Tracy JohnkeDuring my misspent youth, I thought business news was boring. Then I realized the news wasn’t the problem – the approach was.

Business news matters to anyone who wants to buy a home, get a job, pay the bills, and maybe even retire someday – in other words, everyone. So you will never hear me talk about “capacity utilization” or “dot plots.” But you will hear me talk about whether U.S. factories are working at full speed, what the Federal Reserve is signaling about its interest rate plans, and how all of that relates to us.

I learned the financial news ropes at the Associated Press before I moved on to MarketWatch and now Bloomberg Radio. Previously, I worked at CBS Radio and WTOP in Washington.

Tech, housing and the economy are three of the beats I’ve covered extensively. But there’s nothing I like more than a good food story, especially about any of the four food groups: Burgers, beer, coffee and chocolate.