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  1. Tom Hennessy says:

    A man designed a program which would go through historic exams and had to quit the project because it discovered so many cheaters it would have destroyed the medical system in Virginia. IF a person doesn’t think a good part of our ‘doctors’ are actually ethically .. doctors .. you are dreaming. Most crimes surface WHEN it gets so prevelant that more people try the crime and it gets THEM caught and the scam surfaces. Follow it up and do more investigation into those who ALREADY have scammed us and THEN we will be better off. Just like the mortgage scam got caught because gangs in the South got wind of it and began to do the same mortgage scam that ‘they’ were doing for sooo long.

  2. sarah says:

    The parents of these kids need to be hauled off to jail as well. What high school kid can pay out this kind of money without their parents’ knowledge. My guess is that the parents had full knowledge and support of this crime. Sad commentary on how far people will go to have their children be “better” than others.

  3. Cab says:

    As always cheaters never wins as this result of when these kids get a chance to take the SAT or ACT exams and paid for them to pass very high scores and now they has learn their lesson and they are paying the price for these scams.

  4. Wake Up says:

    I love when idiots like this get caught.

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