• Power Outage Impacts Parts Of ManhattanA large power outage struck Midtown, Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, and other parts of Upper Manhattan.
  1. Vondora Jordan says:

    now that the mayor cares more for time square that’s where the money is,,not all of manhattan just the money making part,,,you saw times square spotless ,,,the problem now is still the snow but the stink garbage,,,can you say big ass rats,,,,

  2. RicharrdJW says:

    Lott street in Flatbush , not one plow. Mayor dropped the ball

  3. wanda martin says:

    mayor bloomberg was too busy cleaning manhattan for the tourist+ he did this on purpose bc he is a greedy person every death and tragedy he will have to face when his time come to face the LORD His people(jewish) live in housing with expensive chandeliers go to Brooklyn and see it for yourself i have asked him for help he never answered but now u see brooklyn with white people all over brooklyn too an we no longer can afford the rents no matter how many places I applied a white person or a jew gets the apartment thank GOD there is a hell for people like him.

  4. Kristin Brito says:

    The news reporter driving with a sanitation official are checking for streets that aren’t plowed but all this talk about safety and they drive in treacherous conditions with no seat belts….your viewers are a lot more observant than you think….real smart guys

  5. LAURA says:


  6. Andrew says:

    i live in the sticks in NJ, we got 31 inches of snow, we do not have public snow removal. we dont have any issues, you guys in your big ol’ cities need to learn a thing or two. its ridiculous. If you really dont want to go out and clear your own snow, i would suggest playing the public works employees more, stop budget cutting and being cheap. (this is not to the citizens this is too the govt.) When you pay an employee $12 an hour and refuse payment of overtime you will clearly have an issue. all in all pay your public works, and people do some work.

    1. SNOWBIRD says:

      Could not have said it better myself!!!!!! We got 27 inches and the snow was cleared by Noon in our STICKS!!!

  7. Nathaniel Grant says:

    Whats the idea of running for office a 3rd term when you can’t take care of a snow storm we don’t need a business Mayor we need a get the City Job done Mayor

  8. Y Rodriguez says:

    BIG FAT “F” Can we fine NYC, Mayor Bloomberg and Sanitation Dept for Wages lost and damages done? Still waiting for a plow! We had to dig our way out ourselves! With our shovels. SHAME ON YOU!

  9. fbk says:

    i live on lighthouse hill in staten island, a very steep and treacherous hill, near a nursing home. the sanitation dept did an exceptional job under adversity, i was able to arrive at richmond univ, hospital at 8am monday to perform both an elective and an emergency life saving surgery that day, with some very dedicated staff members of the hospital, who also either stayed overnight or braved the roads as i did.

  10. prem says:

    i live in rosedale queens ny, i just can,t imagine what is going on,we had worst snow storm before no snow plough cleaning local street in rosedale queens at 145 ave ,249 st.11422. if there is a emergency i can,t move my car.

  11. William J Miller says:

    I live in Orchard Park NY, just south of Buffalo, and I can’t imagine having THAT much snow!!

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