Ed Coleman

ed coleman Ed ColemanFunniest On Air Experience:
The pigeon unloading on my partner Dave Sims’ head opening day, Yankee Stadium in (I believe) 1989. A direct hit! Still didn’t help grow anything up there for Dave…but me being a candidate for Men’s Hair Now, I shouldn’t talk. The pigeon had better aim than any Mets or Yankees pitcher I’ve seen in 10 years.

Favorite Caller:

Tough to choose; always love talking with Vinny from Queens, the Bruces, Dick from Corona, Al from White Plains, Eli too. But if I had to single out one, it would be the late John from Sandy Hook; he expanded everyone’s horizons with his love of baseball, his passion for the horses…and he always put the present in perspective by not letting you forget the rich tradition and history involved in all sports.

Strangest On Air Experience:

Jim Lampley relieving himself into a coffee cup while doing his opening monologue on the FAN without missing a beat…still one of the greatest broadcasting achievements I’ve ever witnessed. Who says broadcasters can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

Attributes the FAN’s Success To:

Simply put: Right station, right time, right city, right people. Great fans have great passion and the WFAN fans have to share that, or it won’t work. Good management, good support staff, and a good on-air product have all helped the FAN succeed. And, of course, Imus.


Coleman: Mets Hit Rock Bottom

Things can’t get any worse for the rock bottom Mets.


Coleman: Hats Off To Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones personified what sports and competition are all about.


Coleman’s Corner: The New Citi Field

The Great Wall of Flushing is not coming tumblin’ down, but if someone hits it now it will be a home run at Citi Field — not just another long, agonizing double.


Coleman’s Corner: The Mets’ Coaching Carousel Spins

The winds of change blew through the Mets’ coaching staff on Wednesday, and when the gale subsided, four coaches were gone.


Coleman’s Corner: Mets Fans, Back Off The Reyes Bashing

Give it a rest. Please. That’s exactly what Jose Reyes did on Wednesday, and he was entirely within his rights to do so.


Coleman’s Corner: Extreme Makeover, Citi Field Edition

The walls may not come tumbling down at Citi Field next season, but they most likely will not be staying the same for 2012.


Coleman: Johan Santana’s Long And Winding Road To Recovery

It’s been a circuitous route that Johan Santana has traveled this season, and the next stop will be Savannah, Georgia on Friday.


Coleman’s Corner: The Latest Word On Mets Prospect Zack Wheeler

Zack Wheeler seems to be adjusting quite nicely to his new surroundings. Though he suffered the loss in his last start on Saturday, he’s making progress with his revamped delivery and seems to have settled in with his new teammates.


Coleman: The Reasons Why Jose Reyes Is On The DL

Now we know what we had thought all along – that Jose Reyes would he heading to the Disabled List after tweaking his left hamstring against the Yankees back on July 2 at Citi Field.


Coleman’s Corner: Mets Get Offensive

It was quite a quartet of games. After being routed by the Rangers in Texas to begin their interleague journey, and before being vanquished by Justin Verlander in Detroit to complete their trip, the Mets spent four days in offensive nirvana.


Coleman’s Corner: The Deal On The Mets’ Lucas Duda

Lucas Duda is big. 6′ 4″ and 254 pounds big. He’s strong and almost frighteningly quiet and shy. It has led to confidence issues for Duda, who has even openly questioned whether he’s ready to appear on the big stage.


Coleman’s Corner: Mets Feeling Good Despite Walk-Off Balk

You couldn’t blame the Mets if they were upset about a walk-off balk, of all things, costing them a chance for a sweep of the Braves in Atlanta — but they weren’t.


Coleman’s Corner: It’s Good To Be Jose Reyes

It is rather good to be Jose Reyes these days. He is young, healthy, on top of the baseball world, and heading for a big payday — either here or elsewhere — when all is said and done at the end of this season.


Coleman’s Corner: Terry Time For Mets

Could we maybe give the guy a chance? If you listen to Mets fans, new manager Terry Collins might as well have a two month contract.


Coleman’s Corner: Mets Need To Do The Right Thing

The Wilpons said all the right things when they dismissed GM Omar Minaya and Manager Jerry Manuel on Monday. Now we’ll see if the hard lessons have been learned.