Ray Hoffman

Ray HoffmanI am very proud of my long association with WCBS, then and now the premier all-news radio station in America. I started here in 1989 as the on-air voice of BusinessWeek. That was a five-year stint, working with great people like Jim Donnelly and Brigitte Quinn, Harvey Hauptman, Cameron Swayze, Rita Sands, Tom Franklin…and a young fella by the name of Wayne Cabot. Then, after a dozen years with ABC, I came back to WCBS for six more with The Wall Street Journal. All good companies, all good years.

Today, I host and produce a daily program on WCBS called CEO Radio. I think it’s quite unique, in its celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit in a one-minute news feature format. I interview interesting entrepreneurs and chief executives, and then let their stories and experiences unfold over a period of several days. Each day brings a different aspect of their experience. In 2012, CEO Radio was named best business radio broadcast by the New York Press Club. You can hear the finished product weekday mornings on Newsradio 880, and on the website at cbsnewyork.com/ceoradio.

When I’m not working on CEO Radio, I do a lot of golfing and gardening. And of course I follow the financial markets closely…there’s no breaking old habits!! I also have a long involvement in the jazz world, as a lyricist and sometimes singer. Several of my lyrics have been commercially recorded. You can read about all that on my website, rayhoffman.com.