Officials: Don't Feed The Bears At Ramapo Mountain State ForestWildlife officials believe humans may be to blame for aggressive bears tracking hikers in New Jersey.
Officials Shut Down Ramapo Mountain State Forest Over Black Bear ConcernsThe woods have been blocked off for more than a week. Traps have been set and one bear has been euthanized.
Family Of Bears Caught On Video In Rockaway Township, N.J. Backyard PoolVideo was released this week showing a startling find in a backyard in Rockaway Township, New Jersey.
Neighbors Worried After Bears Are Spotted Wandering Around SuffernNew video Tuesday showed a group of hungry beats roaming the streets in Rockland County, and neighbors have been left worried.
Black Bear Spotted On Bloomfield Ave In CaldwellPeople in Caldwell may have been doing double takes on Sunday.
Authorities: Several Black Bear Sightings Reported In Springfield, N.J.There have been several sightings of black bears in a New Jersey town. Black bears are not aggressive unless provoked. Experts say never make eye contact, and never run.
Bear Cubs Being Cared For At NJ Wildlife Refuge After Mother KilledThe orphaned 3-week-old bear cubs have been named Mike and Ike after the candy theme this year at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in Pittstown.
Officials: 267 Bears Killed In New Jersey HuntThe state Division of Fish & Wildlife's website showed that more than half of the bears were shot in Sussex County, where hunters harvested 146 bruins.
New Jersey's Bear Hunt BeginsThe last of five state-sponsored bear hunts aimed at reducing the bruin population and increasing public safety began 30 minutes before sunrise Monday and will continue through Saturday.
Stories From Main Street: What Should You Do If You Encounter A Black Bear?It was an absolute shock when a black bear killed a hiker in West Milford in September.
Franklin Lakes Residents Say Black Bear Sightings Are Hitting Too Close To HomeThe New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife said that there is work to be done as the black bear population continues to expand and increase throughout the state.