• Students Around The World March To Address Climate ChangeThousands of students around the world marched and protested to bring awareness to climate change on Sept. 20, 2019.
  1. roman says:

    I hope everyone on this thread listens to Obama’s Ohio speech today. He makes a clear and cogent argument against republican policies. It seems we forget who got us into the current mess we’re in. The party of no is the party of irresponsibility.
    If any one can counter Obama’s facts please respond.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      ” Nothing new here, President Obama’s speech was just the same argument he has been making since he took office, and the economy is still falling off a cliff:

      It is all George Bush’s fault and Republicans have no new or good ideas and let’s blame Bush again, oh and rich people are bad.

      Although he did not mention George W. Bush by name, he attacked House Minority Leader John Boehner multiple times throughout his speech.

      In terms of the actual economic topics Obama talked about, he said the difference betweeen Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats want corporate jobs kept in the United States, implying that Republicans support taking jobs oversees. Obama proposed a 6 year infastructure plan that would “put Americans to work right away,” and said he supports a tax cut for small businesses (making less than $250,000 a year of course). Obama attacked the rich throughout his speech and claimed “these aren’t the people who are going to spend money anyway.” He touted health care reform, financial reform and his new education reform initiative. And….college for everyone! For free!

      But, Obama did say, “I am absolutely committed to fiscal responsibility.” Does anyone else remember his previous commitment to PAYGO?

      In short, the entire speech was a campaign stunt and platform for Obama to talk about the “economy” when really it was all about trying to save Democrats in November.”

      “And that’s the choice Ohio.”

      This was from a political blog site. I try to watch Obama without barfing or throwing stuff at my TV, but it’s hard.

      1. nickoury says:

        How many TV’s have you gone through?

      2. James Custer McCarthy says:

        Quite a few, LOL!

        1. thingmaker says:

          Sounds like you have deeper emotional issues.

      3. roman says:


        Here’s the complete text of the speech. You can make up your own mind whether he’s right or wrong. You’re entitled to your own opinion but facts are facts. It was republican leadership that got us into this mess… now you’re quite willing to return them to power? Makes little sense to me. I am proud to be liberal because we stand for opportunity, equality, inclusion and community.

        1. Hector Rivera says:

          Well genius….When did the Dems take over the senate and the house? When did spending get out of control? I agree, the liberal Republicans, or as the idiots like to call themselves “compassionate” Republicans spent money like crazy and grew the govt. All good things to Libs/Dems/Socialist/Progressives/etc. So if that was the problem, how is Obama’s spending as much as all the Presidents combined in his first 2 years not bad???? Oh wait the answer from the super genius pres…we didn’t spend enough, right? What about Freddy-Mac/Fannie Mae…corrupt pseudo-govt organizations that stole millions and paid there democrat CEOs millions in bonuses from tax payer money…but that is good corruption, right? Franklin Raines goes on to become Obama’s campaign manager. Who put up legislation and who signed the repeal of both the Uptick rule and Glass Steagall, which were both put into place to avoid another great depression? There is hardly any difference between Compassionate Conservatives/Republicans and Liberal Democrats. Both grow government and spend money we don’t have. How about reading the constitution and learning history a bit before you speak and sound like a complete fool! It is the conservative that stands for the right to personal property, freedom, liberty, PURSUIT of happiness, and individual responsibility. I can’t help but laugh…Equality (affirmative action…how is that equality, you racist?!!! Let’s see…you’re a pathetic minority that is too dumb to succeed on your own so we are going to dumb down the requirements so you can get into college or work. Conservative view: work hard for what you want and get what you want on your own merit!). Everyone has the same opportunity in this country, less than before thanks to big centralized govt. hacks, but still more so than any other country in the world. If things were so skewed then why is it that LEGAL (and I’m sure some illegal) immigrants come here with nothing, but they stress education and have a strong work ethic have so them and their children can succeed and most have no problem succeeding….but let the liberal get a hold of them and they become a welfare recipient with a broken family. Why work if you get more money “free” than if you start at an entry level job? We have had 80+ years of liberal policies and things are worse…besides a short decade of prosperity when Reagan was President….Look at the Carter years…when the economy was worse than when the liberal G.W. Bush’s presidency was ending, but Obama was saying it was the worst since the great depression, that moron! Maybe he meant it will be the worst since the great depression once he “fundamentally changes America?” You should read about the history of America and how communities were a close nit group, before government interference and corruption. The confiscation of one person’s possession and fruits of his/her labor to give to someone else who refuses to take responsibility for their own life or seek support from their family is why resentment of Americans among Americans is increasing! Dem solution…let the govt. take care of you! The Dem playbook is all about dividing Americans into races, ethnic groups, religious (atheist included) groups, this European/Marxist “class-warfare” garbage, and special interest groups. Obama had such potential to be a great President. He could have been a LEADER and really squashed this notion of races. Instead, his hatred for this country, his Marxist up bringing and life has led him to be the worst President this country has had to date. He divides us. He whines about critisizm, and things that have gone wrong in his Presidency. He takes no responsibility in HIS and his parties actions. He got everything he wanted the first 2 years! Who cares if the Republicans were the party of NO! The Republicans didn’t want to be associated with “Stimulus” bill (which went to unions and failing green companies (Solyndra) and campaign contributors and wall-street), healthcare “reform”, other crippling regulations (well except of Freddie-Mac/Fannie-Mae). The democrats had a SUPER MAJORITY in congress. They didn’t need Republican votes…what did it matter??? He got what he wanted and the economy continues to tank and it’s the Republicans fault? Yes, they helped create this mess, because they caved to the liberal media and the Dems. So they are to blame as well, but don’t pretend that the Dems had no part in this or have not made this worse, because they have. It is the liberal policies that are destroying opportunity and this country (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, etc!). Are any of those genius creations Republican/Conservative? And before you give the usually anti-American garbage speak about our DoD? Read the constitution! The primary responsibility of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is national defense and foreign affairs. Let the states be different and govern they way they see fit and give people the freedom to live in the state that bests suits them. Also, most of the BS that the left comes out of their mouths is the same garbage people like Lenin, Che, Castro, Stalin, Hitler, Chavez and all enemies of America. They sound like broken records. Pit the people against each other over class envy then destroy the opposition and CONTROL everyone. Yeah, liberalism! Idiots!!!

          1. Jane Q. Citizen says:

            Mr. Hector Rivera:


            Thank you (although I’m not holding my breath for Roman to learn anything). Roman; an Empire whose own success conqured it. But History repeats herself.

            1. GKPAL says:

              Hector- You are A real American. Your post is fantastic. Now , lets go out a convince others that conservatism is the philosophy of personal responsibility and equal opportunity for every one. As Sir Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of missery”. Sounds familiar?

          2. snuffy says:

            WOW. Roman noodle-brain got pwned. Typical mindless libtard didn’t have the guts to come back. .

          3. ke says:

            Why don’t you run for president. You make a lot of sense and I totally agree with you. Thanks for setting Roman straight.

          4. Blake Tankersley says:

            Couldnt have said it any better hector

        2. Al says:

          Dear Roman, You surely are a liberal. You folks love to revise history where ever it suits you. I suppose the Real Estate problems were caused by Republicans or how about a real fact like Barney Frank and Senator Dodd thats a hint Roman go do some homework. Liberals stand for nothing. The constitution stands for us all. You can’t have my money for your twisted ideological dreams. opportunity does not come from wishing but rather hardwork, everyone is equal Roman but open up your mind man and see who the real racists are ROMAN those are the people pointing fingers at conservatives who by and large could care less what color you are or where you come from (as long as its legal)etc…Oh and community, dont you mean communism.Get a job Roman!

        3. Scott Mercer says:

          don’t taint the word liberal with democrat, they are not mutually exclusive…Ron Paul 2012

        4. BlueCollarCritic says:

          Actually Roman its both the Republicans and the Democrats who put us in this mess and will continue to digs us deeper until the sheeple in both parties (like yourself) wake up and stop finger pointing at the “Other party”. It is this dive & conquer method first mentioned in THE ART OF WAR that is used to divide the people and keep them fighting with each other so that they don;t notice what is actually going on.

          Your untiring testimony to finger point at the Republicans all the while denying your own party has any blame is proof positive that this old and effective strategy of divide and conquer works just as well today as it did a long time ago.

        5. Blake Tankersley says:

          actually the economy took a downturn when democrats too over congress two years before the end of Bush’s presidency. If you would open your eyes and turn off msnbc youd see that everything has just gotten substantially worse under obama. Its been over 3 years, he hasnt held true on any of his promises and his only attempt at fixing anything is to spend spend spend. He has DOUBLED our national debt, spending more in less than 4 years than bush did in 8. ALL WITH NO POSITIVE RESULT.
          IT IS NOT a “fact” that republican got us into this mess. Typical liberal, making things up and calling them facts. Next time you want to prove a point throw some real statistics out there…

        6. james rupp says:

          It’s clear roman you dont know the past. start w community reinvestment plan ……

      4. James Custer McCarthy says:

        Roman, I am sick to death of all this Bush-bashing. I am not really a ‘Bushophile’, he wasn’t a great president. But after 20 months, shouldn’t we see something besides everything getting worse? And don’t try to tell me that it isn’t long enough to turn around the damage done. You obviously haven’t studied history; many presidents have inherited miserable situations and improved on it, even if it took longer than their terms to completely fix the problem. And if you think that a nation or an individual can spend themselves out of debt, I’d like to know how your credit cards are holding up.
        Do you think that we would not have gone to war after 9/11 if Clinton were in office? And what would have been the reaction of the citizens of this country (or more importantly, our enemies) if we did not? Keep in mind that although a few individuals have been caught trying to blow things up, that we have not had a major attack since. But it’s coming, and what will you say then? Wars are expensive. And unfortunately, sometimes necessary.
        I can’t believe that you think that the drivel you spouted about what liberals stand for is correct. If equality, why vilify and rip off people with money just because they have it? They earned it, they should keep it. Their tax rate should be the same as yours. And “redistribution”… if we all ‘even the playing field’, we all will be paupers and there will be NO jobs, because the people who had enough money to create jobs won’t be able to anymore. Free enterprise provides opportunity, and the nanny welfare state kills it and initiative with it. You want community, check out the Tea Party, but you won’t, because you believe the BS from the Left because they rightly fear them… not physically, but politically. America already has community anyway. We certainly don’t need the Feds telling us how to do it. Or anything else, for that matter. But the one that really made me laugh was your word “inclusion”. The byword for the Left now is “diversity”. You know why I hate this word? Because it directly contradicts one of America’s greatest fundamental principles: that we are a melting pot, that anyone who comes here can become an American and join in our Great Experiment in Democracy. “Diversity” means “differences”. Looking at our differences instead of our common strengths as human beings is what is tearing this country apart. I live in Florida, and I have many Hispanic friends, and I do speak a little Spanish. But my friends all speak English, and I have met many Hispanics who refuse to learn English. And Muslims who form small enclaves so they don’t have to exist next to us infidels.
        But this is all OK, because in a short while, either all the overspending by this administration will be stopped and turned around, or if not, we will see things get so bad that even you will have to admit that we are now on the wrong path.
        We can argue until we are blue in the face (or red, LOL) but the only thing we as individuals do is vote. Very important. So, we must agree to disagree, because obviously we are not changing our minds, are we? In a short while, as I said, we’ll see what happens. I’m just hoping that things won’t get violent as they get worse. And they are getting worse.

      5. roman says:


        Ok I need to deconstruct your statement piecemeal .
        “Roman, I am sick to death of all this Bush-bashing. I am not really a ‘Bushophile’, he wasn’t a great president.”
        Understatement of the century!
        “And don’t try to tell me that it isn’t long enough to turn around the damage done. You obviously haven’t studied history; many presidents have inherited miserable situations and improved on it, even if it took longer than their terms to completely fix the problem”
        Exactly it took longer than their terms to fix the problem…in case you did not hear this past September was the best September Wall Street had in 70 years! I think that’s a positive change or would you feel better if Wall St tanked. Again he inherited a catastrophic mess which will take time to turn around. Job rate? A lacking indicator . It would turn around faster if republicans would join Obama and close the tax loopholes for companies who outsource American jobs and provide tax incentives for companies that create and keep jobs in America. Under Republican leadership US has lost 30 percent of our manufacturing jobs. But you’re ok with that. In these times we all need to be economic patriots and demand our government and companies keep jobs in the US.
        “And if you think that a nation or an individual can spend themselves out of debt, I’d like to know how your credit cards are holding up.”
        Thankfully I’m doing well and have paid off all my credit cards . Thanks for asking. Now if I can make a dent on my student loans… professional schools are just too darn expensive. And Keynesian economics works.

        “Do you think that we would not have gone to war after 9/11 if Clinton were in office? And what would have been the reaction of the citizens of this country (or more importantly, our enemies) if we did not? Keep in mind that although a few individuals have been caught trying to blow things up, that we have not had a major attack since. But it’s coming, and what will you say then? Wars are expensive. And unfortunately, sometimes necessary.”

        I don’t see how Clinton plays a role here. His two terms were over. Gore on the other hand has stated that he would not have attacked Iraq since they had absolutely no role in 9/11 … but you listen to Fox so you may believe otherwise. How many attacks have we had under Obama? How many have been thwarted? At least 3 that we know of. I can tell you listen to Fox since you are using their fear mongering and name calling tactics.

        “I can’t believe that you think that the drivel you spouted about what liberals stand for is correct. If equality, why vilify and rip off people with money just because they have it? They earned it, they should keep it. Their tax rate should be the same as yours. And “redistribution”… if we all ‘even the playing field’, we all will be paupers and there will be NO jobs, because the people who had enough money to create jobs won’t be able to anymore.”

        We’ve did this already. Goodness this just proves to me that you have not been paying attention. Bush’s tax cuts gave enormous tax cuts to the rich but were jobs created? Just look at the data won’t you? JOBS WERE LOST UNDER BUSH WHEN HE REDISTRIBUTED WEALTH TO THE RICH. You said Bush wasn’t the greatest president ( I’m assuming you did not like some of his policies) Republicans want his cut to continue which will cost 4 trillion dollars… how can you support a party that wants to reinstate the same policies? If you don’t believe me look at their Pledge to America. Papa Bush called what you’re asking for (trickle down economics) Voodo economics for once I agree with a Bush.

        “You want community, check out the Tea Party, but you won’t, because you believe the BS from the Left because they rightly fear them… not physically, but politically. America already has community anyway. We certainly don’t need the Feds telling us how to do it. Or anything else, for that matter.”

        I just have to look at their actions to see how wrong -headed they are. Spitting on a African American congressman, calling John Lewis, a civil right s hero who got his skull fractured by racist police during the march on the Edmund Pettus Bridge , a “n—-r” and the racist posters they carry during their rallies. No sir I don’t need anyone to tell me that the tea party is wrong for our nation. Don’t need the Feds ….are you a libertarian or an anarchist?

        “But the one that really made me laugh was your word “inclusion”. The byword for the Left now is “diversity”. You know why I hate this word? Because it directly contradicts one of America’s greatest fundamental principles: that we are a melting pot, that anyone who comes here can become an American and join in our Great Experiment in Democracy. “Diversity” means “differences”. Looking at our differences instead of our common strengths as human beings is what is tearing this country apart”

        Again you just don’t get it. You have on right wing blinders that forbid you to see the true meaning of the word diversity. We use the word to celebrate the diverse cultures that enrich our great nation. Diversity is used to celebrate not separate. To acknowledge that all people are worthy of respect and appreciation and that not one ethnic group is supreme above all others.

        ”I live in Florida, and I have many Hispanic friends, and I do speak a little Spanish. But my friends all speak English, and I have met many Hispanics who refuse to learn English. And Muslims who form small enclaves so they don’t have to exist next to us infidels.”

        This is just anecdotal so I don’t know how to respond to this except to say Latinos who refuse to learn English will have limited opportunities in the country so they are wrong headed. Many people not just Muslims form ”enclaves” ( not sure if you meant that word to be derogatory of Muslims ) In NYC we have several… Chinatown,Little Korea, Spanish Harlem, Little Italy, Williamsburg and Boro Park have large Hasidim communities. So I guess all these groups consider the rest of us less worthy? I doubt that rather I think and sociologists have shown that such communities formed because of discrimination by the majority group. They were denied access to other communities so they formed their own. You’ve laid out so many misconceptions that it will take too long to rebut your point of view.

        “But this is all OK, because in a short while, either all the overspending by this administration will be stopped and turned around, or if not, we will see things get so bad that even you will have to admit that we are now on the wrong path.
        We can argue until we are blue in the face (or red, LOL) but the only thing we as individuals do is vote. Very important. So, we must agree to disagree, because obviously we are not changing our minds, are we? In a short while, as I said, we’ll see what happens. I’m just hoping that things won’t get violent as they get worse. And they are getting worse.”

        Except that leading economist s, such as Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, are calling for increased federal spending. I’m an optimists I see conditions improving but it will take time. And stop fear monger. It’s a cheap right wing ploy that adds nothing to the conversation. Can you recommend several books that will enlighten me to your point of view and please nothing published by Regnery. And I finally can I agree with you on one point. Yes we must vote but vote correctly because it will make a huge difference in the coming years. If you can don’t forget to attend the One Nation March this Saturday Oct 2. 12 presidents ?…you got me beat by 3. I was born during the summer of love so I guess that explains my liberalism.

        1. loungington says:

          you are a moronic revisionist of facts!

        2. burkanuck says:

          What a perfect example of a braindead obamabot who spouts the liberal line without really having any connection to reality. Keep spouting you uninformed idiot.

      6. TLH says:

        “…oh, and rich people are bad.”

        I don’t know about that. I think of it this way:

        Wealthy people are two things: wealthy first, people second.

      7. Michelle says:

        LMAO @ “I try to watch Obama without barfing or throwing stuff at my TV, but it’s hard.” I used to have a set of Nerf basketballs specifically for that purpose — to throw at the TV. I’ve been looking for a new set since I find myself needing them every time I see him (or Reid or Holder or Pelosi, etc.) squawking their liberal nonsense. They never let actual facts slow down the flapping of their jaws!

      8. matthew says:

        As an Ohio Native and a big Kasich supporter, Its laughable the economic polices these liberals try to put through.

        Yep, remember the PayAsYouGO, again, this is why social security is going broke, well actually that isn’t all true, the fact that it never accounted for population growth, inflation, and age expectancy increases really strained it.

      9. Matt says:


        The Muslim extremist who killed 14 people at Ft. Hood wasn’t a terrorist attack?

        Also, Bush’s tax cuts left us with 4.5% unemployment before Pelosi and co. took over. That’s because businesses were left with more of their own money to spend on capital growth, which results in hiring. Anything under 5% is considered full employment. Keynesian economics are nothing more than a shell game: taking more money out of the economy only to put it back in somewhere else, as if the government knows better than successful businessmen how to grow business?

      10. Rich says:

        roman said: “It was republican leadership that got us into this mess… now you’re quite willing to return them to power?”

        Corporate and government greed got us into this mess. The crisis we’re in now has been in the making since Carter. Corporations were encouraged by government to issue high-risk loans to advance the political idea the everyone should own a home. If they didn’t issue these loans they got into hot water with the government. Politicians benefited by being able to tout high home ownership rates and by receiving campaign contributions from corporations, Fannie/Freedie, and any other entity who stood to benefit from this program. There’s plenty of blame to go around in terms of who kept this program alive, but it was started by liberal Democrats.

        As far as who owns this current economic mess, just ask Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Democrats own the current state of the economy. Democrats have ran Congress for 6 years, and had overwhelming majorities for the first 2 years under Obama. Why should we return someone to power who had enough power to do whatever he wanted to fix the economy and ultimately failed at it? Furthermore, he’s a one-trick pony. I’d like to hear some idea from the left that has nothing to do with “investment” or more government spending.

      11. ChesterDarlingtonIII says:

        It’s all fascism.

      12. Corkie says:

        You got that right! I have to just turn him off before I break my TV. I don’t believe one single word he says anyway. If the sky is blue and obama tells me that sky is blue, I WILL NOT BELIEVE HIM. I thing he is a habitual liar, not that he can help it necessarily, but he is a liar. A Chicago liar.

    2. chip says:

      Silly man….your supposed to leave your brain to science after your dead, not before!!

    3. Kat says:

      You do realize that Congress who holds the purse strings had control for many years before Obama took office, right? I hope that Kool-Aid he’s feeding you tastes real good.

    4. Crudsader says:

      Um, no.
      The monetary mess is due to the overwhelming budget deficits of the congress that was elected in ’06. The budget was in previous years, shrinking.
      And, um, dummy, who was one of the senators from Illinois in that congress? The anointed one, the man who would go on to be elected President in ’08 and go on to be the only man to outshine Jimmy Carter in his overwhelming incompetence.

    5. YesWeDid! says:

      Let’s see, Bush inherited a Clinton bubble and Frank/Dodd-Fannie/Freddie debacle and osama bin laden, another Clinton mishap because he refused to take possession of him – thus, the 9/11 attack. Now, given all those events, Bush did what was necessary to start bringing our country back up to recovery and we were flying, financially, until the Dems took complete control during the last TWO YEARS OF BUSH’S TERM. Look at the charts and you will see how quickly we were recovering from the Democrats poor management skills….until the Democrats took back control in 2006!! While I do condemn the Republicans for not getting a handle on earmarks, partaking in them as well, and Bush not using his veto pen, he STILL had us going in the right direction…until Dems regained control! So WHO drove the car into the ditch, just as it was regaining control of all the Democrats stupid moves? 2006-2010….DEMOCRAT CONTROL!!!

    6. Sybil says:

      I don’t have to listen to his speech. It is the same one he has been making since Jan 2008!!! Has everyone forgotten who controlled Congress in the last two years of the Bush Administration???? The dems! I agree Bush spent more money than I wanted him to but he did not get us into the current mess and I am sick of everyone falling for obama’s lies. Check out the facks Jack!

    7. Guest says:

      The progressives brought us to the brink of a one world government. I understand who brought us where we are… progressives… both Republican and democratic progressives. Like the Siren’s call, Americans believe the system that the progressives have built. It’s meant to destroy our country the way it is and replace it with one that Satan would be proud to call his own… a totalitarian regime with no place to hide.

    8. Charity in Ohio says:

      Obama has been president for two years and spend more than every president we have ever had combined. He’s like an “adult” still blaming his parents for who he is instead of manning up and being his own man. It’s far too late to blame any previous president for the current mess. It’s his doing, he needs to own it and fix it. The mantle of “victim” is pathetic and worn far too foten in our culture – it especially does not suit a president. Liberal polititians tell us we are not capable of taking care of ourselves. If I told you you are unable to take care of yourself, make your own decisions, and thag you have to pay me torun your life for you would that be alright? I will take your money (if you refuse you go to jail) and give myself a raise while I’m at it, vacation of your dollar will all my friends and leave you to figure oout how you can budget your household income while I spendout of your wallet like it’s a bottomless treasure chest would that be alright by you? And btw, I know of some people that don’t work and so they need money, I’m gonna give them a chunk of your earned dollars, is that okay, too? Then why is it okay when you govenrment says all that to you? Somebody need to say NO. When you have people coming to you for bailouts when restructuring bankruptcy is on the table you say NO! When people want to juststart the economy by printing money that has no currency to back it up and it will lead to out of comtrol inflatuion you say NO. When a man that is supposed to lead our country decides to take 3000 people on a good will trip to happily inform the world we are no longer a super power and generally apologize for our existence to the tune of 200 million dollars a day you say NO. When standard lightbulbs are banned in favor of CFL bulbs that contain mercury and require a hazmat team to clean them up when the break so that they don’t make adult ill and can possible kill children you say NO. When a health plan is put in place that helps no one, only requires us to by healthcare that meats a set of standards that will not (experts agree) cost individuals less that $1200 a year you say NO. Do I need to go on? The list does not end there but I figure even the most dense individual should be able to see my point from these few examples of liberalism gone wild.

      1. LA says:

        My goodness, this is an excellent example of someone who faithfully gets ALL her info from watching Fox News, to the extent that she can regurgitate EVERY single lie spouted by the network and spends so much time watching TV that her spelling is atrocious!

        1. HR says:

          LA you are the puppet! So brainwashed by idiots you think it’s the truth and when confronted with the truth you think it’s all lies. Do you realize you sound like America’s enemies? They all say the same thing! Way to hate your own country moron!

        2. blazerdoodle says:

          And you respond like you get all your news from MSM. So what?

      2. Gene says:

        You are absolutely right. Ignore the comment from LA below as they only know how to make negative comments. That is obviously because they have no intellectual argument. Amazing to behold…

    9. Carlo says:

      Roman, please go back to handing out “Democrats good Republicans bad” buttons on the street-corner. Do you have any idea how trite, monotonous, and superficial you sound? You’re a shill, a “useful idiot,” plain and simple — your comment is gratuitous and pathetically lacking in anything remotely resembling substance.

      Upon being replied to specifically and at length, you came back with “… facts are facts. It was republican leadership that got us into this mess… now you’re quite willing to return them to power?”

      Well, roman, you’re entitled to your opinions — inane and really just plain tedious as they may be — but you’re NOT entitled to your “facts.”

      To actually try and reason with someone like you is like talking into a disconnected handset, or like playing toss with a mud-puddle.

    10. kyle says:

      roman the seeds of this economic predicament we find ourselves in were sewn during the bush administration when the democrats ran both the house and the senate.

      stick with the facts.

    11. al capone says:

      thats what he’s alwats been good at,,,speeches… nothing new, but you would think after 2 1/2 yrs he would say woe put on the brakes ive been goin the wrong way

    12. bob says:

      Who was it that spent 700 billion borrowed dollars in a failed attempt to keep national unemployment under 8%? We have had 10% plus unemployment for two years. Who was it that involved us in a third middle east conflict in Libya? Who was it that banned all American drilling in the gulf of Mexico and then loaned Brazil billions we do not have to drill off shore? Who ran the congress since 2006? Who was in charge of Freddie and Fannie when they failed? Who refuses to close our southern border against illiegal aliens and is suing the State of Arizona to stop them from enforcing the law? Who’s out of control spending polices have run up a 14.5 trillion dollar national debt? who rammed through the Obamacare boondoggle against the will of the American people and is now being sued by 26 states for it’s unconstitutionality? All Obama, totus, and the leftist career criminals in congress! See you in November 2012!

    13. Rebecca - says:

      The debt has TRIPLED since he took office – the debt starting increasing exponentially when the Dems took over Congress and the Senate…. duh!

    14. paul says:

      don’t stop your meds.

    15. Juan Valdez says:

      Maybe you can fit some more ridiculous lefty talking points into your meaningless commentary. Try to weave some more DNC slogans in and REALLY mix it up. Brilliant.

    16. omahaJohn says:

      The Democrat party is the party of irresponsibility. The problems we’re seeing weren’t created or even exacerbated by George Bush, they were -decades- in the making, and Republicans, at times, were also somewhat responsible. Unfortunately for all the Democrats trying to use the economy, still, to get votes, their lie isn’t that hard to see through, at all. The Federal Government played a huge part in creating the conditions for huge numbers of people to have homes that couldn’t afford them. Without people wanting Big Government solutions to things like low minority home ownership, we would have never had this problem, and that’s something that Bush spoke out against over a decade ago. If you’re not going to blame the people actually responsible, you should really at least stop blaming someone who isn’t responsible in any notable capacity.

      ‘If you can counter any of these facts, please respond’. If you can make a case that actually has some basis in fact, please respond.

    17. Suzy says:

      Well, facts are Republicans didn’t get us in this mess, it began with a democrat named Jimmy Carter with Freddie Mac and Fannie May. That’s where this all started, Bush tried to warn this could happen and no one wanted to listen especially the dems in office because of the housing entitlement programs. Banks and mortgage companies were being told to lend to those who couldn’t afford the loans. This began years ago and the bubble just happen to break when Bush was in office. Must do your research before you just say “Republicans got us in this mess”…do your own thinking, not just listen to media input……..research it!!

    18. Dont_Tread_On_Me says:

      You are aware there is currently a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico for US Oil companies (Obama edict 8/10). Are you also aware that he authorized $2 Billion Dollar loan Guarentee for Brazil to Pump oil to ship to China (5/11)?
      If you’re happy paying $3.00 + a gallon then continue to vote party line.

      Employers hired far fewer workers than expected in May and the jobless rate rose to 9.1 percent,

      How’s that Hopey Changey Thing working for Ya?

    19. Jim says:

      wow. I can’t believe the initial statement from roman supporting the obama policies. Please take a little bit of time and research them. Look at who he has associated himself with most of his life and then ask yourself, is Obama really the guy we want representing this nation. When he ran on change, this “right of center” nation fully supported him because we were tired of the bs that both major parties were selling. Turns out, he was selling the same stuff but in a different package. The Tea party may be this country’s best hope – so long as they don’t allow themselves to be co-opted by the republican part.

    20. Rick O says:

      You need to brush up on economics and history.

    21. thomgb says:

      I don’t think we need to listen to him, just judge his actions. If everyone in the 56 states he campaigned in would actually not listen to his lies but look at his actions, then this country has hope to get rid of the first community-organizer President in 2012 that is dragging our economy to the brink, he and cohorts, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Shameless characters, the lot of them.

    22. robert j revai says:

      wow…silly liberal…even with facts staring you in the face…you would not believe them…ergo its impossible to tellyou the truth and have you believe it…all you would do is stick your fingers in your ears and scream…lalalalalalalalala…you would’nt recognize the truth if it bit you in the arse…lol

    23. robert j revai says:

      wow…silly liberal…even with facts staring you in the face…you would not believe them…ergo its impossible to tell you the truth and have you believe it…all you would do is stick your fingers in your ears and scream…lalalalalalalalala…you would’nt recognize the truth if it bit you in the arse…lol

    24. Terry says:

      Roman, you are lost.

    25. j cross says:

      thank you Obama for the new necessarily higher electric bill i am enjoying.

    26. Japes Macfarland says:

      No Roman, it wasn’t Bush who got us into this, it was Clinton. (He was before Bush) For one thing, if Clinton had gone after Osama like he was supposed to, 911 wouldn’t have happened and that war may have been avoided. Also Barney Frank and team really caused the GFC by insisting minorities had to have homes, and so told loan companies that the gov would back up lousy loans. You should know this stuff!

    27. Can't Wait for Nov'12 says:

      Roman: Obama is against the essence by which this great country was found. He wants limited individual wealth which equates to limited freedom, which means no freedom and he aspires to grow the government and its control exponentially to ensure a larger and more dependent voting base. The compromising offer to all ILLEGAL aliens is a joke. This is a pure effort for the ulmighty vote.
      BHO has been a student of socialism his entire life and he’s embraced its purpose. I cannot for the life of me understand how his agenda remains unchecked. I cannot help but think that it is due to Apathy by the American public but also by the consistent liberally biased media.
      I don’t know who James Custer McCarthy is, but I certainly support every thing that he has said to you. Please open your eyes and conduct your own research. Follow the money. Do you think the Cap and Trade and Man Made Global Warming is really about green energy and a cleaner earth? It’s about making certain people more wealthy. Power transmission of the new energy sources is the ticket for people like George Soros and Al Gore. You’re probably saying, “Power Transmission?”. Yes, the new energy will be propogated over new power lines and through substations on the land that is owned or will be owned by these people. Green energy is code for greener wallets for the IN Crowd of the Left. Follow the money.

    28. 31337 says:

      Wow roman,
      you are for sure in love with Obama. While the Republicans and Democrats went “spend other people’s money” crazy over the past 15 years you really gotta let go of Obama being this great uberlord. He has the smile and talks the talk, he really doesn’t walk the walk at all. He plays more golf then Tiger Woods and keeps saying how he is going to lead us to prosperity. He is the president now and has been for a while, the Democrats controlled congress and still nothing but more dreams of taxing to pay for votes in the form of Obama care, welfare, jobs to unions ect.. Aside from the Tin Foil hat crowd with the 1963 Communist goals, most of which have been accomplished by BOTH parties “http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm” no matter who you speak to about an issue half the time they are going to disagree with you. California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and several other states are, on a smaller scale, the results of the Liberal/Communist/Socialist ideology. While I respect you roman and your beliefs and your presentation of the facts, a simple article from a news source containing a speech from a man who has done nothing to help the US or its Economy and in reality has made things WORSE. Like I said while it took some 15 years to get here at what point do we need to look at the guy in charge and say “Do something different because what you are doing is not working”. If you are who I think you are, not that It’s important at all, you need to pass the word to your friends that perhaps we need a different leader a more radical leader who has the balls to stand up and re-adjust the federal government. If he wants to be re-elected, and I can’t imagine why any sane person would even vote for the person who wants to be president, but if he wants to get re-elected he needs to take the pacifier out of his mouth, stand up, be a man, and say its my economy now and this is our plan. Then lay out a plan that we can get behind. None of these token tax cuts if your business make under $250,000 and other lip service. For the rest of you, non roman, inclined people, I read this on a bumper sticker and everybody knows bumper sticker logic is infallible and that is “Either stop complaining or start a revolution”

      Roman, you are wrong regardless of how you feel. Time to pick somebody new for the job.

      Behold my logic and bow to my greatness!

    29. RODNEY says:

      I mind is a terrible thing to waste ,GET ONE………

    30. Michael Spurlock says:

      The fact that you use the word “facts” in relation to Obama proves you have your head too far up it to bother speaking to you.

    31. The Whole Truth says:

      It’s amazing how liberals will contantly make excuses, and blame someone else for their failures. Pathetic people like you continue to excuse Obama’s lack of progress. I have to assume it’s a failure on your parents part to raise you to be a real man.

      3 years into the Obama recession and things continue to get worse for the working and middle class that Obama promised to help. Yet these fools continue to vote for the liberal “leaders” that intitute the policies that destroy thier way of life.

      We see the effects of European socialism destroying countries in Europe yet Obama and Pelosi hold on to this dying ethos like they are their last breath of air, which it appears they may be.

    32. Don Felty says:

      This goof ball in the White House is a big blowhard crybaby.

      All he is good at is passing the blame around to everyone but himself. What a buffoon. And a laughing stock.

    33. MaD dOG says:

      If Obama ever states a fact, I’ll get back to you.

    34. Hank says:

      Speech after speech after speech……enough already!
      The bottom line is that 2 full years “they” have had 100% control and things are getting worse by the day! Now is the time for change!!!
      2012 here we come!

    35. michael o. says:

      You must be on some medication. The party of irresponsibility? They are not exactly all-stars but I am totally for a balanced budget amendment. Many states have them. Shouldn’t we hold the federal gov’t to a high standard? Balance the books! I see the democrats finding ways to spend money when they need to help republicans save. The age of instant gratification is over and we need to be grown-ups and pay our debts. It WILL hurt. I think both sides of the political spectrum can agree there is a lot of fat that can be cut to obtain our goal. Heck, how about a fair tax? Everybody pays the same percentage, and we are done. The last administration and this one are at fault. I’m tired of the finger pointing. Can’t we move on and just fix it? That way Harry Reid can get back to his blooming pomegranite trees.

    36. GEORGE KOVACH says:

      It was a Dem Congress who got us in this mess.

      1. I. Dichter Goode says:

        Like hell it was. The Dems in Congress during Bush’s last 2 years had all of their attempts to change things vetoed by Bush. That includes new bills they introduced. Everything which did or did not come from those 2 last years were the sole creations of Bush and his hatchet-men in the Congress.

    37. Brooke says:


    38. Mark says:

      Umm… let’s see, remember that liberal dems have run things across every branch since 2006. Spending has gone through the roof during that time; the current president has issued some 900+ new job/business killing regulations though special orders, sneaking them in under the radar; the justice department has engaged in deviant behavior, such as the gun fiasco with Mexico, where drug lords have killed border guards; taxes have gone up; Obama is constantly engaging in class warfare.. badgering every business entity from oil companies, to banks, to small businesses, to jet airplane builders. What else do you want to know?

    39. aware, awake says:

      You are wearing a blindfold sir. Take it off, you will understand. Or you are an imbecile, could be either one.

    40. Gene says:

      [James Custer McCarthy] makes intelligent posts and then you just rant. Stop being such a patsy for Obama.

    41. LEIGH says:


    42. r. mathews says:

      obama is one man and regardless of his intentions he must get past congress for everything he tries to do and no matter right or wrong partisan politics cause them to block everything he does. they would rather stick with their party and smite his efforts because he is not, as opposed to dig this country out of the hole it is in

    43. Barney J Rubble says:

      Yea President Zero! Please pass the Kool-Aid.

    44. CITIZEN says:


    45. todd says:

      your a fool,we elected the conservitives last year for a reason, to STOP THE SPENDING…keep up the good work tea party

    46. Dan says:

      The party of yes has not gotten us anywhere good, I prefer the party of no. We just need some one with Reagan values to rise into the presidency. In 1980 the democrats had totally trashed our economy, I still remember Reagan’s speeches. I didn’t understand how he could be so positive in such a depressed economy. He was smart because he gave his speeches to the people and told them to call their elected representatives and tell them how to vote. Obama is for a socialistic society and socialism does not work, remember the berlin wall came down in the 1980s. We need to get Obama out of office as soon as possible before we reach a point of no return. Obama does not give Reaganesque speeches, he gives divisive speeches.

    47. jackrag says:

      Obama doesn’t have any facts. In fact, that is not even his real name. His name is Barry Soetoro. He was a charlatan from the beginning. He is a charlatan now. So sorry that your “boy” is finally being seen for what he really is. Truth hits hard!

    48. Mike says:

      The mess we are in starts with politics and cronyism. A liberal agenda to create mortgages for people who can’t afford them, through FNM, a government sponsored entity, lack of regulation on new investment vehicles created by the mortgages in return for campaign donations so that the politicians, left and right, can ay in power and enrich themselves with. Formation we dint have access to , fancy pension plans, and great health care programs different from at they shove own our throats .

    49. bigjet says:

      You don’t listen to what someone says you watch what they do.
      He’s a Marxist pathological liar.
      Are you still drinking the kool-aid and not using your God given American patriot brain.

    50. G-McM says:

      Yes, lets not forget…politicians put us here.

    51. Chuck says:

      FACT: obama promised to fix the economy in three years. TIME’S UP!!

      FACT: obama (like klinton before him) is preparing us for another 9/11 by cutting back the very same Military that should have prevented 9/11/2001 had they had the resources to do so. He is cutting their funding by $500 million dollars – ROUGHLY THE SAME AMOUNT HE GAVE TO solyndra EVEN AFTER HE WAS FOREWARNED THAT THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY SUSTAIN THEIR CURRENT OPERATING EXPENSES.

      FACT: obama gave away millions in “Stimulus Money” that did nothing but line the pockets of his supporters.

      FACT: obama pushed for the so-called “Healthcare Reform” that is costing thousands of jobs due to increased operating expenses for employers AND INCLUDES EXCEPTIONS TO VARIOUS GROUPS that supported his campaign.

      FACT: obama has been campaigning for his re-election tot he tune of millions of dollars a day of our money. This is like a regular Joe going on job interviews while getting paid by his current employer – something that is not only UNETHICAL but in some cases ILLEGAL.

      FACT: obama has elected not to allow the Keystone pipeline which would create thousands of jobs and reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle east. Makes you wonder who he made a deal with in order to sabotage this effort.

    52. tt says:

      well actually the current mess is purely due to lack of confidence in our and europe’s economies, which is partly obama’s fault. I am guessing, though, that you were referring to the housing crisis. I think we can all agree that the cause of this was relaxed lending standards which led to huge numbers of foreclosures. This may surprise you, but in an effort to get more lower class americans in homes, BILL CLINTON relaxed government lending standards… this all goes back to him. you can’t pin this on Bush. When those standards got lower businesses had to lower theirs to remain competitive.

    53. Cliff Thatcher says:

      You seem to forget which party took over control of BOTH houses of
      Congress back in Jan. of 2007, with the recession beginning in Dec of that same year. The Democrats truly are the party of ‘NO’. No budget has been passed by the Democrat controlled Senate for more than three years now, That very same Senate has refused to even take up a jobs bill, even tho the Republican controlled House has passed several. The Republican controlled House of Representatives had also passed legislation regarding the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which the Democrat copntrolled Senate has not seen fit to pass – more jobs not coming to America. I could fill page after page of things the Democrats have said ‘NO’ to, putting America at risk, not the least of which would be No Drilling for our own oil. Obama’s ‘facts’ are nothing more than mis-statements, political pandering and outright lies.

    54. G says:

      It wasn’t Republican policies that threw us into this mess, it was “progressive” policies coupled with crony capitalism that got us into this mess,

    55. Sgt D says:

      Still believe Obama’s policies are good ones?

    56. dgh says:

      would take too much time, I’m at work.

  2. Sam says:

    … but they’re liberal in their acts

    1. Gene says:

      The last thing Obama is looking out for is the middle class. He is out to pull down the middle class. That is what socialists do. They pull the majority down, not lift everyone up. Obama is a centrist? Nice try. You can call it anything you want, but he is as left wing as any President this country has ever seen. Who is more liberal? Maybe Carter, but I don’t even believe that at this point. His ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Only a very small percent of the population is grading him on race. He got voted in didn’t he? That is only another way of trying to deflect the terrible leadership he has provided. As far as Hollywood goes, most are liberals, so when you say they are avoiding taxes you are pointing the finger at left wingers.

    2. kiddin says:

      What planet are you on?

    3. J says:

      Well, that’s just intellectually dishonest as all hell.. “Centrist” my @$$…..Good job on UBL, but a marxist is still a marxist..

    4. GetReal says:

      Who are you kidding? Yourself or others?? Obama is a hard core leftist, he has been forced to pretend to be a centerist by the countries backlash and his rapidly falling approval ratings. As with many people of color, if you disagree with them you are racist. Well that old dog won’t hunt any longer…

    5. Josh says:

      What the hell are you talking about? In his autobiography THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, it becomes quite clear that the man adores Reagan, not necessarily his policies but his effectiveness as a communicator.

      The fact that he has turned his back on much of the change he promised shows Obama is a centrist.

      Oh yeah, we Americans haven’t paid this little in taxes since ’58. Before Reagan came into office, we were the biggest importer of resources and exporter of finished goods in the world. Thirty years later, it’s the exact opposite. Don’t get me wrong, Clinton was horrendous with NAFTA. But Republicans have held the reins for most of this insanity.

      I lean towards the left but hold deep respect for several Republicans, specifically Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, one of the only Americans to receive two Congressional Medals of Honor, and Ike Eisenhower. Ike warned us about the dangers of the impending industrial/military complex, in that we would eventually fall from grace if all we had to offer was military resource. Sadly his genius was ignored.


    6. Tomboy says:

      President Obama is a closet communist, he cannot tell the truth about anything, even the Osama death stories were full of lies, he lies about listening to Rev. Wright, he lies about his home in Chicago, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, his ties to Farrakhan, his Czars, his policies towards $10 gallon gas and wind farm dreams, he is a serial liar and a hard leftist. He is truly angry at rich white people, his grandmother included.

    7. Stephen says:


      1. Doro says:

        You’re quite right that nobody with half a brain believes he is a centrist. All the people with half a brain believe he is a Marxist, socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, incompetent, hard-core leftist (did I forget any of your Fox talking points?) He’s a good president whose misfortune is to face an opposition party–the once-great Republican Party–that has, in the last 30 years, become a particularly repugnant and hysterical mass cult.

    8. James says:

      You have got to be kidding me. Why is everything about “race”? I strongly oppose of his foreign policy as well as his domestic policy. Does this make me a racist???

    9. LibsRdummies says:

      Stop lying, your joking right? You can’t possibly mean any of that.

    10. Really?! says:

      You’re a moron. Who is this? Biden, are you typing for the boss again?

    11. Bob says:

      You’re an idiot.

  3. Cletus says:

    Anyone notice there’s not a single one of these people that’s poor?

    1. Lee says:

      The exact same could be said of all the LIBERAL Hollywood types too, of course. They just spend OTHER people’s money instead of their own. Libs are the most rich, elite, arrogant bunch of whiners there are in the USA, today.

    2. CleanFun says:

      Exactly, you don’t get rich from handouts and complete government control.

    3. Jody says:

      I just read Cletus’s comment. HAD to reply, once I stopped laughing. Cletus dear, of course “not a single one of these people that’s poor”. The title of the piece is “Celebs Who Lean to the Right”. Celebs. That is short for Celebrities. As in people who are famous and thus are more than likely wealthy.


    4. Mike says:

      Most Clebs are NOT poor – Dah!

    5. BFDeal says:

      That’s because they work..Not mooch..

    6. spock says:

      Cletus – Please name one actor who is poor that supports Obama?? Duh these are actors!!

      So you consider Soros poor? Kerry Poor? Obama Poor? what Liberal is Poor!!

      See the elitist Libs want everyone but the elite poor, they want to keep people down to make slaves of them!!

    7. Vicki says:

      And you know everyone’s financial status? Amazing!

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Yeah, like Alvin Greene.

  4. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Yeah, God forbid anyone would wanna get the most out of their money, eh? Eat the rich, right? Brilliant, Einstein.

  5. Antilibturd says:

    Many of the registered Dim voters are deceased? Amazing!

    1. roman says:

      antilib-turd? Don’t be so self -effacing.

  6. Antilibturd says:

    Looks like a lot of welfare wonders commenting on this post? Get a job and pay some taxes then maybe you will figure out why the smart people are Conservatives and the Left is just mainly drug addled Losers.

    1. AntiConMen says:

      Really? I would guess that a portion of them are on welfare because of poor Republican policy. And smart?? I guess if you can call evil geniuses smart that counts.

    2. roman says:

      I’m middleclass so I pay more than my share of taxes. I suppose you belong in the top %2 tax bracket . Would you support raising the highest tax rate to what it was under Reagan?

      1. James Custer McCarthy says:

        We’ll have to to pay for all of Obama’s spending.

      2. Lalaland says:

        Umm I am in the top 5% which is actually at about 330,000 … And not millions …anyway, if you think you pay your share you are on drugs because my husband pays almost 40% in income taxes alone this is not counting our healthcare, and all the forced insurance costs(flood, storm) we have..So please get over yourself …

      3. Wyo. cowboy says:

        Love it!!! “I’m in the top 5%, “AND MY HUSBAND” pays 40% in taxes!” Just another mouthpiece born with a silver spoon up her ass!

    3. Jim says:

      Antilibturd. That certainly does not promise a friendly conversation when you start off name calling. You continue the attack throughout your comments. There are far more effective examples to be used from the Obama administration to demonstrate the un-american and inefficient policies which have contributed so much to our countries current condition. Try using facts rather than time worn jabs. Our goal should be to explain in a calm and intelligent manner, what it is we believe. If it meshes with the founding principles as set forth through the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, then great. If not, then perhaps we should consider moving to a different nation. One more in line with a Social/Marxist/Communist/Leninist leaning set of values. What the Liberals expouse are clearly un American beliefs and once exposed, are generally rejected. It is only their mastery of confusion and camoflage that prohibits the majority of people from recognizing the left for what they are. Indeed, that is part of the reason why so many Democrats are offended when those that are right of center comment about their patriotism and morals. Most of the Democrats are exactly in line with the Conservatives but take offense when they are attacked. This is done by the assumption of those on the right believing that if one admits to being a democrat that they also endorse the liberal agenda. This usually not true. Gotta go. Bye.

  7. Mike says:

    I always thought the media went out of their way to trash Susan Lucci and Brittany Spears….Now I know why.

  8. Rebecca Palin says:

    I used to be a Republican with influencial people as friends. Then I was able to meet so many jerks and silly people that I decided not to be a Republican anymore.

  9. Action Jackson says:

    They may lean to the right – but not as much as us!


  10. Independent Mind says:

    Who cares if a Movie Celebrity, Musician or Sports figure is Republican or Democrat???? I am registered a Independent and have been voting since 1993. I don’t vote for a Party I vote for a Political Canidate… And I surely don’t vote for anyone that Kelsey Grammer,Susan Sarandon or Brittany Spears tells me to. That isn’t their jobs. And I hate going to a movie, sports event or concert, speand tons a money to do so..only to hear them try and brainwash their audience to vote their way. Sorry if I want to hear that stuff I will turn on the News or Go to a Political Rally

  11. FedUp says:

    Both parties suck! Dems and Reps have both sunk the country. It’s time for a Hilter 😉

    1. gene says:

      Obama and hollywood aren’t enough for you?

  12. Steve says:

    Charlton Heston is dead, so that makes him a Democrat, especially in Illinois….hehehe

    RIP Charlton….just a joke at the libs expense. I’m sure they will forward that to the taxpayers as well.

  13. Mr.GJG says:

    I think more celebs will feel comfortable coming out as conservatives after the coming tsunami this coming November.
    Its unfortunate that they have to remain silent about their beliefs for fear of being blacklisted, but that is the reality of hollywierd these days.
    Hey dahgro, how is being for liberty, freedom, and following the constitution anti-American?
    Aren’t those the values of America?
    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Amen to Mr. GJG’s comment.

    2. roman says:

      Voting against your own self interest is the mental disorder. And you are voting thusly if you vote republican and have to work for a living. Don’t believe the hype that they are for the working class if they believed their rhetoric they would have supported the stimulus plan and stopped their obstructionist ways. Most recent being to vote against closing the tax loopholes for companies that offshore our jobs.

  14. Dahgrostabphri says:

    Wow, there were a lot of names of people who I thought were smarter then to let themselves be fooled by the anti-American republican party. – And there were others who you just know are dumb-ass’s so it’s not surprising.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Well, why not? You’ve been fooled by the Socialist Dummocrats! And socialism is even MORE anti-American. Wake up!

  15. Concerned says:

    Why IS there a list and faces of Conservative Celebs? Shouldn’t there be an equally inclusive piece on Progressive/Liberals? Is this a HIT list by CBS?

    1. Steve says:

      If ya had to list all of the Hollywood celebs who are libs, the yahoo server would crash. Kinda like the congressional servers did before that bill that no one could possibly read had passed.

  16. roman says:

    nana 58

    That a conservative would vote for a democrat just just to show how far to the right our political leadership have gone. In today’s Dylan Ratigan show the guest host demostrated that in today’s political culture Ronald Reagan would be considerd too liberal…raised taxes 11 times, top marginal tax rate was 50%, he negotiated with terrorists, he cut and ran from Lebanon after the embassy was bombed.Imagine if Obama had his history.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Right. Dylan Ratigan. Another lying leftist media hack with his own agenda. Try getting your info from unbiased sources, will you? I thought you were a fool. Now I know you’re an idiot. But that’s OK, this is America. We love idiots. We have Obama as President, don’t we?

    2. roman says:


      Your opinion of Ratigan does not discredit the facts. If you can prove him wrong the post your rebuttal of the facts . You’re full of opinions but very few facts.

    3. roman says:

      How old are you James because your name calling is quite immature. And I see you want unbiased sources and you admit to watching FOX for your news? You make very little sense to me that’s why I believe you are quite young and immature.

    4. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Very funny, Roman. I have been alive through 12 presidents, and Obama is the worst.
      I go to all news sources (really!) and it is my opinion that Fox is indeed Fair and Balanced, as they advertise. And if you want to really hear some immature name-calling, watch Olbermann on MSNBC. Or Maddow, who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Not to mention Couric on this network (or is it ABC? Sorry, Mad Cow). I listen to them all, and I decide for myself. The best and highest-rated pundit on the air is Bill O’Reilly. Watch him a couple of times, and you’ll know why.

  17. Ryan says:

    Jennifer O’Neil is a celebrity who I like despite her conservative and religious views which I don’t identify. I’m a liberal and I roll my eyes when some Republican and/or Christians have this persecution complex: “They trying to take God out of schools and public! Liberal Hollywood has blacklisted anyone right of center! Our president sympathizes with Muslims! The sky is falling!”. However, some people are ridiculous how they change their views of a person based on something like political leanings. Like a naive white American who loves eating some obscure foreign food for the “exotic” factor, until they find that it’s made out of sheep innards, cattle tongue or whatever.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Ryan, everything you said in quotes is correct, except the sky part. “Denial is not just a river in Egypt”. And political and religious opinions are one part of a person that he will be judged on. If this were not true, you would not have written your comment. And many people do like tongue and organ meats. I think I’ll go warm up some haggis, now.

  18. LLL says:

    Oh sure, is your picture on the “Democratic list” being you have so much talent. No the poor want to squeeze dat dollar. I don’t remember when I registered to vote if it asked if about talent.

  19. vray says:

    As someone who’s family was involved in the civil rights movement since the ’40’s, I can say Martin was a conservative. Since conservative translates to Republican these days, yes, I suppose you can surmise he was a Republican. But that’s too simple without reading MArtin’s essay’s. Most Blacks were Republican’s at the time because it was the party of Lincoln. After Roosevelt many Black’s became Democrats, accelerating membership after Kennedy, but the values of conservatism were still strong. Those values translated into God, church, family, self-respect, community, clean living, etc. Malcolm X was also a conservative, as most Muslims are, but his values ran parrallel to Martin’s and most of the signature Black leaders of that time. In no way would they identify with today’s “anything goes” far-left liberal zeitgeist, nor be appreciative of the fragmented Black spiritual and political leadership. Neither would they be pleased with the state of the Black community in general, especially its entertainers and so-called celebrities. Both Martin and Malcolm should be undestood, and their writings must be read and examined throughly. Their political and public stance should not be points of speculation without understanding their private motivations, which were intwined tightly with their spiritual and religious beliefs.

    1. roman says:

      “Since conservative translates to Republican these days, yes, I suppose you can surmise he was a Republican. ”

      If MLK,Jr was a republican/conservative why did he vote for two democratic presidents?(Kennedy and Johnson) It goes against reason to believe a conservative would vote this way.

      1. roman says:

        One more quote I found researching this “King was a Republican” revisionist history myth…

        University of Cambridge historian David Garrow stated in a Salon profile of Alveda King: “King was not only not a Republican, he was well to the left of the Democratic Party of the 1960s.”

        You know David Garrow don’t you nel?…if you don’t perhaps you should Google him. 🙂 And if anyone is truly interested in the life of MLK,Jr and the Civil Rights Movement please read Garrow’s book.

      2. Nana58 says:

        I am a conservative. Have been since 1976 and I have voted Dem and Republican depending on who I thought the best man/woman.

    2. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Very funny, Roman. I have been alive through 12 presidents, and Obama is the worst.
      I go to all news sources (really!) and it is my opinion that Fox is indeed Fair and Balanced, as they advertise. And if you want to really hear some immature name-calling, watch Olbermann on MSNBC. Or Maddow, who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Not to mention Couric on this network. I listen to them all, and I decide. The best and highest-rated pundit on the air is Bill O’Reilly. Watch him a couple of times, and you’ll know why.

  20. Brian says:

    They need to show a list of black Tea Party Members since the media is saying “it’s a racist movement with no blacks.” Tea Party Express – Alan Keyes, Star Parker, Niger Innis, Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ted Hayes, William & Selena Owens, Mychal S. Massie, Frantz Kebreau, Timothy F. Johnson, Ron Miller, Mason Weaver, Emery McClendon, Ruth Bryant White, John Felix, Bob Parks, Harry Jackson, Alfonzo Rachel, etc. You can watch their speeches on YouTube.

  21. jojo says:

    This slideshow is very telling in the fact that it exists, at all. It’s no secret that superwealthy Hollywood people are mostly left-wing liberals and feel free to tell others how to live while they waste 100 times as much as a middle class grunt.

  22. Mike says:

    Gloria Estefan USED to be a Republican. Now-a-days, seems like she’s very happy huffin Obma’s choad.

  23. Brooke says:

    I’d like to know how James Earl Jones felt about Cheney being compared to Darth Vader.

    Dean Cain is a really nice guy, so I can forgive him his faults.

    Adam Sandler can vote however he wants. I just wish he’d learn how to drive… his golf cart. I didn’t even know Cadillac made golf carts until I saw his as it was headed straight for me since he wasn’t watching the road between the sound stages and the cart looks like it’s been through a demolition derby.

  24. Ron says:

    Some on this list are pretty shakey… I mean Arnold? Leans to the right? Maybe while he campaigning… I guess the list isn’t titled “True Conservatives”

  25. nel says:

    Avelda King the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. wrote an amazing article, “A Covenant With Life: Reclaiming MLK’s Legacy”.

    This is the most articulate piece I could find to substantiate the claim that Martin Luther King was a Republican. She claims her grandfather, Dr. martin Luther King, Sr. or “Daddy King”, was a Republican and her father was a Republican.

    Mrs. Coretta Scott King actually urged Nixon (who voted for the 1957 Civil Rights Law) to help her husband when he was facing a threatening jail encounter. Nixon did not respond, but JFK did & brought the attention of the nation to Dr. King’s plight.

    Because of this phone call & action by JFK, Martin Luther King Jr. was very grateful (Coretta Scott King was pregnant at the time) for JFK’s intervention and urged 1000,000 black voters to cast previously Republican votes for Senator Kennedy even though Kennedy had voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Law.

    This one simple act of gratitude caused black America to quickly forget that the Republican Party was the Civil Rights party and the the Democratic Party was the party of the Ku Klux Klan. It was the Republicans who started the NAACP to stop the Democrats from lynching blacks. It was the Republican President Eisenhower who sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools, established the Civil Rights Commission in 1958.
    Read all of the article by Dr. Alveda C. King here:


    1. roman says:

      Unfortunately Avelda is nothing but an extreme right wing anti-gay, anti-choice opportunist. Perhaps we should check her bank balance since she started speaking out against the King family. Here’s an example of her vitriol against the family that I got from Salon.com “In 1994, she released a letter condemning Coretta Scott King’s support for abortion and gay rights, saying it would bring ‘curses on your house and your people … cursing, vexation, rebuke in all that you put your hand to, sickness will come to you and your house, your bloodline will be cut off.’ Sounds very sane to me…not. 🙂

      Read more: http://www.rippdemup.com/2010/08/alveda-king-is-not-member-of-king.html#ixzz0yQJ4nAka

      1. James Custer McCarthy says:

        But Avelda was correct! What true Man Of God would support abortion or gay rights? Coretta did that after MLK’s death, and I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave about that one. I guess you think that if you believe in God and His Word, you are an extremist. Sorry, Roman, but I guess what Avelda said applies to you, too. “And if you disagree/ don’t complain to me/ you can argue with Him” (‘Whistling In The Dark’, by Bob Bennett).

  26. Proud Right Wing says:

    The key is that they have to get established before they make their political affiliations known because Hollywood is so immature that if someone comes out as a Republican/Conservative they will try to shoot them down before they have any success by boycotting their movies or trying to encourage such a mindset. It is truly childish. For as humble as they pretend to be they really aren’t the star power goes to their head and they think their vote counts for 100s because of that(which sadly it probably does because people are such blind followers that they don’t even know what they’re supporting but they still support it anyways).
    Every single Republican or Conservative could go down the line of what their different beliefs are, and all a liberal/democrat would be able to give you are reasons that they vote for democratic/liberal candidates such as health care or other baited issues that the left leaning candidates throw out there that have them eating out of their hand.

    1. Proud Right Wing says:

      Don’t give me any grammar BS, because I’m used to just posting and then going back and editing that after, but apparently a comment editor is too advanced for CBS.

      1. Diana Martin says:

        The good (conservative) nuns used to tell us that your grammar and punctuation were an indication of the respect you had for your words.

  27. Katie says:

    Robert Duvall & Clint Eastwood the only talented ones on the list…..most Republicans I know have changed to the whole “Indie” or “libertarian” I mean how embarrassing to be thought of as a Republican!

  28. roman says:


    Article that refutes that MLK,jr was a republican. I knew this was inaccurate.

    1. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Yeah, I’ll bet the New York Times would say the same thing. You keep asking for sources, Roman… I’m glad you found a Leftist one that would agree with your misinformation. You can’t trust all sources. And I gave you one, above, since you seem to find it difficult to research your own.

      1. roman says:

        already read that before you posted …right wing site. Thanks for nothing

    2. Dan says:

      He was a conservative Christian. Read any of HIS books, dummy. He would definitely not fit into the Liberal Democrat party of today. Then again, neither would many famous “Democrats” of the past! I know it’s shocking to you that not all black people are liberal idiots, but it’s true.

      1. roman says:

        You’re mistaken. Read what Garrow says about his political leanings. Since you’re an expert on MLK and I’m a “dummy” I don’t need to tell who Garrow is do I? Strom Thurmond was a “Democrat” so no I am not surprise that many former “Democrats” would not “fit into the Liberal Democrats”.

  29. scotty says:

    Where is the list of idiots who lean to the left? That’s a lot more useful so we can boycott their stupid movies.

  30. Brad says:

    Roman can doubt MLK’s politics all he or she wants but facts are facts. But it makes sense considering the late Robert Byrd led the Dems to filibuster the the 1964 Human Rights Act.

    1. roman says:

      Please list your source of the facts. Robert Byrd was a Dixiecrat at the time if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Jamesb says:

        Wrong. Byrd was a DEMOCRAT and a racist until the day he finally died. You can’t “revise” that no matter how hard you try.

      2. roman says:

        James B,

        Are you saying that Byrd was not a Dixicrat? Then you are wrong. He was a racist at the time he voted against the bill .You do understand who the dixicrats were don’t you James?

  31. roman says:

    To A Mom

    MLK jr a republican ? I truly doubt that. Please reference your source. Suggested reading for all dems and reps Family of Secrets by Russ Baker, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. Whether you left or right these books will enlighten you as to who truly makes policy in this country.

    1. nel says:

      It is a very well known fact. Google it. Do you know how?

      1. roman says:

        I did. See the Washington Post article I linked below. Have a blessed day.

    2. ConanTheRepublican says:

      MLK was a registered Republican. Yeah, the party of LINCOLN, morons. Democraps have been selling blacks a bill of goods since the 60’s. It’s unbelievable that they’ve got ’em eatin’ outta their hands, STILL. Remember, dumbass public-schooled morons… it was southern DEMOCRATS that fought a war to KEEP their slaves, and a northern REPUBLICAN (Lincoln) that FREED them! You couldn’t hardly HOPE to elect a Republican to anything in the South from Reconstruction until Ronald Reagan. Why? You KNOW why…because the South seethed with resentment against Lincoln for freein’ they prop’ty.

      1. Diana Martin says:

        Wait. Someone above was saying that the Republicans here have all the class in these posts. Really?

        By the way, read your American history. Republicans in the mid-1800s were the liberals of the day, and Democrats were the conservatives. Over time, they switched policies. It’s only the names that remained the same. Look it up.

      2. roman says:

        To Diane,
        Thanks, Finally someone who truly understands history.It’s hard to argue with someone who distorts the facts to make a point. They keeping writing that Democrats were against the Civil Rights act…what they don’t say is that these were the southern dems the dixiecrats that later turned republican except for Robert Byrd (no fan of his).

      3. Jack says:

        It’s true but it’s also disingenuous to leave it at that. At the time, the South was run by Boll Weevil Democrats like George Wallace and his ilk. That’s why MLK opposed them and registered as a Republican.

        After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, southern hostility towards the northern Democratic establishment resulted in southern Democrats ether switching parties or becoming the so-called Reagan Democrats of the 1980s. The fact that the GOP has owned the south for the past 30 years isn’t a testament to a mass change of heart on the part of Southern politicians. It’s because the GOP became a more appealing party for them. What’s left of those Democrats today are mostly called Blue Dogs.

    3. James Custer McCarthy says:

      Yes, Dr. King was a republican according to his niece Dr. Alveda C. King who stated,

      “My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., or “Daddy King”, was a Republican
      and father of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a Republican.”


  32. Chuck says:

    I am amused that democrats are fast to make personal attacks on republicans. Rather than making it personal, please debate the issues, not the people. So, you can take the Palin, Obama, Lohan, Spears all out of the situation and let’s talk issues.

    I’d bet the democrats would resort to name calling and stray away from the actual issues right away.

    We need our “Government of the People, By the People” back. It has been hijacked by politicans. Let’s get the power back to the people.

  33. AKinCo says:

    and folks like rosie o’donnell, anne “i can’t decide if i’m straight or gay” heche, and joe “couldn’t get a fact straight even if it’s on a note card” biden are shinning examples of leftist democrat whiz kids.

  34. Giverny70 says:

    Not too much talent, huh? You’re right; James Earl Jones, Charleton Heston, Andy Garcia, Loretta Lynn…the list of “no-talent losers” goes on and on. Give me a break. Political party is irrelevant to how accomplished someone is at their profession.

    1. Rich says:

      And don’t forget Robert Duvall, who was rightly listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the Best Actor!

    2. blaze1289 says:

      30 years ago these actors were relevant. political party is irrelevant but this is a pretty sad bunch of coco-nuts it should have been a guessing a game.

  35. Vettemall says:

    I actually have faith that maybe all of America may not be that bad I just wish a few more of these celebrities would come out and speak more on the behalf of CAPITALISM and not so much on entitlement programs which they can afford to pay for but the middle class can’t so we are taken down and they just don’t get it. Government does not produce GDP, it PRODUCES DEPT!!! EUROPE NOW GETS WAKE UP Pres.Obama.

  36. Lin says:

    I’m not disappointed that so many Country/Western stars are Repubs…Disappointed that Don King, James Earl Jones & Fitty Cent are Repubs…

    1. A mom says:

      MLK Jr was a republican… skin color should not reflect a political party… where is your open mindedness?

      1. Diana Martin says:

        She didn’t say a thing about skin color. Did she?

      2. Steve says:

        The Republican Party of the 1960s would be considered mainstream Democrats today. There’s a famous quote made in anger by Barry Goldwater, who was the de facto spokesman for the conservative faction of 1960s Republican party.

        When asked in 1985 if he would endorse Reagan’s agenda he said, “”Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have.”

    2. LLL says:

      Lin- I am glad they are, it shows they know something! Who are you to decide for the so kind of queen? Stop the “hating” as you say, (dumb wording).

    3. chukmaty says:

      Well, you are a bigot. No party has hurt blacks in America more than the Democratic party. Not just one hundred years ago, but up to today.

    4. me says:

      Not such a disguised little racist comment.

  37. cyonline says:

    So the old saying is true. If you are young and not a democrat then you don’t have a heart and if you are older and not a republican then you don’t have a brain.

    1. fern says:


      Errico Malatesta

      Born December 14, 1853Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
      Died July 22, 1932 (aged 78)Rome, Italy
      Occupation Social and political activist, writer
      Errico Malatesta (December 14, 1853– July 22, 1932) was an Italian anarcho-communist. He was an insurrectionary anarchist early in his life. He spent much of his life exiled from his homeland of Italy and in total spent more than ten years in prison. He wrote and edited a number of radical newspapers and was also a friend of Mikhail Bakunin.

      1. me says:

        How cool is it that Malatesta means “sick head.”

    2. roman says:


      Then why do people with undergraduate and graduate degrees vote for democrats, why are most university professors democrats? ie. Why do most highly educated people vote for democrats and consider themselves proud liberals? This saying never made any sense to me. Democrats have both a heart and a brain.

      1. James Custer McCarthy says:

        Roman, have you ever been to college? ever since Dewey wrote the Humanist Manifesto and began the Teacher’s Union at the turn of the 20th century, teachers have been acting as what they call “Change Agents” to push their Leftist philosophies on unsuspecting students. In many colleges, you can’t get tenure without being a liberal. There are many educated, intelligent people who have no “street smarts” at all. You can have a heart and a brain and still be a fool.

      2. Dan says:

        Because those who can, do. And those who can’t teach. I know plenty of idiots who stayed on at school to get advanced degrees because they couldn’t get a job. Academia can be a refuge for idiots who can’t do anything else. Wisdom is not taught anyways.

      3. Becky says:

        Because they become indoctrinated during all of those years by people whom they are groomed to respect.

  38. Gwenn says:

    Definition of a liberal Democrat as I am sure you all know – Spend other peoples money to make yourself feel better – clueless liberals. Who really cares about Hollywood? As someone once said Hollywood is like high school with money. Does andbody really take the ditzy twins (Rosie and Janeane) seriously?

    1. Lin says:

      Martin Mull said ‘Hollywood is high school w/ money.’…Stop the hating, Gwenn…Whether a person is Liberal, Dem, Repub, Conservative, etc., it’s the Bushies that started all the HATE and polarization when Gee Dubyuh was “in charge” [and we all know how THAT ended]….

      1. Bigref says:

        Goodness Lin, what are you 12? The last President WITHOUT all this idiotic hate was Eisenhower. Read some real history about this country to temper your opinions with knowledge. The gloves came off Johnson and they have never gone back on.

    2. Steve says:

      Gwenn, speaking of clueless, do you need reminding that most of the federal deficit was created by the past four Republican presidents, including the last one who added over $5 trillion to it as well as increased federal spending by 104%… more than any president in the past 40 years? Do you need reminding that Clinton sent four straight years of balanced budgets to Congress, including one generating a surplus, only to have it blown to hell in the first year of the Bush presidency?

      1. Lee says:

        Steve, Obama’s run up more debt than all Presidents from Washington through Reagan combined. Your guy’s going down. There’s nothing you can do about it.

      2. dnkywlypr says:

        Steve, it is technically true what you said about budgets and the Presidents that were in power. What wasn’t presented was how Clinton bent to the WILL of the people after ’94 midterms and the Dems losing the House and Senate after 40 years of power. Remember, “Welfare as we know it has ended.” Those balanced budgets began when conservative ideas were in used economically. The George W. years (early ones before the Dems controlled Congress) was when the country experienced a most remarkable recovery after 911. The longest period of economic growth in the nations history. Combine that with the fact that since the Dems and particularly the Left Wing of the Democratic Party have pulled the strings, the whole World is on the brink of something cataclysmic …..hard choices need to be made and I want people making those decisions that haven’t been completely corrupted by this nation’s abundance. Where you going to find those people? I have a pretty good idea………

  39. Cathy Carletti says:


  40. Alli says:

    why is it a democrat always will give a stupid remark where as the /republican always has more class. the object is not money but saving the country fro what is happening right under our noses

    1. Jameel says:

      The Republican has “more class”? It’s more than 20 years of watching vicious Republican attack ads and listening to their hateful rhetoric that has turned me against them, in spite of the spinelessness of the Democrats. The lies being told about our current president since the campaign of 2008 only reinforce this image of Republicans as ruthless bullies and thugs.

      Between hateful bigots and spineless wimps, there is not much to love in American politics.

      1. joe C says:

        you’re quite the fool jameel.

      2. James Custer McCarthy says:

        I haven’t heard anything about Obama that wasn’t true, Jameel, except from the leftist media who try to make everything he does look good, which is very hard to do. But I have heard a lot about the Republicans and the Tea Party which were pure lies. And I don’t know who you were watching on the news (probably Olbermann, the former sports announcer who doesn’t know a thing about politics) but you should try watching the real news on Fox News. They are the only ones telling the truth.
        No one needs to lie about Obama; the things he is doing are making his own Democrats unhappy, too. And the rest of the world is laughing at him. Consider this recent quote from media in the Czech Republic:
        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.
        It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere  symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not  blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their  prince.
        The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all,  merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as  those who made him their president.”
        But you’re right about American politics. There hasn’t been much to love about it since Reagan left office.

    2. Diana Martin says:

      Democrats ALWAYS give stupid remarks? Republicans ALWAYS have more class? What comments have you been reading? What placards do you see at the Tea Party rallies? I read more hatred on the Tea Party site than I have read almost anywhere else. That’s why I left.

      1. Bob V. says:

        James Custer McCarthy: you’re right about one thing: the republic must be strong to have survived the economic trainwreck, social upheaval and constitutional abuses by 8 years of Bush and 6 years of GOP majorities.

        I don’t know if it can survive it again.

        PS: look at those years of foreign protests against Bush followed by the unprecedented rallies of support for Obama in Europe and tell me again who they side with. It certainly ain’t with you, buddy.l

  41. there are some pieces of azz in that list.

    1. Lin says:

      Shut your ignorant piehole!

  42. your a public school drop out right? No need to answer your post makes it abundantly clear.

    1. Not dumb like you says:

      to yourmommalovesme,

      Look who’s talking about dropout. We learned in, what, third grade, that it’s You’re here, not your. And it’s spelled dropout. And your last sentence is a total run-on and should be 2 separate sentences.

      Try getting your own moronic act together before you insult others.

    2. LLL says:

      It’s” you’re”

  43. Older but Wiser says:

    Not tax reasons. As people grows older, they get wiser by going through life experiences. You can fool people some of the times but not forever. I’d say even Democrats have intelligent leaders that is why they are leaders. But if you are one of the so called member of the herds, sorry for you. Just follow blindly and do not even attempt to comment.

    1. kamslave says:

      then how do you explain Sarah Palin

    2. fern says:

      As I grow older I could join your comment, however I’d rather consider myself as a member of the herd, unlike yourself having chosen the part of the herd you think is the upper part since you believe it entitles you to tell the other part to shut up.
      You’re not old and wise, you’re just senile.

    3. Rebecca Palin says:

      Poor Sarah Palin. I am sorry for her. She leaves a stigma to the Palin l

    4. roman says:


      Are you discounting their humanitarian efforts? I know Sean Penn went out to N.O during Katrina to personally help out in the rescue. You can probably find youtube footage of him in a row boat helping out the victims of the disaster. Currently he is camped out in Haiti for the past 6 months running his own rescue camp to help the victims of the earthquake. Sean Penn may have faults but he definitely aspires to do good in this world. Peace.

      1. ef says:

        Don’t discount the 1000’s of conservative churchs that helped in the aftermath of N.O and Haiti and all those other troubles. The libs have so called stars, but conservatives don’t need ego maniacs to represent them. Conservatives just do it, they take action. Libs are mostly just lip service.

  44. Paul Hart says:

    The more conservatives in Liberalwood the better. No RINOS like Schwarznegger please.

  45. J-Dub says:


    Britney Spears. That she is on the list says it all about the Republican party.

    Oh, that, and making a complete dope like Sarah Palin a key face of your party.

    Those two and the rest of them deserve each other.

    1. Sabrinaset says:

      Well, Lindsay Lohan supported Obama, so there you go as far as the face of the Democratic Party.

    2. Fred Boggs says:

      I’m guessing you don’t own property or pay taxes

    3. Brian says:

      To play your silly little game…
      “P-Diddy is a Democrat. That says it all about the Democrats.”
      Or to one up you…
      Robert Byrd started his own chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and Democrats kept electing him to the Senate for decades until he died this summer. That says it all about the Democrats.

    4. gp says:

      So by your reasoning a Typical Democrat would like Ted Kennedy, a Drunk and murderer. Nice trade off! and oh, by the , way more money than Britney!

    5. swiftnick says:

      As if Palin is dopier than Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barry Soetoro?

      1. Caleb Lawson says:

        Yes, moron. She is.

        Also, there’s no such person as “Barry Soetoro”.

    6. arx says:

      JDub go back to watching your Jerry Springer show…didn’t your momma tell you that if you have nothing intelligent to say, keep your piehole shut?

    7. Mike says:

      I don’t think there is enough room, time or space to list all the left wing celebrity nuts.

      What has Sean Penn, Danny Glover, John Cusack or Barbara Streisand done for you lately?

    8. Al_Capone says:

      thats really cool thinking.. i bet you think your a big mac when you walk into
      mc Donald’s to

  46. Wahnoooooot says:

    Hollywood? More like Dollywood!

  47. Brad says:

    So there is still hope for Hollywood.

  48. Dan Mota says:

    NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not Meatloaf!! How can this be???

    1. Amy B says:

      Well said (typos aside 😉 ).

    2. john says:

      the right wing supported Hitler. Conservatives were against ALL of the progress that American society has made such as giving women the right to vote and disatorous wars like Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan

    3. Diana Martin says:

      Amen. We forget we are all Americans. What happened to us?

    4. Diana Martin says:

      Jim, take a deep breath and get a dose of reality. Being a knee-jerk follower is not the way.

    5. RDC says:

      Perhaps you should do your own research instead of simply repeating what others tell you. Conservatives were staunchly ANTI Hitler, Churchill the most famous case-in-point. And the only reason Civil Rights legislation was passed was because Republicans pushed it despite vicious Democrat opposition. Somehow that historical fact gets overlooked by those who spout today’s rhetoric. And, the very first Republican president of the United States was responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln. The historical truth is that Republicans have been at the forefront of civil rights issues from the beginning.
      Personally I am a Libertarian. I am not a Republican ideologue. The GOP has faults and has made mistakes. But truth is truth, fact is fact, and rhetoric is for the mindless. Think for yourself.

    6. brad says:

      I would have agreed with you 8 years ago but right now the Republican Party is 100% wrong.

      1. Tennwriter says:

        100% Really?

        Should we not lower taxes to encourage the economy?
        Should we not try to dump fun but not neccessary expenses from the gov’t (like the NEA and NPR)?
        Should we not stop illegal immigrants from breaking the law at will?
        Should we not at the very least save viable infants from the horror of Partial Birth Abortion?

        I could go on Brad with Conservative ideas that are shared by the vast majoirty of Americans. The best thing you can say against them is that th e R Party is not really for them. But that problem, of being two-faced politicians, is what the Tea Party is here to solve.

        1. ef says:

          Just raise taxes on the Democrats , they should feel better, its patriotic according to Biden. And those rich elitest like Bill Gates, Soros, Warren Buffet need to have their wealth redistributed since they believe in their cause so much..

        2. roman says:

          I agree with some of your points
          1)Definitely lower taxes as Obama wants to do
          2) stop illegal immgrants- I agree with Dobbs make hiring illgel immigrants a felony… but wait Dobbs hired illegal immigrants …HYPOCRITE.

      2. ef says:

        This is only a small list compared to the left wing extremists on the Democrat side. But its nice to know so hopefully I will be able to watch a movie again. I will just have to pay attention to the creditionals. I don’t go to Democrat activist movies. There is usually too much vulgar in it anyway.

      3. Lee says:

        Then why are they doing so darn well (and I mean, HISTORICALLY well) heading into the Nov elections? Do you think the American people are ‘stupid’ for ‘falling for them’, or something?

      4. Scott says:

        Tennwriter: NPR only gets between one and three percent of its budget each year, and that through indirect routes.

        As far as the so-called “partial birth abortions,” those procedures are incredibly rare, and only done when the health or life of the mother is at risk. Legislation against the procedures are pure PR.

        And by your logic, if we did away with taxes entirely, our economy would fly. Hah.

        BTW, the US already has some of the lowest taxes in the industrialized world.

    7. chris says:

      “The right wing supported Hitler”… are you high?

      1. Auggie says:

        It’s true. Hitler had a lot of support from US industrialists like John Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon, Dupont and Henry Ford, who were all Republicans. One of Hitler’s biggest American shills was Charles Lindbergh, whose father was a four-term Republican congressman and a leader in the Minnesota Republican. There were a few Democrats like Hearst, who were mostly anti-interventionists.

        One of Hitler’s strongest supporters was Prescott Bush, Dubya’s granddady.

      2. denyignorance says:

        Just because Glenn Beck says the Nazis were leftists doesn’t make it so.

        “The more you know…”

    8. Steve says:

      This list is deceptive. For instance, Dale Earnhart, Jr may be a registered Republican but he supported Obama in 2008, as did NASCAR legend, Junior Johnson.


      1. disbelief says:

        And like any intelligent individual, regrets his foolish actions of supporting Obummer…

    9. Steve says:

      This is typical of the historical revisionism of today’s right wing. The landmark 20th century civil rights legislation was the 1964 Civil Rights Act sent to a Democratic Congress by JFK (a Democrat). Following his assassination, LBJ (a Democrat) shepherded it through Congress with heavy bipartisan support. The bill passed 290-120 in the House and with over 70% of the Senate — something you’d never see with today’s uncooperative, pushback GOP voting 100% against all Democratic-sponsored legislation.

    10. Alex Martine says:

      @John, if you feel that we must look at the history of the “right” since history is clearly not one of your strong suits… I feel it would be fair to take a look at the history of the Democratic party.

      In contrast, you will find that many were in favor of Slavery, The Southern Democrats endorsed slavery, while the Republicans denounced it. The Northern Democrats said democracy required the people to decide on slavery locally.

      Hmmm… Now onto Vietnam, Remember Linden B Johnson (D)?

      Now let’s look at the history of the democratic parties actions against suffrage (women’s right to vote) NYT Sept 21’s 1914 http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F40D12F63A5B13738DDDA80A94D1405B848DF1D3

    11. ef says:

      Yes it can be, the smart ones vote republican. The liars and crazy people vote Democrat.

      1. roman says:

        Typical of cons very opinionated with made up facts and of course when all else fails resort to name calling.

    12. ef says:

      There is a reason GOP vote against the Dems, and that is because Democrats are trying to destroy America. And I am damn proud of the GOP for doing so.

    13. Josh says:

      Jim, get your facts straight…it was Kennedy who got us into Vietnam and Nixon who got us out……read a history book.

    14. jason says:

      hey steve, why don’t you look at the vote and see how mostly voted against it. DEMOCRATS!!!

    15. roman says:

      You guys should really stop with the myth making already . We’re not buying it. History showns it was the dixiecrats Including Byrd who voted against the legislation. here is the breakdown according to party and region:
      Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Vote statistics
      Vote totals:

      The Original House Version: 290-130
      The Senate Version: 73-27
      The Senate Version, as voted on by the House: 289-126
      By Party: The Original House Version:

      Democratic Party: 153-96
      Republican Party: 138-34
      The Senate Version:

      Democratic Party: 46-22
      Republican Party: 27-6
      The Senate Version, voted on by the House:

      Democratic Party: 153-91
      Republican Party: 136-35
      By Party and Region:

      The Original House Version:

      Southern Democrats: 7-87
      Southern Republicans: 0-10
      Northern Democrats: 145-9
      Northern Republicans: 138-24
      The Senate Version:

      Southern Democrats: 1-21
      Southern Republicans: 0-1
      Northern Democrats: 46-1
      Northern Republicans: 27-5

    16. Barton McLaine says:

      It all got started by Eisenhower, a Republican President.

    17. Elsworth says:

      Steve, I would like you to answer this question since you are not into historical revisionism: Did a higher percentage of Republicans or Democrats vote for the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

    18. becuzican says:


      Wow you are ignorant. The civil rights bill you are referring to was voted down horribly by the Democrats led by your dubious Robert KKK Byrd. It was Republican legislation and passed byt he Republicans, who have sponsored EVERY SINGLE civil rights legislation this country has ever had. EVER.

      Do not spat stats if your information is incorrect or as in this case you are just plain naive or ignorant. Do some research before just writing democrat “talking points”, because to a true educated voter your sound just plain moronic.

    19. becuzican says:

      Steve, let me give you and all the other mouthpiece democrats who use statistical numbers without doing any research. Here is how the actual vote went by party on the 1964 civil rights act: Taken from Wikipedia: By party
      The original House version:[11]

      Democratic Party: 152-96 (61%–39%)
      Republican Party: 138-34 (80%–20%)
      Cloture in the Senate:[12]

      Democratic Party: 44-23 (66%–34%)
      Republican Party: 27-6 (82%–18%)
      The Senate version:[11]

      Democratic Party: 46-21 (69%–31%)
      Republican Party: 27-6 (82%–18%)
      The Senate version, voted on by the House:[11]

      Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%–37%)
      Republican Party: 136-35 (80%–20%) As you can clearly see you moron DEMOCRATS clearly voted against it FAR MORE than Republicans…GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT !!

      1. roman says:

        You failed to list the vote by region as I did above. Once again it was the southern democrats (AKA dixiecrats – that later joined the republican party except for a few Byrd being the most well known to remain in the democratic party)and southern REPUBLICANS that voted against the bill.

        1. BillNY says:

          @Steve, is that a typo? Wiki says 290 to 130 (not 120) @becuzican Elsewhere in the article it shows 100% of southern republicans voting against, the point is the problem we have right now is 99% of republicans voting against all progress just to obstruct -it’s bad for the country and is un-American. Be a grown up -the only morons are some of the tea party/republican candidates running now, and their supporters. Sarah Palin should have said, Is the Bush doctrine the one where you get to say anything you want and act like it’s true? cause I’d support that! @the celebs just because you have fame and fortune, doesn’t mean you have brains.

    20. Jamesb says:

      John, wrong. NAZI stood for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. They were statist socialist to the core. The “NAZI’s are facist right wingers” LIE is more false history and propaganda that has roots in Stalin’s Soviet Union, where lies grew like apples under a bright blue sky.

      1. Louie says:

        Boy, are you loony, man! Look up Nazis in wikipedia, man. Or is that liberal, or pink, or red, or scarlet, or blue? Trouble is, so many right wingers in the Us (and elsewhere) did side with the Nazis that it’s still an embarrasment for some of their successors

    21. El says:

      Meat has always been a conservative. And one hello of a good capitalist too. Yeah!

    22. Determined Soldier says:

      To persuade Republicans to sign the petition, LBJ continued:

      We’ve only got 150 Democrats; the rest of them are southerners. So we’ve got to make every Republican [sign]. We ought to say, “Here is the party of Lincoln. Here is the image of Lincoln, and whoever it is that is against a hearing and against a vote in the House of Representatives, is not a man who believes in giving humanity a fair shake. . . . Now if we could ever get that signed, that would practically break their back in the Senate because they could see that [this movement] here is a steamroller.”

    23. Simeon says:

      Well, maybe he thought about things and came to the right conclusion.

    24. Meaderva says:

      The right wing did not support Hitler ! Hitler was a classic liberal. Socialist, supported abortion, gun control, and envrionmental issues.

      1. Louie says:

        You’re insane, Meaderva! Go read wikipedia; that should be easy enough for you.

      2. dotado11 says:


        How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

        Rumours of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act are still being felt by today’s president

      3. Gene says:

        You are right. The idiots talking about Bush’s grandfather should think twice about posting messages in forums. They reveal how incredibly stupid and pathetic they are. What a freaking coincidence that even Bush’s grandfather was so dumb. Lol. How pathetic an attempt to continue to slander someone. Funny that people who defended a monster like Saddam Hussein are going to somehow make Bush guilty by association/relation. Lol. Ignoramuses. The truth is that those who had their heads in the sand when Hitler committed his atrocities are so much like liberals today. Scary.

    25. Taro says:

      You’re surprised someone who hasn’t spent his life drunk, high, and making an ass of himself is a Republican? You really don’t know much about conservatives, but then you libs really don’t know much about America.

      1. AFD says:

        You mean someone like drunkard, wife-beater Mel Gibson or pill-popping, drug-smuggling Rush Limbaugh?

      2. Gene says:

        In response to: AFD

        More insensitive comments from the intolerant left. Your jealousy is pathetic.

    26. Michael says:

      Jim I was going to comment. But as you can see below…It’s been said already…Please try to know your facts before making a fool of yourself..

      BTW You’d be the first liberial who did

    27. Ms. Redondo says:

      Because he isn’t STUPID!

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