Dog Uncovers Mysterious Urn At Park In Ocean County, N.J.A woman says an urn just like that one was stolen from her Toms River home in 1992. Inside were the remains of her first dog.
Fishing, Environmental Advocates Say DOT’s Drainage System Threatens Barnegat Bay FlounderThe blue water of Barnegat Bay was recently turned brown. The discoloration was temporary, but some people fear the damage it did might be permanent.
NJ Legislators Concerned About Brown Plume In Barnegat BayNew Jersey lawmakers are concerned over potential health risks posed by a giant brown silt plume that was released into Barnegat Bay last week.
Kayaker Rescued From Icy Waters Of Barnegat BayEmergency responders came to the aid of a man who fell out of his kayak on Barnegat Bay.
Radio Free Montone: What Kind Of Fool Am I?So what kind of fool was I? A wet, freezing fool. But I just had to try to catch the setting sun as it hit the ice because who knows if the opportunity will ever arise again.
Radio Free Montone: Grow A Lawn, Kill A BayI spend a great deal of time in Barnegat Bay kayaking, canoeing, boating and swimming. If it dies, a part of me will die with it. And I won’t be alone.
Chadwich Beach, N.J. Residents Complain Rebuilt Dune Is Ugly, SmellyThe town of Toms River built the dune using sand dredged from the nearby Barnegat Bay. Town officials got permission from residents to build the dune.
Mantoloking To Vote On Property Tax ReassessmentMayor George Nebel said the recalculation is necessary due to the severe damage the Ocean County borough sustained in the storm.
Prince Harry Visits NYC After Touring Storm Damage In NJBritain's Prince Harry began a tour Tuesday of New Jersey's storm-damaged coastline, inspecting dune construction, walking past destroyed homes and shaking hands with police and other emergency workers with Gov. Chris Christie as his guide.
Crews To Demolish Storm-Wrecked Homes In MantolokingSome debris removal has already started in Mantoloking and the first of 50 storm-wrecked houses should be demolished on Wednesday.
House Being Demolished In Mantoloking More Than 6 Months After SandyCrews have been working for months trying to clear New Jersey's waterways after the storm dumped everything from houses to boats into bays, channels, rivers, inlets and other coastal waters.