• Sneak Peek Into 100-Year-Old Long Island Estate's RestorationCarolyn Gusoff shows off what "living large" in the 18th century looked like at Old Westbury Gardens.
  1. Tayten says:

    Whoever edits and publishes these articles rlelay knows what they\’re doing.

  2. T K says:

    I ask you to consider the recently posted Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors, and sympathizers …

    “Local” supporters:
    Communist Party USA
    The American Nazi Party
    Revolutionary Communist Party
    Black Panthers
    Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan

    These political figures have also lent support to the cause:

    President Barack Obama
    Vice President Joe Biden
    Nancy Pelosi

    International Leaders and Governments:

    Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei
    Hugo Chavez
    Revolutionary Guards of Iran
    The Govt. of North Korea
    Communist Party of China

  3. Brian. says:

    To the little girl with the sign, “Look mom, no future”

    Please know, there is a future out there for you. A bright one. I’m sorry your mom hasn’t told you this. In light of her dismal failure as a parent, I will fill you in on a little secret which your mom seems to have lost sight of.

    Just between you and me, there’s a difference between your mom and the so-called “1%.”

    Sure there may be a few Justin Timberlake or Paris Hilton types that haven’t had to work all that hard… but they are the exception. The vast majority of successful people have studied hard and worked hard. When things have gotten rough, they’ve picked themselves up by their bootstraps and pressed forward.

    The reward for all that hard work? The American dream.

    1. TK says:

      Yep ! Except if your (lucky enough to be) a “trust-fund baby”, then you can camp out as long as you want with your fellow “trust-fund” irrational spoiled compadres.

  4. TK says:

    – a ‘progressive’ system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or survive, are copiously rewarded with goods and services,
    ultimately paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of disincentivized producers…

    …so they can protest endlessly with do purpose, coherent message, or direction.

    1. TK says:

      …with NO purpose… sorry for the typo.

      1. Kerriann says:

        Thanks for introducing a little ratiaonilty into this debate.

        1. T K says:

          Thanks, I am simply trying to insert reality into the debate, when I read totally irrational comments.

  5. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  6. Sharon says:

    Jesus told the rich young ruler to give all of his wealth to the poor and follow him. Jesus also said his kingdom was “not of this world” and admonished his followers to live like the “lilies of the valley,” that neither toil nor reap but rely on God for their day-to-day needs. Jesus, in all his years on earth, never owned property, much less a home. He said people ought to store up their treasures in heaven, not on this earth.

    The Left has no regard for Jesus – neither as a prophet nor as the son of God – and most of these spoiled brats couldn’t recite three accurate facts about Jesus if they were asked. It is hypocritical – and laughable – to watch them blasphemously trot out the name of Jesus whenever they want to give moral legitimacy to their causes.

    1. JERRY says:


  7. me says:

    see the sign above is george Soros mass produced; do you need to know anything else about this Jew hater and international criminal!

  8. JOHN ZOIDBERG says:

    If being a Democrat is like being a communist then at least I am not a Republican because that is like being a NAZI….

    1. T K says:

      Constructive, rational comment ? NO, Just another irrational opinion offering no solutions.

    2. saoirse says:

      LOL—not called diMs for nothing !

    3. OBOZOSUX says:

      Since its’ inception, communist regimes have murdered ( and continue to this day) between 85 and 100 million innocent civilians. The ONLY Nazi regime in history murdered between 10 and 11 million innocent civilian. If you prefer to identify with the former than so be it. By the way the word NAZI means “National Socialist German Workers Party”. Please educate yourself before posting ignorant comments.

      1. T K says:

        I agree with you 100%. One of the main problems with these forums is the uninformed responses.

  9. T K says:

    Your opinion. Do you have any solutions ?

    1. WU says:

      Who needs a solution? Just do what the Republicans do and make the other guy look bad, regardless of the consequences. It doesn’t matter if you win, as long as the other guy loses. In reality the only loosers here are the American people, but we don’t matter, we’re just dollar signs for the Republicans.

      1. T K says:

        I agree and disagree. The American people are the loosers. However it is the Republicans AND Democrats faults. Not simply one or the other. BOTH political parties are corrupt and in-ept.
        We need a real and new choice. We have one with the Twelve Visions Party. See http://www.TVPNC.org

        1. WU says:

          I agree we need a new voice and one that represents the people. Democrats and Republicans are both in it for political contributions. However, I saw with Bush, Democrats willing to work with a Republican president. All I see with the Republicans now, is them fighting tooth and nail everything Obama does just for the sake of making a non-Republican look bad (at least that’s how it looks to me).

          1. OBOZOSUX says:

            Re: The first photo… I do hope this young persons parents didn’t spend TOO much on his education for every obvious reason plus one more. His hand made sign is indicative of weak grammar skills. If he really wants a job (insert eye roll here) he should learn proper grammar.

      2. mz says:

        Isn’t this straight out of the Clinton playbook?

      3. Jmaes Madison says:

        The Republicans ultimately stand for personal responsiblilty and limited government. Which means more freedoms we have due to the fact excess taxes aren’t needed to pay for a government thats bloated. Know this, it is the democrats and liberals that like to spend everyone elses $$. It helps them assume power by having people rely on them as their god. Big $$ u say for the republicans? Find out what conservatives truly stand for, support them, weed out the old republicans, weed out every democrat. u won’t get a free ride as u would like, but u will get a better country. They stand for the people who get out of bed and attempt to make something out theirselves without the government intruding. Conservatism is the key. Research it..The truth lies only with Jesus Christ, seek him and u will know the real truth.

        1. T K says:

          I agree, and you had me until your last sentence. Truth is entirely subjective and depends on who is speaking it. YOUR truth(s) lie ONLY WITHIN YOU. Seek REALITY, not someone else’s truth(s),

  10. Marcella Daly Mroczkowski says:

    The best sign of all is the sign partially obscured in #14. It’s this quote:

    “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    And yes,it is corporate greed that is destroying us. Greed is the willingness to do harm for profit, and our profit-uber-alles corporations are exceedingly good at doing harm for profit.

  11. T K says:

    Here is the problem, (and it is NOT corporate greed)…

    In the US, the government does not collect enough tax revenue to cover even the most basic services that society deems sacrosanct: defense [offense], social security, and Medicare.
    In 2010, the federal government collected $2.2 trillion in tax revenue and spent over $2.5 trillion just on those three programs– already $300 billion in the hole. Everything else– the post office, Homeland Security, the FAA, the FDIC, even the light bill at the White House– is funded by debt.
    That includes the most peculiar debt-funded item– interest on the debt. The US government has to borrow money just to pay interest on the money it has already borrowed. This is unsustainable, it’s simple arithmetic.
    Therefore the solution is obvious, and it is NOT mass protests.

    1. JOHN ZOIDBERG says:

      well the problem is republicans don’t like to pay taxes, they want the middle class and the poor to pay more taxes and quite frankly that is unfair and does not fix this problem we are in. and trust me $ for social security and medicare is not running out its lasted as long as it has why should it not continue, you no the old saying if its not broke why fix it……

      1. OBOZOSUX says:

        You know the old saying…….. “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt” A. Lincoln. This, my friend, should be your life “motto”. Your ignorance is astounding!

      2. TK says:

        John Z.
        The problem is as I described it above. Your opinion about the…”republicans don’t like to pay taxes” is irrelevant. Nobody “…likes to pay taxes”, I certainly don’t, I doubt you do either. The facts are;
        -households (poor) earning less than $33,500 pay 2.8% of Federal taxes
        -households (middle class) earning between $33,500 and $163,200 pay 42.5% of Federal taxes
        -households (wealthy) earning over $163,200 pay 54.6% of Federal taxes
        “Trust you”? I trust no one, I rely on the facts.

  12. Victoria Mary Stong says:

    Lets see ………….. how many non-whites/non-caucasians do we have at the top? Answer: CORPORATIONS / GOVERNMENT / HOLLYWOOD = RACISM! Where’s our “American Dream”? ~~~ Sincerely, A caucasian Civil Rights Activist / the 99% who know that racism sucks! :*(

    1. T K says:

      Lets see…. how many non-white/non-caucasians do we have living in the U.S. ? Answer 13%, therefore proportionally that is the number of corporate management officials there should be, the number is actually HIGHER. Do all you left-wing liberals know that fact ?
      Instead of complaining irrational untrue rants, get your facts straight, then propose a solution.

  13. T K says:

    These protesters have NO concept of what runs this economy. Most are wealthy enough themselves to “camp-out” indefinatly. A recent poll showed that fewer than 25% of these iidiots actually vote.
    If real change needs to take place, and it does, we must VOTE OUT our current in-ept and corrupt politicians.

  14. Patrick says:

    Just a bunch of whinny, middle-class socialist brats…

    Their parents are part of the 53% who actually pay taxes so the 47% who don’t can complain they’re not getting enough.

    Shut up and pay your own way.

    Your life is not my fault – it’s yours.

    1. T K says:

      I agree. No one is responsible for you, other than you.

  15. SandraK says:

    What a classy group. I’d like to see a side-by-side photo of Tea Party protests and this mob. And I’d like to see the streets when they leave–that would tell us all we need to know about the character of these folks and the seriousness of their cause. And where are photos of all the anti-Jewish signs–they were there, but very carefully edited out by the media. I’m praying for an early snowstorm to chase these vermin from the streets.

  16. Trock Estrella says:

    Do you know why CBS never had a ‘best signs’ montage for the tea party rallies? It is because their ‘news’ (propaganda) organ is in truth nothing more than a collection of democrat party hacks masquerading as journalists.

  17. Jacqueline West says:

    This whole OWS debacle is the greatest gift the GOP could possibly be given and at the perfect time. It shows in graphic detail how freeking weird and out of touch the left is.

    It is a collection of the insane, unwholesome, Anarchist, Commies, bums, ne’er do wells, emotionally stunted and the over all uneducated or ill informed.

    Quite the opposite of the tea party.

  18. siylence says:

    They look pretty well fed for the downtrodden. Where’d they buy those sleeping bags? Walmart? L.L. Bean?

  19. Glint says:

    Looks like that guy in slide 4 stole the “what will be left for me?” sign form the poor little kid in slide 3. Do they have something against kids? Why didni’t someone stop him?

  20. Glint says:

    These are the best of the best? Pretty pathetic crop of signs. Protest signs — yet another talent gone down the drain in the USA.

  21. Diane says:

    “I could loswe my job for having a voice”. He must be in a union.

  22. polarik says:

    CBS, a CORPORATION and NATIONAL NEWS NETWORK thinks that a guy holding a sign telling the Mayor to “Go F*ck Himself” is not only acceptable, but admirable.

    CBS, “Go f*ck yourself!” for supporting ararchists and communists.

  23. Joshua James says:

    Wow, i wish I was a trust-fund kid who could afford to go camping for a month.

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