sauce… and is a home run.


(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Left field, field level

You may scoff at steak at a ball park, but there are others eating sushi, so why not steak? The secret here is the steak is freshly sliced, while your bun is dipped in jus, and fresh horseradish is offered with this prime rib sandwich. The meat is so tender that you can bite right through the not-thin slices, and you will almost forget you’re balancing the sandwich on your lap as you watch the Yankees pound another team into submission.

Nathan’s Famous

(courtesy of Yvo Sin/
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A Nathan’s foot long at Yankee Stadium is a tradition – they’re not available everywhere, but they are oh so good and oh so right for a day at the ball park. Top ’em with whatever you like!


(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Various locations around the stadium

On a hot day, what could be better than a Yankees helmet cup of soft serve, topped with sprinkles? Pro tip: don’t wear a Mets jersey – to a Subway Series game, no less – and expect to get too many sprinkles. You can see the result of doing that in the photo!


(courtesy of Yvo Sin/

Third base, field level

As much a part of New York baseball as World Series rings, the classic New York street food of sausage and peppers makes a winning appearance here with Premio. Your choice of sweet or spicy, you can’t go wrong either way.

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Yvo Sin is the founder and head writer of The Feisty Foodie, and a huge Mets fan.


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