Pat Farnack

farnack 2011 1936 1 Pat FarnackPat Farnack lives in two different worlds, sipping her early morning coffee watching a herd of deer and wild turkey in her front yard in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania and bringing people the stories they want to hear as midday anchor on WCBS in the heart of Manhattan.

Pat also hosts the WCBS Health & Wellbeing Report and has a weekly column for the Intercounty Newspaper Group in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

She spent twenty years in the Philadelphia market at KYW Newsradio, KYW-TV and WWDB Radio. She was awarded the Broadcast Pioneeer’s Lifetime Achievement Award and multiple winner of the Associated Press Best Newscast Award in Pennsylvania as well as the Best Feature Award for her show “Do I Look Ok?” which was syndicated on fifty stations in the U.S. and Virgin Islands.

She has been on the air at Dow Jones Radio One, WMGK in Philadelphia, WNBC, WINS and WYNY in NY and anchored the evening news on WKBS-TV in Philly, which she swears was the inspiration for the movie “UHF” starring Weird Al Yankovic.

Pat and her husband Louis are currently working on a garden and courtyard. They are building it around a fountain they bought on their honeymoon in Italy.

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