Steve-GreenbergWorking at WCBS is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I have loved radio since the day my parents got me a seven band radio when I was very young. I was a play-by-play sports broadcaster in high school and college, but after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College and Emory Law School, I opted for a career as a corporate attorney.

I later founded my own staffing agency for lawyers, my own job board for jobseekers over 40 and my own recruiting firm, before becoming head of HR and general counsel for a leading toy manufacturer.   In 2009 I was fortunate to have an opportunity to combine my experience in the labor market with my passion for radio broadcasting.

I have been the host of CBS radio’s “Your Next Job” since May, 2009.   I love reporting on the job market because it fills a huge void for many people.    Many workers have great skills at their job, but they don’t know as much about job search.   We are often taught how to do a great job but not how to get a great job. In this market, you need both to succeed.

I also enjoy speaking to groups of jobseekers and consulting with employers about their staffing needs.  I welcome questions and comments from listeners and jobseekers.  I can be reached at or @SGreenbergCBS

Random Facts about Steven:

First Job:  Vendor at Madison Square Garden (circus lights are not a big seller; popcorn is amazing)

Second Job:  Broadcaster, ‘Sportsphone’ (don’t ask, but it was very popular at the time)

Third Job:  Attorney in big corporate law firm (much less exciting than first two jobs!)”