Back Stories: Morning Drive With Lou Adler & Jim DonnellyIn today's Back Story, WCBS Morning Drive anchor Wayne Cabot looks back on the Morning Drive team he grew up listening to, Lou Adler and Jim Donnelly.
Back Stories: Covering Mark David Chapman's Murder TrialWCBS reporter Irene Cornell remembers January 1981, when Mark David Chapman pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to murdering John Lennon.
Back Stories: The Day John Lennon DiedWCBS reporter Rich Lamb remembers the night of December 8, 1980, when John Lennon was murdered in his New York City home.
Back Stories: Nelson Mandela Visits NYCNelson Mandela came to New York in June 1990 as part of an eight-city tour of the United States.
Back Stories: NASCAR In NYC?The city once considered opening a NASCAR track, but a pit stop in Times Square may have put a stop to that plan.
Back Stories: Newsman's Newsman Jerry NachmanIn his unparalleled career, he enjoyed award-winning success in highly noticeable jobs in newspaper and broadcast. But his first big job was at WCBS.
Back Stories: Mel Granick's 'Report On Medicine' FeatureIt was a feature ahead of its time. The "Report on Medicine" focused on developments in the medical community.
Back Stories: Blimp 880? WCBS Considers Getting A BlimpFormer WCBS Assistant News Director Bernie Gershon used to make some crazy requests.
Back Stories: Former NYC Mayor John Lindsay Plants A Parting KissWCBS reporter Irene Cornell says she was shocked when the mayor walked over to her.
Back Stories: Caller 'Mobile 88'WCBS anchor Gil Gross once found out the hard way that when you work in radio, you never know who's listening... even the boss.
Back Stories: WCBS Groundbreaker Jane Tillman IrvingA WCBS groundbreaker, Jane Tillman Irving started her career here in 1972, becoming the station's first black female reporter.