Cab Drivers Spar Over New 'Taxi Tax' To Help With Health Insurance Sign-UpSome cabbies turned in petitions over the six cents per fare fee, but other drivers said the money will go to good use.
Taxi And Limousine Commission Approves Fare Increases, Health Care For DriversThe Taxi and Limousine Commission voted Thursday to approve a proposed fare increase. The vote was approved 6-2, with one abstention.
NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission To Vote On Fare Hike, Lease FreezeNew Yorkers may soon pay a little more for taking a cab: The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission held a public hearing on Monday to discuss a proposal that includes a possible increase in taxi fares.
NYC Taxi Union Head Makes Impassioned Plea To Raise FaresCabbies jammed the hearing room on Beaver Street, waiving signs urging what would be the first fare hike in six years.
Cabbie Struck By Drunk Driver Has Leg, Livelihood Taken Away Sajjad Matin, 42, had to have his left leg amputated after being hit last Thursday when he was unloading a passenger's luggage.
'Taxi Summit' Ends With No Deal On Livery Cab Street HailsParticipants in the 2-hour meeting said a deal got close, but failed to produce an agreement to allow livery drivers to legally pick up street hails.
Francisco Solano Arrested In NYC Cabbie Biting & Beating Solano, 42, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with misdemeanor assault in the October 2 incident in which cabbie Haroon Rashid was punched and bitten.
Cabbie Says NYPD Delivered Ultimatum After He Was Punched And Bitten By Male PassengerHaroon Rashid, 40, told 1010 WINS that after he was allegedly assaulted by a passenger, police told him that they could "both go to jail" or "just go away."
NYC Cabbies Push For Fare Increase Citing Rising Gas PricesThe New York Taxi Workers Alliance, led by Bhairavi Desai, once again pushed for an increase of 50 cents on the per-mile metered rate and a 10-cent bump for idling charges.
Bloomberg Calls For End To Taxi Drivers' 'Geographic Discrimination'There’s a new crackdown underway. Newly released undercover video shows a driver denying a man a ride. Rather than go to an out-of-Manhattan address, this driver left a paying customer in the dust.
Livery Cab Plan Meets Opposition From Yellow Taxi Drivers Some cabbies said Mayor Bloomberg's proposal of allowing some livery cabs to accept street hails in the outer boroughs would adversely affect them.