Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 23, 2017While Craig was sounding off on ESPN for its decision to pull a broadcaster from the booth for Virginia's home football opener against William & Mary, Jerry Recco was feeling good about his highly anticipated "Moment of the Day."
Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update And Craig's Wood-Working ProwessJerry Recco delivered yet another award-worthy update and Craig revealed the 60-pound cheese platter stump he had been working on for his BFF/radio partner, Boomer.
Boomer & Carton: Huge NBA Trade, Girardi's Smart Move, And ESPN Is Losing Touch With RealityWe had ourselves quite a start to Wednesday's action-packed Boomer & Carton Show.
Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 22, 2017Tuesday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" featured some fun with nicknames.
Boomer & Carton: Scott Esiason? It Almost HappenedWith Major League Baseball getting ready to celebrate "Players Weekend," by allowing players to choose a nickname that will appear on the back of their jerseys, the guys got to chatting about their own nicknames.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Does What Jerry Does BestJerry Recco was at it again Tuesday morning. The "update maven" recapped the Giants' 10-6 preseason loss at Cleveland, including an update on injured wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.
Boomer & Carton: OBJ Is A Target, Matz To Go Under The KnifeBoomer and Craig had a lot to talk about Tuesday morning, following the scary injury suffered by Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday night.
Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 21, 2017During Monday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" Craig imagines what Hooters might be like if the waitresses were a little more honest with their clientele.
Boomer & Carton: N.J. Gov. Christie Calls In To Talk About His WFAN FutureChris Christie called in to the Boomer & Carton Show on Monday morning to address the rumors about what he will do after he finishes his term as governor of New Jersey.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Monday Morning UpdateJerry was back in the saddle Monday morning, delivering an update as only he can.
Boomer & Carton: Yanks Are OK, Jets Throw Hack To The Wolves, And Eclipse ThisThe Yankees dropped two of three in Boston over the weekend, the Jets decided to see what they have in Christian Hackenberg, and, in case you haven't heard, a solar eclipse is coming.
Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 17, 2017Craig got a few things off his chest Thursday morning and Jerry turned one of the rants into his highly anticipated "Moment of the Day."
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Updates, Craig Rants And RavesJerry Recco has grown accustomed to being interrupted regularly during his update efforts and Thursday morning was no different.
Boomer & Carton: Yanks Thinking Sweep, NFL/NFLPA Unrest, And Party TimeOn this, the eve of the Boomer & Carton 10th anniversary red carpet celebration, the guys had more Subway Series action to discuss.
Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: Aug. 16, 2017During Wednesday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day," Craig recalled taking the court against the great "Dr. J" Julius Erving in Philadelphia a while back.