Marcia Kramer

Marcia KramerMarcia Kramer joined CBS 2 in 1990 as an investigative and political reporter. Prior to CBS 2, she was the City Hall bureau chief at the New York Daily News.

Her reports on the local, national, and international level have garnered her multiple honors, including two George Foster Peabody awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards, nine Emmy awards, two New York Press Club Golden Typewriter awards, and a first-place award from the Associated Press for her investigative reports. Her work has been recognized in editorials in the New York Times and the New York Post, as well as in a piece entitled “Marcia Kramer: Journalism at its Best,” which ran in the New York Observer in March 1998.

Most recently, Kramer broke a story exposing the improper use of lights and sirens by city government officials. Her story led to Mayor Bloomberg’s crackdown resulting in the removal of lights and sirens from hundreds of vehicles. Other credits include a report on people stealing school supplies and selling them on the Black Market, a story on schools that served old food past its freshness date, and a film exposing school board members vacationing in Las Vegas on taxpayer dollars. She has also been cited for her reports on the Swiss Banks and Nazi Gold that culminated in a decision by the Swiss to finally give back the money. Kramer is also known for her 1992 interview with President Clinton in which he confessed he “never inhaled.”

P.S. 32

Parents Of Autistic Students Miffed Over Plan For NYC Charter School

There was is outrage over what some are calling a squeeze play by the Department of Education. The city wants to put a charter school inside P.S. 32, and it could jeopardize a program for autistic students


Prospect Park bike lane

Landmark Lawsuit Alleges NYC Worked With ‘Radical’ Bike Lane Lobbyists

Irate Brooklyn residents have filed a first of its kind lawsuit demanding that a controversial bike lane be removed immediately.


Eye On New York: On Teacher Layoffs

In this segment of Eye on New York, CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer examines how the impending New York City school teacher layoffs will affect one school in Brooklyn.


Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney Tells Senate Of Years Of Elderly Abuse

There was gut-wrenching testimony Wednesday from long-time actor Mickey Rooney — the victim of what he said was terrible elder abuse.


Khalid Aldawsari

FBI: Radical College Student’s Targets Included NYC

On Thursday the FBI arrested a student suspected of plotting terrorist bombings. His alleged targets included former President George W. Bush, and New York City.


A car is filled with gasoline - File / Photo: THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images

Thanks Libya: Tri-Staters Bracing As $4 Gas Nears

Because of the unrest in Libya, oil prices briefly touched $100 a barrel Wednesday for the first time since 2008. It’s a development that’s expected to have a ripple effect on prices across the board.


Michael Bloomberg/FDNY

Flatbush Fire Fallout: Saving Dollars Vs. Saving Lives

There was an ugly war of words Tuesday between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the fire unions over the impact budget cuts had on fighting a deadly fire in Brooklyn.


FDNY Strongly Contesting UFA Prez’s Claims On Flatbush Blaze

The fire union is blaming staff cuts for a delayed response to a tragic Flatbush fire. But the FDNY said Monday a dispatch problem also helped delay getting water on the blaze for critical minutes.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Apologizes For Joke About ‘Inebriated Irish’

For many, it’s no laughing matter. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s joke about the Irish and drinking has drawn boos from the crowd.


Report: Boehner Had Warned Rep. Lee To Stop Partying

In a statement, Lee said “it’s been a tremendous honor to serve the people of western New York. I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents.”


NYC Vows To Crack Down On Heat-Meiser Landlords

On Wednesday Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked why the city hasn’t helped residents being persecuted by landlords who refuse to provide heat. His answer may lead to better times for the oppressed.


Osama bin Laden

Feds: Times Square Mastermind Bigger Threat Than Bin Laden

The American-born cleric behind the attempted Times Square bombing has now eclipsed Osama bin Laden as the biggest threat to American security.


Brooklyn Tenant: Landlord Shuts Off Heat Every Night

This year’s tough winter has left thousands of New York City residents literally out in the cold. Many have been fighting for heat with landlords who don’t provide it.


Eye On New York: On Education

In this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer examines the status of New York’s education and interviews New York’s Deputy Mayor for Education, Dennis Walcott, on just how “painful” the cuts to New York City public schools will be.


Commuters Express Frustration, Anger With LIRR

There was a storm of protest – bordering on mutiny – from frustrated commuters Wednesday, furious that the LIRR charged them peak rates after cutting the number of trains in half due to weather.


Gov. Cuomo Livid About ‘Sham’ Budget Process

There was a dramatic revelation from Gov. Cuomo on Monday – there have been secret budget rules that for decades have padded funding for special interests and helped push state finances into the red.


Mayor Bloomberg

Possibly 15,000 More NYC Teachers Could Face Ax

A whopping 15,000 teacher layoffs were threatened by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday to deal with expected cuts in state aid to education. But parents don’t like that one bit.


The Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn, NY - Jul 21, 2010 - Photo: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880

Mayor Gets Back On East River Bridges Toll Bandwagon

Mayor Michael Bloomberg ignited another firestorm of controversy on Friday over East River tolls. Just when you thought the plan was out of gas the mayor is bringing it back.


NYC Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Talking And Walking

After targeting distracted drivers, some New York lawmakers want to go after distracted walkers. They are looking to ban them from using iPods and cell phones while walking and crossing the street.


Markowitz: Advocacy Groups Distorted Bike Lane Data

The Brooklyn Borough President reacted angrily after a study by a neighborhood group found a huge discrepancy with the DOT on the use of bike lanes in Prospect Park West.


Health care

New Yorkers All Over The Map On Repealing ‘Obamacare’

Just about everyone has something positive and negative to say about “Obamacare.” House Republican leaders are looking to repeal the health care law, but find themselves evenly matched by Democrats.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Councilman’s Bill Would Mandate Notification Of Mayor’s Absence

Where was the mayor this weekend and who was in charge during his absence? Bloomberg deflected that question at a Monday news conference.


Bloomberg, Dept. Heads Prep For Blizzard Hearing

Members of the Bloomberg administration will finally be called on the carpet on Monday to publicly explain how they blew the blizzard response.


Dept. of Sanitation show plow in wrong position

NYC Promises Better Response For Next Snowfall

Heads were beginning to roll in the wake of the City’s agonizingly slow and poor response the to last week’s blizzard, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is promising it will be different for Friday’s expected snowfall.


Gov. Cuomo Delivers State Of The State Address

Governor Andrew Cuomo put New York lawmakers on notice Wednesday in his first state of the state address. He’s calling for an overhaul of business as usual. His list of targets includes spending and crooked politicians


Dept. of Sanitation show plow in wrong position

Councilman: Feds Open Probe In Alleged Slowdown

Queens Councilman Dan Halloran says workers were told they wouldn’t be written up or “tightly scrutinized” for missing routes and skipping streets.


Department of Sanitation trucks

Video Of Apparent Blizzard Clean-Up, Slow-Down Surfaces

Criminal investigations are under way to find out why it took so long to dig out from last week’s massive snow storm. Exclusive videos suggest that the clean-up job may have been dirtier than once thought.


NYC Faced With Tough Questions About Blizzard Response

A winter storm that dumped nearly 2 feet of snow on New York City is also whipping up criticism about how the city handled the job.


'Streets in Poem Form'

Racy Poetry Book To Be Cleaned Up For Student Use

A controversial urban poetry book will be sanitized before it is taught again in New York City public schools.


Pork barrel spending

Rep. King Sounds Off On Pork Barrel Projects

Public worry about out-of-control government spending hasn’t stopped Congress from trying to get $8 billion worth of new pork barrel projects.


Pedro Espada Jr., Son Plead Not Guilty To Embezzlement

Pedro Espada Jr. was a free man Wednesday night. The embattled state senator and his son pleaded not guilty to accusations they looted a Bronx health clinic to live high on the hog.


State Senator Espada Charged With Embezzlement

The Democrat, who lost his fall re-election bid, and his son Pedro Gautier Espada are accused of taking money from Comprehensive Community Development Corp.


Unemployment, not hiring

Congress Under Gun Over Unemployment Benefits

Unless Congress acts, extended unemployment benefits will expire at midnight Tuesday for roughly 400,000 New York residents, 275,000 from New Jersey and 58,000 from Connecticut.


Borough Park traffic island

Dangerous Roads: Borough Park Wants ‘Island’ Action

It’s pushback for a dangerous traffic island in Borough Park. In surprise move, the community board voted it down and a Department of Sanitation boss dared to say it could cause injuries and deaths.


NYC Commuting Costs About To Skyrocket

If you drive to work in New York City buckle your seat belts and get ready for some serious sticker shock.


Gerritsen Avenue traffic island

Dangerous Road: Marine Park Traffic Island Nightmare

The Department of Transportation has struck again. This time it’s a pedestrian island in Marine Park, Brooklyn. It’s great for pedestrians, but a nightmare for drivers.



Dreaded ‘AMT’ Tax Has Tri-State Residents Seeing Red

Millions of metropolitan area residents might want to scale back on their Christmas shopping this year because the taxman could be taking a much bigger bite out of your income than you think.


Tax Appeals Force NJ Town To Reevaluate All Property Values

Property taxes have been going up across the tri-state, but in one New Jersey town, they’re reevaluating all of the town’s property.


New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Resigns

After more than eight years running New York City’s public schools, Chancellor Joel Klein is stepping down. And, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Klein’s surprising replacement.


Cuomo To Lawmakers: Get Smart About Fiscal Woes

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is already sharpening his budget ax and school aid is among his first targets. He said the billions New York has spent to educate children has not paid off in results.


Taxi Owners Eye 19 Percent Fare Increase

First came word of bus and subway fares climbing, then bridges and tunnels and now the cost of a cab ride could be going up.


GOP Wave Changes White House-Congress Dynamics

Republicans have independents to thank for many of their wins. In 2008, President Obama won 52-percent of the independent vote. That has flipped.



What Will A Shakeup In D.C. Mean For You?

Americans headed to the polls Tuesday, bringing an end to a long and bitter midterm battle. If the Republicans assume control in Congress expect an attempt at big changes.


Brooklyn street barrier

Dangerous Roads: Brooklyn Street Barrier

NYC’s Department of Transportation has struck again. The agency has installed traffic islands on Fort Hamilton Parkway — a busy road in Borough Park. Residents say the cement addition is causing chaos on the street.


New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn - File / Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for City Harvest, Inc.

Taxing Times: NYC Property Tax Hike Coming

There is no mercy for New York City taxpayers. Word came Thursday of yet another property tax hike.


Andrew Cuomo, left, and Carl Paladino

Cuomo, Paladino Out To Overcome ‘Corruptocrats’

A scathing report about the corrupt Aqueduct racing contract had Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino scurrying to the suburbs on Monday night.


Wrestler’s Dad Slams McMahon In Conn. Senate Race

The father of a wrestler who killed himself and his family is asking voters to reject Republican Linda McMahon, the former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO.


Aqueduct Racetrack - Queens, NY - File Photo

NYS Ins. General: Widespread Democratic Corruption

It could be a political game changer. A scathing report about corruption that stretches from Albany to Aqueduct has raised serious questions about New York lawmakers. Will it impact campaign 2010?


Andrew Cuomo, left, and Carl Paladino

Cuomo On MTA: It’s Time To Do More With Less

There was a warning Thursday from transit advocates — higher fares and deeper cuts are on the way unless the next governor of New York forks over more money for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

N.Y. In Middle Of Possible Dem Midterm Carnage

There are new predictions that as many as 100 seats held by Democrats in the House of Representatives could be won by Republicans, and that includes 10 seats in New York.


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Plays Artful Dodger On Second Debate

Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo are both running for governor of New York. But on Tuesday it seemed like Paladino wanted to be a circus ringmaster and Cuomo the artful dodger.



Big Apple Closer To Expanding Public Smoking Ban

Hey outdoor tobacco lovers, smoke ’em while you can. The City Council moved one step closer Thursday to expanding Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Smoke Free Air Act.


Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino

N.Y. Governor’s Race Suddenly About The Issues

They’re finally talking business. Both candidates in the race for governor of New York are offering their vision on two key issues important to voters.


Paladino Ups Ante, Slams Cuomo Over Gay Pride Parade

A firestorm has engulfed New York’s race for governor. Republican candidate Carl Paladino is on the hot seat over comments he made about homosexuals.


Did DOT’s ‘Island Of Death’ Fix Make Things Worse?

EXCLUSIVE: The city Department of Transportation reacted speedily to correct a hazardous street condition exposed by CBS 2 this week, but they may have made things even worse.


Marcia Kramer’s “Whose Bright Idea Was This?”

Did you see Marcia Kramer’s report on the hazardous roadway that the Department of Transportation worked to fix after CBS 2 exposed its dangers? CBS 2 wants to know about roadways or walkways that are problematic in your area. Is there a danger zone that makes you wonder, “Whose bright idea was this?” Tell us […]

CBS 2 NY–10/08/2010

Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon - File / Photos: AP

Mud Flies In CT: McMahon, Blumenthal Trade Barbs

The two candidates for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat took aim at each other’s recent TV ads in their first face-to-face debate on Monday.


Paladino: Cuomo Took ‘Payoff’ As HUD Secretary

Carl Paladino is accusing Andrew Cuomo of taking a “payoff” from his current campaign finance chairman while working under the Clinton Administration.


House Passes 9/11 First Responders Bill

The House has approved a bill to give up to $7.4 billion to workers sickened during the cleanup of World Trade Center site after the Sept. 11 attacks.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Christie Announces Sweeping N.J. Education Reform

The governor on Tuesday unveiled a tough-love reform package that will make classroom achievement, not seniority or tenure, the basis for teacher pay hikes and career advancement.


Bloomberg To Teachers: No Automatic Tenure

Teachers will have to earn tenure by showing they have improved the performance of their students for two straight years and get a high rating from their principals and superintendents.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad Sorry For Traffic, Not 9/11 Comments

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is standing behind his claims that the United States was behind the 9/11 attacks — a statement President Barack Obama said is “hateful.”


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad’s Speech Leads To U.S. Walkout

President Obama came to the U.N. to deliver a stern warning to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who also had some choice words for the United States.


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Caught Lying About Voting For Bloomberg?

A new poll has Republican Carl Paladino within striking distance of Democrat Andrew Cuomo as voters say they want to elect someone who will stop the circus in Albany.


Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo Responds To Paladino’s Debate Challenge

The mud is flying. Andrew Cuomo fired back Tuesday, responding to the political punches being thrown by opponent Carl Paladino.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Next Round Of City Layoffs Likely

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered a hiring freeze and another round of draconian budget cuts that could result in more layoffs and fewer city jobs.


GOP and tea party gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino

Paladino Rips Democratic Rival Cuomo

Carl Paladino, the Republican and tea party candidate for governor, sat down with the editorial board of CBS 2 on Monday for a no-holds barred, on-the-record interview to talk about his campaign.