Alleged Upper East Side Madam Calls Case Against Her A ConspiracyAnna Gristina told the TV talk show host that she thinks the case against her is just a conspiracy by the prosecutors to get her to divulge information about somebody else.
Judge Sets Trial Date For Alleged Upper East Side Madam Anna Gristina A judge has refused to dismiss the case against Anna Gristina, the suburban mom accused of earning millions of dollars by selling sex to wealthy clients.
Alleged Accomplice Of 'Millionaire Madam' Expected To Take Plea DealPublished reports said she'll plead guilty to a misdemeanor and avoid a lengthy jail sentence for promoting prostitution. It's unclear if the deal would mean that Baker will have to testify against Gristina, who has refused to enter into a plea agreement with the District Attorney's office.
Alleged Accomplice Of 'Madam' Wants Prostitution Charges Dropped Lawyer Robert Gottlieb filed court papers Tuesday in the case against Jaynie Mae Baker, who was charged with promoting prostitution. Prosecutors say she worked with Anna Gristina.
Atty On Gristina's Release: 'We're Grateful She's Home'Anna Gristina, the so-called "Upper East Side Madam," looked tired and overwhelmed by cameras as she walked out of Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday with her attorney and family by her side.
Alleged Upper East Side Madam Anna Gristina Out Of Jail Anna Gristina, the so-called "soccer mom madam" looked tired and overwhelmed by the cameras as she walked out of Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday night with her attorney and family by her side.
So-Called Millionaire Madam Anna Gristina To Get Out Of Jail On MondayCBS 2 has confirmed that the so-called millionaire madam will get out of jail on Monday. Anna Gristina's family has come up with $250,000 collateral for her bail.
Anna Gristina Breaks Her Silence From Behind Bars At Rikers Island Stuck in Rikers since February, Gristina has finally won a reduction in bail and could walk free in days. The mother of four told "The Today Show" her time behind bars has taken a toll on her family.
Judge Panel Reduces Alleged UES Madam Anna Gristina's Bail"After reviewing the entire record... we find the amount of bail set by the trial court was unreasonable and an abuse of discretion," the judges wrote. They made note that Gristina has no criminal record.
Judge Panel Still Mum On Alleged Madam Anna Gristina's Quest For Bail Reduction It's back to Rikers Island for Anna Gristina as members of a panel consider her request. The family says she needs to be home with her son who is having medical issues.
Alleged Manhattan 'Madam' Switches Legal Teams Again; Still Stuck At Rikers Attorney Norman Pattis is the just latest in what some are calling "lawyerpalooza." Accused brothel bigwig Anna Gristina has now had nine different lawyers at her side during one proceeding or another.