• Ridgefield, N.J. House ExplosionThe explosion sent a large plume of smoke and column of flame rising into the air. The flames were rising from a large field of debris.
  1. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  2. tBone says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmn that lady in photo #2 with the broom = psychO!!!!!!

  3. Preston B. Handy says:

    Thank ya,Preston

  4. Victoria Mary Stong says:

    THE TITLE SHOULD READ ” WALL STREET PROTESTERS VICTIMIZED BY VIOLENT POLICE” Police are the REAL Terrorists! Look at why protesters are working so darn hard:
    To all you that do not get it, maybe this will help.
    The following is page 131 of a GAO audit done on the Federal Reserve earlier this year.
    The audit revealed $16T in “secret loans”. The following is where the money went.

    Loans disbursed from December 1, 2007 through July 21, 2010 (in billions)

    Citigroup Inc. $ 2,513
    Morgan Stanley $2,041
    Merrill Lynch & Co. $1,949
    Bank of America Corporation $1,344
    Barclays PLC (United Kingdom) $868
    Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. $853
    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. $814
    Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (United Kingdom) $541
    Deutsche Bank AG (Germany) $354
    UBS AG (Switzerland) $287
    JP Morgan Chase & Co. $391
    Credit Suisse Group AG (Switzerland) $262
    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. $183
    Bank of Scotland PLC (United Kingdom) $181
    BNP Paribas SA (France) $175
    Wells Fargo & Co. $159
    Dexia SA (Belgium) $159
    Wachovia Corporation $142
    Dresdner Bank AG (Germany) $135
    Societe Generale SA (France) $124
    All other borrowers $2,319 $

    Total $16,115B

    This is more than the federal deficit.

  5. Dave says:

    Dude, why were you standing squarely in the middle of the road to observe? My 4 year old has better street sense!

  6. Dave says:

    The virtuous 99%

  7. TAM says:

    Watch the video – he threw himself on the ground and put his legs under the bike.

    With photographers following like moths to a flame.

    Damn TEA Party.

  8. Mii Dailycomplaint says:

    The moped cops were riding the wrong way on the street. Broadway goes south !
    Its just another weapon for the NYPD…….DO WHAT TOLD…..not good boys. It must be hard not to have a mind?

    1. Ken says:

      Mii, you’re an Idiot.

  9. siylence says:

    When they disrespect authority, attack law enforcement, vandalize and destroy public and private property they blame the corporations and the police for the consequences that their own actions purchased? We truly are nearing the end.

    1. Street Talk says:

      I think we need to get the military involved to protect the protesters. If we can allow our young soldiers to die on foreign soil while allegedly promoting democracy and defending other citizens against human rights violations, then we can send them to Wall street to defend American citizens from police officers that resort to inhumane treatment. I am waiting for a repeat of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/june/4/newsid_2496000/2496277.stm

      I mean really … run over a dude with a motorcycle and leave the bike on his bleeding leg. Wow!!! and people support that type of police action? Senior officers that lack intelligence and skills at crowd control that toss down their bull horns in frustration and begin punching people? Are you serious? These are the same officers that brutalize citizens on a day to day basis, that shoot and kill unarmed citizens, rape intoxicated women, frame citizens to make quotas…etc etc. Now we really see the skillset of the NYPD. Look for huge lawsuits against the City of NY.

      And FYI, I’ve been downtown three times and have never had an issue going into local stores nor did I notice any garbage strewn about the streets. People always condemn the people that stand up for their rights because they are too scared to stand up for their own rights…. but I bet you won’t mind reaping the benefits of the protesters hard work. If you don’t have the time to protest at least be supportive of their cause… of simply defend their right to protest.

    2. Lindsey says:

      I do not know what type of education degree if any you have, but do you even know why these people are protesting? Are you American? And do you have children? If so, these people are standing up for your and your children and their childrens future. Maybe you need to find out more information on certain topics before you start commenting so ignorantly on a blog. Thanks

  10. suyen says:


  11. Rhonda Tracey says:

    get away from the bull commies… send these losers packing.. society has to get back to work .. we are tired of supporting losers.. get a job.. any job

    1. enoughalready says:

      @rhonda I agree 100%. enough is enough with this entitlement and wanting what doesnt belong to you. Get a job. Earn your worth.Tired of my tax $ paying for the cops who has to babysit you.

      1. Street Talk says:

        People with jobs talk now until they don’t have a job, then they understand. You should be tired of the government giving your hard earned tax dollars to big corporations that in turn give huge bonuses to CEO’s who then decide to terminate 14,000 people forcing them collect MORE government benefits…unemployment and when that runs out, welfare, housing, medicaid. You’re on the wrong side but then again you’re comfy right now. Get a job? Pray you keep your job.

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