Dr. Max’s COVID Vax FAQs: Can People With Allergies Get The COVID Vaccine? What About Diabetes?CBS2 viewers asked if people with allergies should stay away from the vaccine and if it was safe for those with diabetes to get it.
Diabetes Drug Recalled Due To High Levels Of Cancer-Causing ContaminantMetformin tablets are used to treat type 2 diabetes and are designed to lower glucose levels.
Study Shows Adolescents, Young Adults At Increasing Risk For PrediabetesPrediabetes is defined by several tests as an inability to keep blood sugar in a normal range.
JDRF One Walk Raises Over $125K For Type 1 Diabetes ResearchThe Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation hosted a fundraising walk on Staten Island to help the millions of people who suffer.
Day Camp Offers Sense Of Camaraderie For Kids With DiabetesA medical staff of four monitors the kids at all times. All have insulin pumps or get injections.
NYC's 'Pharmacy To Farm' Program Bringing Free Fruits To More People With High Blood PressureChances are, you've heard about "farm to table," but what about "pharmacy to farm?”
Emma's Journey, Medical Alert Dog Bringing Life-Saving Help To ChildrenRufus, a 2-year-old yellow Labrador, knows plenty of tricks, but the most important skill is as a highly-trained diabetic alert dog.
New Continuous Glucose Monitor Implant Sensor Comes As Welcome News To Diabetes SufferersA tiny implantable sensor that continuously monitors a diabetic's blood sugar is the next generation of continuous glucose monitors.
Researchers: Drug Cocktail May Help Diabetes Patients Make More Insulin-Producing CellsThere could be a major advance towards a cure for diabetes.
NYC Looks To Push Companies To Cut Sugar In Food And DrinksThe goal is a sugar reduction of 20 percent in packaged foods and 40 percent in drinks.
Diabetes Treatment And New Dementia Link Part Of Big Week In MedicineCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez took a look at all the top health stories.