Concerns Raised About Safety Of Some Outdoor Dining Seating In Hell's Kitchen As Indoor Dining Is PostponedSome restaurants have wooden barricades around their tables, but others have less stable barriers.
NYPD: Gun Violence Continues As 21-Year-Old Man Shot And Killed In Crown HeightsWitnesses said the victim was getting dropped off by a ride-share when he was shot. He then tried to run and was shot again.
NYPD Experiences Increase In Members Filing For Retirement Amid Ongoing Protests, Spike In ShootingsThe NYPD says so far this month, 233 members have filed for retirement, more than double compared to the same time last year.
Protesters Spend Third Day Camped Out Outside City Hall, Calling For Mayor To Slash NYPD BudgetAfter four weeks of daily marches for police reform, demonstrators now say they will camp out until the mayor cuts at least $1 billion from the NYPD's $6 billion budget.
New York Primary Plagued By Voting Issues, Including Long Lines, Broken Machines And Absentee Ballot Mix-UpsSome people never got their absentee ballots, and others were waiting in line for hours.
Phase 2 Of Reopening Raises Concerns About Driver, Pedestrian Safety In New York CityIn May, 311 had a 600% increase in drag racing complaints compared to May of last year.
'We Don't Want Crumbs, We Want The Whole Cake': As Demonstrations Continue For 22nd Day, Protesters Say They're Fighting For Bigger ChangesThe city's budget is due in two weeks and the council is looking to cut $1 billion from the NYPD's funding.
Demonstrators Still Going Strong In New York City As Protests Continue For Third Straight WeekThe protesters say they will continue taking to the streets every day until they see tangible change, not just promises from politicians.
Protesters Focus On Calls To Defund The Police As Demonstrations In New York City Continue For 20th DayProtesters say police reforms are progress but do not address their top priority.
NYPD Announces Reassignment Of All 600 Undercover Anti-Crime Officers; Protests Continue For 19th Straight DayAs the protests for police reform continue in New York City for now a third straight week, the NYPD announced Monday it is getting rid of undercover anti-crime officers.
'Late Show' Musical Director Jon Batiste Uses Music To Unite Crowds On 16th Day Of Protests In NYCThere's been a dramatic decrease in uniformed police officers at the protests compared to last week.