Hochul Calls Texas Abortion Law A 'Travesty,' Says New York Will Increase Information And Protect Patient RightsLeaders joined the governor Monday at the monument to women's rights pioneers in Central Park. 
Gov. Kathy Hochul Attends Brooklyn Rally Against Texas Abortion Law: 'Keep Your Damn Hands Off Our Bodies'The strict new law bans abortions after about six weeks or pregnancy and makes no exceptions for victims of rape, sexual abuse or incest.
U.S. Bishops To Discuss Whether Biden, Catholic Politicians Should Get Communion If They Support Abortion RightsWhether in Washington, D.C., Delaware, or overseas, one thing is consistent for President Biden—he always makes sure to attend a Catholic mass.
Sen. Schumer Says He Didn't Threaten Supreme Court Justices: 'I'm From Brooklyn. We Speak In Strong Language'After being accused of making threats against members of the Supreme Court, Sen. Chuck Schumer offered a clarification On Thursday.
NYC Rejects Federal Funds For Women's Health Care, Will Use Taxpayer Money To Cover Abortion Counseling, ServicesMayor de Blasio said he has decided to say no to federal aid for family planning and related health services for women because it allegedly comes with unacceptable strings attached.
Federal Lawsuit Filed To Block Alabama's New Abortion BanA federal lawsuit filed Friday asks a judge to block an Alabama law that outlaws almost all abortions, the most far-reaching attempt by a conservative state to seek new restrictions on the procedure.
Cardinal Dolan: New Laws Restricting Abortion A Direct Response To New York's Reproductive Health ActPro-abortion rights advocates across the country marched Tuesday in protest against new laws restricting abortions in several states.
Alabama Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban With No Exceptions For Rape Or IncestThe bill is the most restrictive anti-abortion measure passed since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.
NYC Teacher Faces Backlash For Showing Anti-Abortion Video To Fifth-Grade ClassIt’s not the type of video you'd expect to see in a fifth-grade dance class. The clip featured a group of high school performers pretending to be unborn fetuses.
Dolan Promotes Church Alternatives To Abortion, Pushes Back Against Cuomo's Reproductive Health ActNew York Timothy Cardinal Dolan held a press conference Monday to reaffirm the archdiocese's "commitment to helping pregnant women in need" and highlight healthcare alternatives offered by Catholic services.
Cardinal Dolan Fires Back At Gov. Cuomo, Feud Over Abortion Beliefs GrowsCardinal Dolan is getting fed up with Gov. Cuomo. Dolan called out the former altar boy on Twitter, saying Cuomo linked the archbishop to the so-called "religious right" for his pro-life beliefs.