patsy 3 Patricia McCann

Patricia McCann is the personality commercial spokesperson for 1010 WINS.  She has endorsed product on the station since 1992.  Her delivery is uniquely personal and credible –  she only advertises product she has tried and believes in – a McCann family tradition.

Patricia is a third-generation broadcaster on new york radio.   Her grandfather,  syndicated journalist/   broadcaster  known for his integrity,  was the “father of endorsement”.   Her family, known as “The McCanns at Home” was one of the longest running “breakfast couples” on radio.   In her turn, Patricia hosted her own interview program on WOR Radio for 16 years.

Today, in her role as commercial spokesperson, Patricia researches and tries each  product.  She visits with clients to get information first-hand and to understand their objectives.  She writes her own commercials to achieve a natural, unscripted delivery.

Her unique conversational style stands out on an “all-news station”.   She talks one –on- one to her listener.  Her warmth and credibility get results.

Among her clients are AT&T, BMW, Barilla, Bose, Dunkin Donuts,  Bonefish Grill,  Hotels.Com, AAMCO, Arm and Hammer, Golden Blossom Honey and Carnation.