Pundits: Hofstra Presidential Debate Could Easily Mean Doom For The LoserHofstra will be center stage for the second presidential debate this election year when President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney go at it inside the university's Mack Sports Complex on Tuesday night.
Spirited Vice Presidential Debate Tees Up Closing Issues For Obama, RomneyThe vice presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail Friday following there sometimes "rock ’em, sock ‘em" debate on Thursday night.
Romney Casts Himself As Foreign Policy Guru, Vows To Fix Middle EastWhile giving a speech at Virginia Military Institute, he laid out a wide-ranging policy for dealing with our friends and enemies and tried to cast himself as a statesman who would give America a strong leadership role in the world.
President Obama, Romney Try To Woo The Middle Class In First DebatePresident Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed over plans for taxes and creating jobs as they shared the stage for the first time Wednesday in a high-stakes debate with the power to reshape the race for the White House.
Tale Of The Tape -- In Reverse: Romney Attacks Obama's Redistribution Of Wealth VideoMitt Romney turned from defense to offense on Wednesday, aggressively attacking President Barack Obama's economic policies, and bringing up controversial comments made by the president more than a decade ago.
Romney's Secretly Recorded Comments Lead To Major Palestinian ProblemIs it the plain truth, or offensive rhetoric? The debate raged Wednesday about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s comments recorded during a campaign fundraiser.
Expert: Keep Your Political Rantings Off Social Media For Your Own GoodThomas Farley recommends that if you want to talk politics, you should do it in a setting face to face with people you really know, instead of going to social media sites.
Ryan Lowers The Boom On Obama During RNC Vice Presidential SpeechThe gloves came off at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan stepped into the spotlight and focused his frustration on President Barack Obama.
Ann Romney's Charm Offensive Continues Following Strong RNC SpeechOn Wednesday, Ann Romney continued her charm offensive to boost her husband's image. Her high-profile events put her in a sense in a toe-to-toe competition with first lady Michelle Obama.
How Low Can They Go? New Round Of Negative Ads Plague Presidential CampaignsNew levels of negative campaign ads have both candidates for president condemning them. The problem is each candidate is only upset by the other guy's ads.
AP: Romney Tabs Ryan As VP Running Mate; Introduction To Be Made SaturdayThe short list of candidates — if there was one — was believed to include Ryan, Ohio Rep. Rob Portman and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.