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  1. Marco A. Poshar says:

    all the entertainers should be taxed 90% of their income!!!!!!!!!

  2. ORACLE says:

    Idiots should be marching on the corrupt and incompetent U.S. Congress; i.e., the House and Senate.

    1. Bob S says:

      You for forgot POTUS and VPOTUS

  3. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  4. Ron hendel says:

    Our politicians are bought and paid for we all know it why do so many people accept that system we must get the money out of politics or the 1 percent will continue to make all of the rules for their benefit

  5. jerry says:

    Well, is everyone in Hollywood ready to pay more taxes on all the money they make? Excuse me but do they really think that 1% don’t live there and make money off the Entertainment industry?

  6. Imagine says:

    You have to ask yourself two questions here. 1) Why aren’t the politicians getting behind the protesters since in theory the politicians are the elected REPRESENTATIVES of the people, yet no politicians have been sitting in with the citizens. 2) Where do you stand on the subject? The protesters don’t like the system as it is, which they feel is corrupt.You either feel the same as the protesters or you’re complacent with the system as it currently is, which is to be frank falling apart at the seems, with the wealthy controlling the majority of the real money that flows within this society.

    1. Cris says:

      Please, I’m doing just fine and am not rich. I have earned what I have and continue to do so. Stop looking for a hand out and try doing the same. As to the celebs, nothing but the usual no talent few just looking for camera time.

    2. Nathan says:

      You ask why no politicians are “sitting in” with the citizens? Because sitting around on the ground complaining is not going to solve anything… that’s what a two year old does when he doesnt get the toy he wants…

    3. Mike says:

      Because OWS is a minority voice. The vast majority of Americans do NOT want a socialist system!

  7. Robert V. says:

    Look its another criminal who made his money via Capitalism and the free market system…. Charles Rangel

  8. Robert V. says:

    Nothing new in the way of celebrities here… They complain about poverty…. Then give ALL of your ‘CAPITALIST FREE MARKET SYSTEM’ made money to this denegrated non-charity! Your right there…. DO IT!!!!….. Oh Al…. remember Tawana Brawley….???

  9. Dustin says:

    Good for him stand up for what is right. if you think there is no problem you are part of the problem

  10. Jason says:

    I don’t see any celebrities. I see a bunch of washed up losers.

  11. tony says:

    he is not a jackass, he is a moron with money.

  12. Nancy says:

    Kayne West is such a jackass, he really has nothing better to do he should write them a check, thats all they want, for the rich to give to the poor. Lets call him Kanyehood.

  13. dave_ct says:

    Kayne’s got his bliiiiiing, yo!

    1. Madge says:

      And his $400 Givenchy shirt!…LMAO!!…Now there is someone who understands the plight of the poor man!…Watch the Throne!…LOL…I like how all the celebs disappeared once they had to start cleaning up the park…LOL LOL LOL!

      1. Bunny Vee says:

        Dont forget Simmons, and his RUSh card, clocking in 1.75 fees everytime someone uses it. Ah. OWS, you seem more then slightly partisan.

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