Brigitte Quinn Large

“It’s kinda like Dallas when Pam woke up to find Bobby in the shower—he wasn’t dead after all!!”  That’s what someone remarked upon seeing me back in the halls of CBS radio after 17 years.

Imperfect metaphor aside, yes, I anchored at 1010 WINS in the 80s, before co-anchoring morning drive at 880 through the early 90s. I left radio for a then experimental television venture: cable news. After two years anchoring a morning show at MSNBC and then NBC News at Sunrise, I moved to Fox News Channel to anchor middays and stayed for nine years.

I thought I had retired from broadcasting to take care of my family and pursue a quiet career teaching journalism at Pace University but the day two old buddies guest-lectured in my class and we did an anchor demo, I had an epiphany: “I want to be on the radio again!”

When I am not at 1010 WINS, I am enjoying time with my husband and three children and, if I’m lucky, reading a novel or sneaking in a game of tennis.