Retired NYPD Officer Battling ALS Alone Gets Amazing Outpouring Of Support After Social Media Post Goes Viral“I was guarding a prisoner at a hospital that broke a bed rail in a hospital room and attacked me with it. I wound up suffering head injuries that brought on ALS,” Mike Vinitsky explained.
Local U.S. Marine Battling ALS In Hospice Care Honored For His Service Before Veterans DayThere are many who aren't well enough to make it to the festivities. Instead, they are being honored behind the scenes.
Ice Bucket Challenge Creator Continues To Inspire, Thousands To Attend ALS Event In YonkersThousands are expected to participate in a "Quinn For The Win" ice bucket challenge at Yonkers Raceway this upcoming Saturday.
Long Island Man Battling ALS Gets Heartwarming Surprise, Charity Makes Entire Home Wheelchair-AccessibleThey were told volunteers would make their bathroom handicapped accessible, but instead, they found their entire house had been transformed – for free.
Money Raised In Viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Has Led To Advancements In ALS Research And Patient SupportThere's new hope for victims of Lou Gehrig's disease, and it's thanks largely in part to a huge infusion of research dollars from the "Ice Bucket Challenge."
Man Behind ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Gets His Voice Back Thanks To TechnologyThe man who to helped start the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is speaking out about ALS, even after the disease took his voice. Now, a new program could help other people make their voices heard.
Man Behind Ice Bucket Challenge Backs Effort To Speed Up Federal ALS BenefitsPete Frates was joined at his home in Massachusetts on Saturday by Democratic U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, a sponsor of the bill known as the ALS Disability Insurance Access Act.
New Technology Brings Independence To People Suffering From ALS, Parkinson’sThat's the reality for millions of people suffering from disabilities like ALS, paralysis, Parkinson's and more.
Stories From Main Street: Beloved NJ Teacher With ALS Gets Home MakeoverThere were cheers and tears during an emotional unveiling of a renovated house for a beloved math teacher who has ALS.
Ice Bucket Challenge Money Leads To ALS DiscoveryThe ALS Association is crediting money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge for the discovery of a gene they say is among the most common that contribute to the progressive disease.
Stories From Main Street: New Jersey Community Plans Fundraiser For Beloved Math Teacher With ALSA New Jersey community is coming together to give back to a beloved middle school math teacher who has ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease.