Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Health Care Disparities; Task Force's Mission Is To Identify The CausesMount Sinai doctors and scientists are going into the hardest hit communities to identify the conditions that lead to so many deaths.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sending State Agencies To Monitor Social Distancing In NYC As Coronavirus Cases Explode Across U.S.Mayor Bill de Blasio had the NYPD back off of enforcement after viral videos showed physical confrontations and data revealed more summonses in Black and brown communities.
City Considering Letting Social Workers Take Lead When NYPD Responds To Calls Involving People With Mental IllnessSupporters of police reform say homeless outreach should not be the responsibility of the NYPD.
3rd Annual 'Sisters for The Cure' Event Held VirtuallyCBS2's Elise Finch and Aundrea Cline-Thomas joined Susan G. Komen of Greater NYC for the virtual brunch.
Protesters Say They Want NYPD Out Of Public Schools, But Safety Agent Union Official Cautions That Would Be A MistakeCalls to cut the NYPD's budget includes pressure to remove officers from schools.
NYC Sees Surge In Shootings As Mayor Balances Calls For Police Reform With Need For SafetyAccording to the NYPD, there were 125 shooting incidents in the first three weeks of June alone.
Growing Concern Pandemic Could Cause Spike In Homeless PopulationAs more people start to return to work, it could take much longer for employees to rebound financially. There is a growing concern over how those still unemployed will pay their rent.
Texas Man Who Traced Family Tree Back To 1800s Honors His Ancestry On JuneteenthSamuel Collins III's ancestors were among the last group of slaves to learn about their freedom from Union General Gordon Granger, who shared the news in 1865.
NYC Council Passes Series Of Police Reforms, Including Officers Required To Show Badge NumbersThe City Council passed a package of police reforms on Thursday. Some of the legislation lingered for years, only to get fast tracked amid the protests.
Fast-Tracked Police Reform Receives Mixed Reactions From NYPD Officers: 'The Higher-Ups Don't Give You Support, Then Who Is Going To Support You?'The mayor and police commissioner have separately been making the case for reforms, but on the ground, it's leading to frustration from officers.
Some Corporations Are Now Saying 'Black Lives Matter,' But Are They Changing Who They Hire And Promote?Corporate America has responded to the protests with statements saying "Black Lives Matter." But at some organizations, black employees say that's not actually the case.