Ken Daniels

ken daniels photook Ken DanielsI probably first got the bug for broadcasting when I became part of the morning announcement team at Ridgefield Park High School in the 1980’s. But even before THAT, I was writing and performing radio shows with my friends, as projects for my grammar school English class. After high school, I had a stint as an actor, with appearances in film (“Last Exit to Brooklyn”), on television (After School Special, “High School Narc”), and the stage (opposite Paul Sorvino, in “All the King’s Men”), but radio still beckoned.

So, back to school I went, to obtain a broadcasting degree, and eventually hosted my own show (“The Parade”) on WRPR 90.3 FM, at Ramapo State College. After that, I worked as a sports reporter for a period in the 1990’s, for a prominent Dial-a-Sport phone service (remember those?!). Later that decade, in 1995 I was hired by one of the Tri-State area’s premier traffic services. It was there that I truly was able to become an eclectic broadcaster, by providing scores of AM & FM stations in the New York area, with regular traffic updates, along with a mixture of news, sports, and financial reporting on some of them as well.

There was even some on-camera television work. Plus, I did transit reports live from Grand Central Terminal for WCBS 880! In fact, my first “appearance” on WCBS radio came in 1996, and I’ve been a regular weekday traffic reporter here, since 2004 . It continues to be an honor and a thrill to be a part of the renowned broadcast team on this great station. Each and every day is filled with a mixture of excitement, hard work, and surprises.

In my spare time, I watch as many films, and attend as much theater (yes…”Hamilton” really is THAT good!), as possible. I also play chauffeur to my impossibly energetic grade school sons while attempting to juggle schedules with my always-works-too-hard wife.

Thanks for reading AND listening…and you can find me on the 8’s!