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  1. john says:

    No one from Manhattan seems to be complaining. What’s wrong with you people in the outer boro’s? Aren’t you rich. If you were rich your streets would be plowed..New’s flash: The people in charge don’t care about the outer boro’s.
    Now get back to work!

  2. George says:

    255th street between 83rd and 82nd ave. Not even one plow came and its 2.5 days after the snow has stopped!

  3. John says:

    Dec. 29, 9:15AM….still no plow on Canton Court between Lois Ave and the water in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. 311 is continuously busy and when I try to report it on the nyc.gov website, I get a message stating my request cannot be submitted due to technical difficulties. Everytime I hear the Vollie horn I pray it’s going to a street that’s been plowed. My neighbors and I have dug out as much as we can, but there’s only so much we can do with 2+ feet of snow and 5-6 foot drifts.

    1. lrodriguez says:

      same on my elderly parents block in queens. 208th street and 15th rd. no plow and can report to 311 by phone or computer.

  4. Anthony says:

    the entire area of Bergen Beach Brooklyn has not been touched by a plow as of 12/29/10 the mayor is clearly not in touch with what is really going on

  5. Jen says:

    I havent seen a snow plow in Ozone Park yet..There has been an Access a Ride bus stuck on my block since yesterday morning… We need a plow!

  6. Marian says:

    Quuens Village- 221st Street STILL NOT PLOWED

  7. Kevin from PA says:

    Do Garbage Trucks make for good Snow Plows?? I’m not from NYC, but no where in the world have I seen a Garbage Truck with a Snow Plow on the front of it. If you ask me it, they look both silly and extremely bulky!!

  8. Karen says:

    We have not been plowed on Himrod Street between Tonsor & Grandview. We are unable to get to work as we use our cars to get to NJ and make deliveries in the New York area.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Saunders Street between 64th and 65th roads in Rego Park has not been plowed as of 5:55am 12/29. All cars, including SUVs are getting stuck trying to get out of parking spots! I’m from upstate New York, so when I came home yesterday, I figured the mess I heard about on the news would be cleaned up. “Surely, they would be able to handle it better in NYC than down south…” Guess not! Rego Park needs plows!

  10. frankie l says:

    we live in queens village on a dead end street mostly retired nyc workers. we also have a baby on our block that uses oxygen tank. no snow plow in sight. we live on 221st. street and 109th avenue off hempstead ave. not been able to get in on 311 line. wonder if slow snow removal has anything to do with laided sanitation workers.12.50 a hour offered for those wanting to shovel snow,but some city workers don’t make that. makes you think

  11. Victoria Vaughan says:

    I live in Queens Village on 111th Road by Springfield Boulevard. The roads are yet to be plowed. I am afraid to even try getting out of my driveway because I don’t want to get stuck like a lot of cars did here yesterday. Since there is no school this week I have to take my 5 year-old with me to work today. This is really terrible. I’ve not been able to go to work since Monday because of the snow. Here we are Wednesday, and the roads are not plowed. Please help Mayor Bloomberg!!

  12. Joe says:

    When I was in Buffalo I called my mother and said: Mom do you know how much snow we got here??? She said: “So put on your coat and go clean it up.”

  13. Alfredo says:

    Tiffany Place Brooklyn. The street has not been plowed. No mail delivery the last 2 days. This is the worst snow clearing I have ever seen.

  14. sandra says:

    where are the tickets for the opera Stupid bloomberg? limpia las calles, por your fault i’cant work moron ! I live in 58 road a 5 yardas de la sanitation y you don’t do anything… baboso

  15. sandra says:

    i’m losing money, stupid bloomberg. ya me canse de tomar sopas instantaneas….

  16. Pre says:


  17. Jennifer says:

    I am in bensonhurst and we have dug out all the cars stuck on my street, including a police car, in hopes that if a plow came down it would be able to efficiently plow our street…still no sign of a plow!!! It is a mess here!

  18. merline rameau says:

    I live in canarsie no roads have been plow as yet. I’m a visiting nurse I’m unable to move my car into the street to make my visits. This snow plow delay can be crucial to people who are sick especially the elderly who lives by themselves and who requires daily visits by a nurse.the mayor should be a shame of himself the way he handle the situation.

  19. Adele says:

    East 35th Street Marine Park, 9;23 tuesday never saw a plow yet. Help!

  20. FRDDY says:


  21. dausiello says:

    what a disappointment mayor bloomberg!!!! i’m a bensonhurst brooklyn resident and have a child who is having surgery performed tomorrow. i must leave in the am for the hospital….isn’t it a shame that my street isn’t plowed????? waited one hour on hold with 311 – their response: we can not accomodate personal requests. personal? this is URGENT! watching manhattan function while the boroughs are stranded is so frustrating. having to walk my child on an icy street to have someone drive us to the hospital is unacceptable. shame on you!

  22. Timothy says:

    Is it just me or is the Mayor the most rude, arrogant, out of touch person in the world. The way he speaks to people is despicable. I guess money can’t buy everything. By the way I would like to see you Mr. Bloomberg dig your car out of a snow bank and still get to work on time!!! From a proud New Yorker from Whitestone.

  23. j dileo says:

    I live in Astoria queens and this is the craziest winter ever…How can the mayor say they are doing everything they can when he should of had them plowing the streets when the snow first started to come down!! An he is upset about towing people I hope they are not being charged for this cause it is the cities fault these poor people got stuck! I know the city is facing a huge finical debt and if this is the mayors idea of getting us out of debt that is what I call just plain rude!

  24. britney says:

    i live in crown heights on Franklin ave and sterling. Franklin ave have yet to be plow

    1. Miriam Alexander says:

      I live in Cambria Heights, there have not been ANY PLOWS ON this street since Saturday Night!!!!!!

      118th Avenue from Francis Lewis leading into Belt Parkway total disaster!

      Linden Boulevard from 234 to to Springfield Boulevard A MAIN STREET- NO PLOW!!!!! Cars have been lined up the entire day!!!!


      The street mentioned are MAJOR – MAJOR MAIN STREETS.

  25. Rita says:

    I think the way the removal of this years blizzard was handled is ridiculous…Queens was totally forgotten..If this was Manhattan,we would have had a nice cleared up path by now…What a damn shame..The City of New York is definitely not prepared to deal with anything serious..A neighbor had to use his snow machine to make a path so that we could walk out of our houses..I myself was no stranger to a shovel…clearing as much as i physically could..The streets are disgusting…2010 n this is the way our City Officials handle things…shame,shame,shame..
    Rita Douglas

  26. Tara K. says:

    I live in Middle Village Queens, between 69th and 70th Street on 66th Road. Not one blessed plow has come down our street. I had to cancel a surgery planned for almost a month because we couldn’t get out of the block. This is totally unfair and unacceptable.

  27. Michael says:

    There have been no plows in Queens Village, NY since the snow storm began, what in the world is going on?

  28. Ron Goldstein says:

    If people would of listened and left their cars parked we wouldn’t have this mess. I am in Sheepshead Bay on a main secondary street that has 4 cars just left there.

    I have no love for this Mayor Blomhatten, but if people would of used their brains the rest of us would not be suffering for it.

    The morons just had to get in their cars to go nowhere!

  29. paul says:

    i live in staten island and my block has not been plowed in 3 days! i live rite off of hylan blvd what is the problem?

  30. Yvette Viera says:

    I’m on Troy Avenue & Avenue J in Brooklyn and as of 12.30pm, Today Tuesday we have yet to see a plow come down my street.

    1. Patricia - Eaton Court says:

      Welcome to the club, Yvette…..Gerritsen Beach has not seen one plow since
      the storm started. Every block is under 2′ of snow. How the hell are we supposed to go to work when we can’t even walk down the block? God forbid
      someone has a stroke or heart attack. They’d be out of luck. Stop acting like a
      petulant child, Mr. Mayor. You blew it…….be a man & admit it.

    2. Daria says:

      I’m in Marine Park on East 33rd street- and avenue P- no plow still– not even on avenue P– this is ridiculous— not for the first time– I want my taxes back!!!!

  31. Maria says:

    This was the worst planned cleanup of any Blizzard I can remember. I live in Borough Park Brooklyn. Major roads like 18th avenue were just plowed now. Ocean parkway is a mess and looks like a parking lot because people just used it for a parking spot. You should take pictures of Ocean parkway. Couldn’t make any right turn on Ocean Parkway until Avenue J. 17th avenue not plowed and many cars stuck there still. Tottally disgraceful Very poor response time for a storm that was expected.

  32. lisa says:

    i live in Brooklyn the B16 city bus runs through my block it is Tuesday morning at 10 am a plow has not gone through my block since the start of the storm it is imposable for any vehicle to pass here obviously there is No bus!!! Bloomberg claims that the city is running?!? is this some form of a cruel joke?!?

  33. Joan says:

    We are stuck here in Staten Island. Streets are not plow yet, and one Station Plow truck is stuck on my block.

    The MTA Express buses don’t seem to be running either. Many have been waiting for an hour. I finally went home.

    Send News trucks got Staten Island maybe that will help us get out of this mess.

    By the way I live right near Lily Pond and it is a mess around here.

  34. Thomas Steinruck says:

    On the broadcast they say you can upload videos but I can’t find the link. Anybody know the secret?

  35. George Krassas says:

    All of Clinton Street in Carroll Gardens has not been plowed. Where in the world are the plows?

  36. jon kobeck says:

    Hi-Great images. thank you for posting these!


  37. shirley harashinski says:

    i emailed photo of harley my dog in snow i havent seen it on line or tv do you post all photos i att photo to email

  38. Michael says:

    There has been a stuck sanitation truck / snow plow on my corner all day. YES all day. I saw it a 7 AM and it is still there at 7 PM. It is dug in deep and the surrounding blocks are not plowed. 84th Street & 153rd Ave in Howard Beach Queens – an outer-borough, Thank you Mr. Bloomberg. I hope you enjoyed your Broadway show.

    1. Russ says:

      I haven’t much love for Bloomberg, but was he supposed to dig out the truck instead of going to the show?

  39. Amanda says:

    I sent a picture and it didn’t get put up!!! It was just of my dog!!

  40. s says:

    how do u send in a photo???

    1. Amanda says:

      On the red bar on the top of the page it says “Submit Storm Photos” click on that and email will pop up.

      1. Kobe Swagsick Mathurin says:

        how to send it

      2. dave says:

        in the red bar i just see storm photos not submit storm photos

  41. Amanda says:

    Let it snow, let it snpw, let it snow! Well I submitted a picture of my dog Chanelle Paris hope she makes it on the tv.

  42. Frannie Gibbons says:

    This is the most craziest snowstorm happening to the Tri-State area. Like in our deck outside there is big and tall piled up snow and by the wind blowing it it’s getting bigger, bigger and bigger more huge enough to make an igloo!. I live in New Jersey and in our neighborhood has the most snow.

  43. Alison Lesslie says:

    My street is totally not passable here in Ozone Park. Even Piitkin Avenue ihas buses and cars stuck. We have snow up to the top of door windows here on my block, Even if fire trucks or ambulances needed to get on our block, they couldnt and we have several elderly people on my block. All I keep seeing is that Manhattan roads are cleaed and entrances in to malls. Malls have priority over the common person?? What about those who live in these small towns who cant even get out if we needed to? I just watched Bloombergs conference. Seemed like his priorties were more on Manhattan and people getting there to see shows, dinner and going to museums (what so the city can make more money??) I had to laugh, forget the little people. He said he rode the train to work, well Mr. Mayor your train is underground. What about those stuck on the trains for all those hours??? I guess our tax payers dollars don’t mean a thing. Will definitely be glad when this third term is over!

    1. Russ says:

      Every time there is a bunch of snow the people in the big cities blame the mayor for every problem, for not getting THEIR area cleared soon enough, for not enough plows on the roads, etc. etc. etc. It happens over and over. The mayor does not plan the snow removal strategy, schedule the plow truck drivers or assign the routes they clear first. Blaming the mayor is really just dumb. You might as well stamp your widdo feet and hold your bweth till you turn bwoo.

  44. Linda Kpaka, MBA says:

    I live in Staten Island and woke up to a winter white out. The snow is so deep it encased our doorway. I couldn’t go out for a cup of morning coffee. The wind is whipping up something fierce…but the weather is clean and fresh…and I will get out to enjoy the snow. I am a Buffalonian.

  45. John Mellow says:

    NYDS is a worthless agency, at every Dunkin Dunat you see 5 Sanitation trucks parked, and the rest plowing QB constantly. The secondary streets will be plowed on 01/15/2011, if they have time between coffee breaks.

  46. Yvette Hoyte says:

    Alll snowed in today in New Jersey. I have never been in the centre of a blzzard before, even when I lived in Canada. Just think….. I left the Caribbean at 32 Deg C for a White Christmas……Well definitely spending quality time with the family since we are holed in.

  47. Joe says:

    My guess is Morgans is in Western NY, where a dusting is measured in feet. They’re used to weather like this.

  48. willbe says:

    Newyork is having flurries….. NJ is getting burried!!!

  49. Morgans says:

    From Western New York! You have got to be kidding me! Do you call that a blizzard?

    1. Jen says:

      YES! What would u call it??? Flurries?

    2. Linda Kpaka, MBA says:

      Yes the wind is fierce. I am from western NY too. I love the snow.

      Linda Kpaka, MBA

  50. ex-Maspethj says:

    It amazes me how every time there’s a big snowstorm on the way, everyone seems to be running out to buy shovels and snow throwers. Do they throw these things away after one use? What gives?

    1. Jennifer says:

      I know you are so right, what is up with that? I still have the same shovel from like 1998!!!! And yes Morgans, this is a Blizzard! Where are you at?

    2. Irene Howard says:

      HAHA..I agree!! I was once out in a snowstorm to SHOP, just for groceries, cos we LIKE the snow and don’t mind driving in it, and our l ocal news station was at Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers and was interviewing all of these people buying snow shovels and salt and sand and MILK and bread, like they were going to be snowed in for WEEKS, and they interviewed me and asked if I was out to get ‘supplies’ for the snowstorm and I said the SAME THING: “WE LIVE IN NEW YORK!! It snows EVERY YEAR!! IT SNOWS EVERY WINTER!! DON’T you HAVE a snow shovel by now? Don’t you have enough milk to last ONE DAY? What is WRONG with these people??” I was very fresh, and cringed when they used it on TV…! But the truth is the truth!! LOL!

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