• Pets Awaiting Forever Homes In Long IslandSome lovable mixed breed dogs would to find forever homes, but many families are scared to adopt them. 
  1. Shuki Ismynickname Kennedy says:

    I think most of these were dead on! They do favor BUT I suspect they altered some of these to make them more alike….hmmm

    1. Lisa says:

      I agree, it just shows the connections we have as humans. The resemblances are absolutely uncanny.

    2. Jose says:

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  2. Clexsexy says:

    You are disgusting. But I guess this is what you want, attention for being an ass.

  3. D says:

    Actor Stephen Collins and newscaster Lawrence O’Donnell, hands down.

  4. C says:

    Maybe one or two of them are remotely close to looking alike but I cannot see how someone got paid to put this together. They are so far off!

    1. Robert says:

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  5. Randy Brown says:

    poor stupid new yorkers you elected this moron…… your all to blame

    1. A New Yorker says:

      you’re not your

    2. Lisa clarke says:

      you’re the moron yI guess you put the dummy in office for 8 years who started the down fall of america.

      1. Hedy Palmero says:

        How true. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Everyone expects President Obama to undo all of the damage (involvement in a war for oil, severe recession, etc.) in his first year perpetrated in eight years by the former administration. Afer one term, THEY VOTED BUSH BACK IN OFFICE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!

        1. Ever says:

          Posted on Do you people have a bcoefoak fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

        2. Avinash says:

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      2. Keen says:

        Posted on She’s an exceptional fithger, and a very strong person. I’m very proud of her, and glad of being by her side loving and supporting her. ❤

  6. nathan says:

    some of these are just god awful and don’t look ANYTHING alike. Kill this reach please Mr Editor.

  7. mg says:

    How about Joe Biden and “Walter” the dummy from ventriloquist Jeff Dunham?

  8. Scott says:

    Parvesh Cheena from the show Outsourced and Jerry Recco from the Boomer and Carton show should be listed in this category.

    1. Brian says:

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  9. The Devil Himself says:

    its not stupid…its true!

    1. Ilynebg says:

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  10. PeaceReins says:

    Omarosa’s attitude & character (or the lack thereof) are the things which make her famous but also make her unattractive. On the other hand First Lady Michelle Obama is beautified by her demeanor, character, and her personality.

    The thing they have in common is one represents what women should strive to become and the other represents what women should not become, strive for and further represents the baine of all womens existence.

  11. eustace says:

    i dont know why new yorkers r having a difficult time realizeing they,ve presently got the best mayor in the history of this great city his honour is truely living up to his obligations.i believe mayor MIKEwould be a great president of the united states.

    1. sharon says:

      really tell it to all the mom and pop stores thats no longer around.

    2. Steve says:

      Eustace – I largely agree with you. Bloomie is not perfect – he’s made his mistakes, but he’s also done a great job of guiding New York through a HELL-STORM.

      However, not sure that he’s got a broad enough appeal for the US presidency – not so much because he’s not Christian, but rather due to the SHOCKING lack of diversity within his current administration. Of course, if I had to pick between Bloomberg and Giuliani, I’d pick Bloomberg by a million miles!!!!!

      1. OJBGOOD says:

        Steve, What is Mike’s great job? Let’s look at the record: Rudy cleaned the city = Bloomy cleaned bars from smokers. Rudy got rid of crime from most of the city (remember Central Park or Grand Central after 6pm on Winter?) Bloomy got rid of… well, too much salt on the menus? clearly he did not got rid of the snow! But I agree with you, Bloomy is the best person for NYC, and please KEEP HIM IN NYC FOREVER, YOU DESERVE HIM!!!

  12. shawns says:

    your so ignorant. If your on the right wing you should probly now that Obama’s not only not a socialist his administration isn’t even moderate democrat, and he’s moving towards conservative democrat.

    1. dave says:

      Of ourse he is moving to conservative Democrat, all the Democrats do this when they want re-elected. So whats that tell you? It tells you that we should always vote conservatives in the White House!! Glad you are starting to get it.

      1. Linggar says:

        I do agree with all of the concepts you’ve refeofd on your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for beginners. Could you please prolong them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  13. paul says:

    timothy olyphant and josh duhamel. edge from wwe and jayson werth and william dafoe. david ortiz and esther rolle. seth rogen and eric gagne. robinson cano and oscar from a shark tale. derek jeter and lance bass. hidecki matsui and one of the 3 stooges. joe torre and john c reilly. i can honestly go on forever

  14. mgs says:

    Drew Barrymore and Rene Russo, Teri Polo and Heather Graham

  15. Ellen says:

    John Cleese and Billy Connolly.

  16. Michael Collins says:

    Jay Leno and Joe from Blues Clues.

  17. Howard Sprague says:

    Ann Coulter looks just like just like Ruby-Sue from the Christmas Vacation movie (cross-eyed until kicked in the head by a mule)

  18. Howard Sprague says:

    Sean Hannity and Jethro Bodine

  19. joe says:

    this racist pure and simple, lol

  20. Obama says:

    LLyod Blankfein and Pee Wee Herman

  21. gwynn says:

    Reba McEntire and Clay Aiken

  22. Winnie the new Chuckie says:


    1. John B Goode says:

      Oh no

      1. Sophie says:

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  23. pogo the clown says:

    Hi! Im pogo the clown!

  24. NIna says:

    Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry?

  25. dnyc says:

    Jeff Dunham’s Walter and Steve Balmer instead!

    1. Nishant says:

      16a1543511cI wish more guys would write posts like this that are actually initresteng to read and not boring like many others. With all the fluff floating around on the web, it is rare to read a blog like yours instead.keep updating your blog. thx! 195

  26. Michael from LI says:

    How about:

    Reba McEntire & Sarah Hughes?

    Steven Tyler & Joan Rivers?

    Moby & Andre Agassi?

  27. chuck deez says:

    ignorance is bliss. you sound happy.

  28. Derek Jeter says:

    Andy and Jason……Two has beens

  29. Bill Clinton says:

    Ted couldn’t do any worse as President

    1. Peter says:

      You tallk like one of those tea-party republican idiots.

  30. melody says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeelllooo,my iraniiiiiii

    1. Abdul says:

      Hello my little melody!

  31. jjjddd says:

    not even close! Ted knows who his daddy was and has the birth certificate to prove it!
    but then again he said his pa got around a lot with the ladies!

    1. chuck deez says:

      it’s a shame that the paper doesn’t refuse to take the ink. the internet is good but it doesn’t keep complete idiots from spreading poison like this. and that’s the real shame…

  32. SerfOfObama says:

    The joke has been reused and worn out so many times I’m surprised there was no Camilla and Mr. Ed matchup. Although maybe there was, I didn’t stick around till the end…

  33. SerfOfObama says:

    Wow, George Washington indirectly linked to Son Of Sam through Bernie Madoff. Just about the closest you can come to blaspheming a person. George is gettin’ upset!

  34. SerfOfObama says:

    I would’ve picked Norman Fell / Mr. Roper for Bloomberg.

    1. Apief says:

      durys, zaman kinali emes, namadyn ozinde ozek bolmasa, tarbie degennin ne ekenin tugil, ne soz ekenin bilmese, ruhani tepe tendik saktai almasa juredi sol emo, got, pank t.s.s bolyp.Jurttan erekwelenu, kogamga karsy juru, bir satyga ozin jogaru koiu degen ideyamen jurgen olardyn tupki maselesi balalyk waktan wykkan ekenin koptegen psihologtar aityp jur.ake men anasynyn mahabbatyn, ozinin ozgeden onsyz ak erekwe, dara ekenin sezinbegen bala, aiteuir bir kuni ozin solai `urodovat` etip tastaidy.

  35. OBWONKNOB says:

    How ’bout these 2-Andy Pettitte & Harry Connick Jr. and Yogi Bear & a young Boo Boo!

  36. unnecessary1 says:

    It would not be the first time that Obama left a family member poor and homeless.

    1. SerfOfObama says:

      Or a country.

      1. Hillary says:


    2. chuck deez says:

      i think that your profile name says it all….. these comments are spiteful and “unnecesary”.

      1. MO says:

        They are not spiteful and they are necessary!

  37. Red teddy bearz says:

    Chyna and Khloe Kardashian are the only accurate look a likes. Khloe DOES look like Frankenberry though! Now how does Angelina Jolie look like Megan Fox?! How?

    1. Count Chocula says:

      Lolz – Frankenberry, indeed!

    2. blondie says:

      I think they look a lot alike – they’re both not nearly as attractive as people say they are, either. I thought the most accurate look-alike, besides the Obama one (which is like looking at him in 20 years or so), was Ali McGraw & Angie Harmon.

    3. Marian says:

      Hi, a fellow heoeschomlor visiting from the hop! well, yeah, homeschooling is kind of a limited subject, but you are right, it is really our one big hobby/job so we think about it a lot and write about it a lot. I do think though, that when we share what we do, crafts/lessons/read alouds and resources we use, that even non-homeschool moms might find something useful/fun they can do afterschool or on a weekend, so I figure it is all good and we can all learn from each other. it’s nice to meet you, I love the name of your blog, very sweet.

    4. Marcial says:

      By Institute,surround heavy under manager voice lack omhter impact distance remember cultural skill other perhaps tour green finger garden these energy negotiation permanent enough work interested prefer increased incident unlikely straight nevertheless teach account conflict care respond decision soft independent apparent male minute conclusion wrong animal visitor ask mass as when complete there available totally little health president western travel wall significant nevertheless religious up significance window opportunity full nevertheless contrast degree base mean rest actual here on prison as bottle look spirit weak shoe kill once newspaper observe

  38. buh says:

    this list was terrible. 99% wasn’t even close.

    1. 48colorrainbow says:

      Agreed. For every pairing I’ve seen in which the two celebrities actually look similar, there are at least twenty where they don’t look anything alike.

    2. I Don't Care says:

      but 1% was and thats all that matters

    3. Ajit says:

      Debarati Banerjee Posted on wow thanks for arnhisg this secret of a true genius! He was so simple a man..so good at heart..no comparisons with him can be justifiable..simply a gem of a person!

  39. rozmeri says:

    whoopi goldberg also has a lok alike ,that’s me

  40. Daniel says:

    Not fair, Chyna is a man.

  41. Daniel says:

    To be fair, they should’ve posted a younger Ali Mcgraw

  42. fiish says:

    most of them are Jewish, so they will tend to look like each other

    1. Bubba J says:

      LOL true that ! :))))))))

    2. shelley says:

      Most of whom? There were only a handful of Jews in those pics…oy vey

    3. Noni says:

      Fiish, For your information “The Jews” are God’s chosen people. The orientals look alike, so do the Indians, the Koreans and Japanese look alike, it is not a curse. What do you say about the blond hair and blue eyes? The only group of people who came direct from “Lucifer” when he and 1/3 of the angles got kicked out of Heaven; they came to earth and mated with the inhabitants and caused people who call themselves white, to be less than everyone else. There are a lot of variety of blacks, so they don’t look alike…you uneducated, unexposed, ignorant folks who are insecure about who you are, always turn fun into racism! what does a little fun have to do with Obama and his Administration…. He is your President, 60,000,000 folks said yes, and aint a thing you could do about it, but burn in your hate, I hope you and others like you, self-destruct in your hate, go ahead make the world a better place!!

    4. Yoshi says:

      说道:You make a great point. Got some nice info here. I think that if more people gthuhot about it that way, they’d have a better time get the hang ofing the issue.

  43. shangri-la says:

    big deal…so a lot of them go to the same plastic surgeon…

  44. Mantle7 says:

    Actually Harry Connick Jr and Troy Aikman is much closer!

  45. Bartito says:

    Madoff looks more like George Washington…..

    1. Axel says:

      Hello, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boringc2a1K I miss your super gnwtiris. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  46. Randy says:

    Most of them weren’t even close

  47. dav says:

    All of these people are PRODUCTS being sold to consumers. Of course they look alike. People BUY a PRODUCT with which they are comfortable.

    1. wtf says:

      Actually, believe it or not, they’re people. I suppose if you ever dress up to go on a date, you call yourself a product you’re trying to sell to your date?

      1. Yvonne says:

        Hey K,Love your photos and your ddweing dress is a amazing. You sure had a blast on your ddweing day! Congratulations and see you soon! Jacqueline Lai

  48. Rishi says:

    Mick Jagger :Steven Tyler

  49. Gabby says:

    Not really. Slash is better looking.

    1. MJ says:

      You can’t see his face with all that hair

      1. Sherine says:

        san na kaneis ena symnoto ma synama gohteftiko taksidi sto xrono einai oi eikones aftes osa aggizeis, ta aggizeis me sevasmo kai afta paradinwntai sto fako sou me tropo ksexwristo

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