Younger Patients Suffering From Liver Disease As Women Drink More During PandemicA JAMA study found 41% of women drank more in 2020 than in 2019. In some cases, it cost them their lives.
Survey: 78% Of New Yorkers Support Making 'Alcohol-To-Go' Permanent After PandemicBars and restaurants say selling booze to go has boosted cash flow during the pandemic anywhere from 15% to 40%.
COVID Progress: New York Restaurants Can Now Serve Just Alcoholic Drinks, No More Food Order RequirementSome executive orders that have been in place since the peak of the coronavirus pandemic are being repealed by the state. That includes the midnight curfews.
Author: Those Coping With Coronavirus Pandemic By Drinking More Alcohol Should Consider A 'Dry January'It was a year like no other, so a January reset could be just the trick to forget 2020.
Coronavirus Update: Health Officials Worried About Hoarding Of Alcohol As Means Of Self-MedicationStressed out by the coronavirus and drinking your woes away? You’re far from the only one. From liquor stores to wine distributors, bottles are flying off shelves.
Proposed Change To NY Law Would Make It Easier For Movie Theaters To Serve AlcoholUnder the proposal, adults with tickets to a movie rated PG-13 or higher would be able to buy one drink at a time.
Staten Island Doctors Say Man's Own Body Was Making Alcohol, Getting Him Drunk Without DrinkingAfter years and years of medical testing, it turns out that antibiotics the patient received to treat a thumb injury in 2011 reportedly began to change to body chemistry.
New York At Forefront Of America's Booming Hard Spirits Renaissance
Young Adults Are Drinking Themselves To Death, Study FindsAccording to the report published in the journal BMJ, deaths due to cirrhosis increased by 65 percent from 2009 to 2016.
Study: Just One Alcoholic Drink Per Day Increases Breast Cancer RiskJust one alcoholic drink per day increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, according to a major new report from the American Institute for Cancer Research.
New NY Laws Would Let Bars Start Selling Alcohol Before NoonGov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the states newest craft brewery, Three Heads Brewing, in Rochester on Wednesday.