City Council: 'Surprising Number' Of 311 Requests Not Addressed, Resolutions MurkyNew York City residents know to contact 311 to report complaints and request information. But the service may actually be doing people a disservice, according to a new study by the City Council.
Bronx Man Claims Neighbor Is Using 311 Complaint Hotline To Harass HimA Bronx man said he's on the wrong side of the city's complaint hotline -- someone's using 311 to complain about him.
Staten Island Residents Fed Up With Abandoned Mystery VehiclesResidents of a Staten Island neighborhood say it's a mystery who owns the cars that are showing up on their blocks.
Drivers Pay The Price After Winter Leaves City Streets Pockmarked With PotholesThe cold winter weather and all the construction going on around the city have done a number on the streets, and now drivers are paying a costly price.
Legislation Would Require 311 To Allow For Social Media Complaints In NYCDisgruntled New Yorkers call 311 60,000 times every day – complaining about everything from unshoveled sidewalks to noisy neighbors.
Staten Island Mother Digs Through 7 Tons Of Garbage To Retrieve Missing RingsA Staten Island mother made a terrible mistake and accidentally threw away one of her most sentimental possessions.
311 Complaints About Homelessness On The RiseAs of last week, the 311 system fielded more than 20,000 calls related to the homeless. That's up from more than 12,000 two years ago.
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Building Residents Set Record For Loud Sex ComplaintsSome residents of a building in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn have set a record for having the city’s loudest sex – as judged by 311 calls by neighbors complaining about it.
Councilman Wants City To Help Drivers Track Down Cars Towed For Parades, TV ShootsEfforts are underway to end the game of hide and seek that occurs when cars are towed to make way for parades, and other events.
NYC Officials Launch Task Force To Combat Tenant HarassmentState and city officials have launched a joint task force to crack down on New York City landlords who harass tenants to force them into vacating rent-regulated apartments.
Report: NYC Logs A Noise Complaint Every 4 Minutes On AverageThe noisiest neighborhood is in Midtown. Other loud neighborhoods include East Village, West Village and Battery Park City.