Coronavirus Antibody Testing Hopes To Shed Light On Extent Of Infections In New YorkIt will help determine whose immune system has essentially fought the coronavirus, and how to reopen the economy. 
Max Minute: What Antibody Tests Can And Cannot Tell About A Coronavirus InfectionAntibodies have become the subject of much hope and controversy in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Update: New York State Set To Begin Critical Antibody Testing SurveyNew York State will undertake the most aggressive state-wide coronavirus antibody testing survey in the nation over next week.
Coronavirus Update: Hospitals Now Using Donated Plasma To Test For Help Against COVID-19This week a growing number of hospitals are starting to take plasma donations from those who have recovered from coronavirus and give them to patients.
Coronavirus Update: Cuomo Says Wide-Scale Antibody Testing A Must To Get People Back To WorkEven with the numbers, no one knows just how many people have been infected with COVID-19. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a test could change that.
Coronavirus Update: N.J. City Begins 'Rapid Antibody COVID-19' Testing On First RespondersFirst responders in one New Jersey city are being screened to see if they have had coronavirus, and the results come back much faster than a traditional test.
Coronavirus: Hackensack Meridian Looking For Recovered COVID-19 Survivors To Further Treatments For OthersDoctors say patients who recover have high levels of immunity and their blood contains needed antibodies.
Coronavirus Update: Mount Sinai Hospital Seeks Patients Who Recover To Help Develop TreatmentThe hospital is hoping to start treating severely ill patients with antibodies from others who have beaten the virus.
Researchers Produce Successful Cocaine Vaccine For MiceResearchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have produced a vaccine that prevents mice from getting high on cocaine.