FDA Wants To Require Mammogram Providers To Notify Women About Their Breast Tissue DensityThe Food and Drug Administration is proposing the first changes to breast cancer screenings in decades.
Doctor: If You See Swelling Or Feel Pain In Your Breast Implants, Consult Your Plastic Surgeon ImmediatelyThe Food and Drug Administration was meeting against Tuesday to address the possible risks of breast implants. The agency reported last fall on a rare cancer in women with a certain type of implant.
Inspirational Bronx Teacher Battles Cancer While Pregnant With TwinsAt seven months in however, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and immediately started chemotherapy.
Inspired By Young Teacher's Death, Lawmakers Pushing For Health Coverage For Mammograms To Start At Age 35Should younger women get mammograms and should insurance providers have to pay for them?
Author's New Book Tackles Everything From Diagnosis To Dating After Breast CancerChristina Wilson didn’t let the diagnosis destroy her; she chose to become a source of inspiration instead.
'If You Have Breasts, You're At Risk': Survivors Urge Women To Get Screened For Breast Cancer, Regardless Of BRCA Status"That's a huge misconception, that women with a big family history are all related to BRCA. That's just one of the genes. Most women with breast cancer will not have an identifiable mutation," said Dr. Elisa Port, the chief of breast surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital. 
New Procedure Making Breast Reconstruction Surgery More ConvenientCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports that an inflatable skin or tissue expander that operates by remote control has been created by specialists.
Study: Giving Birth Increases Risk For Breast Cancer For Longer Than Previously ThoughtThe findings are complicated, since childbirth has been known for years to be protective against breast cancer, but not right away. 
New Technique Helping Women Avoid Heart Problems During Breast Cancer TreatmentPatients wear a snorkel-like device during radiation. They take a deep breath and hold it; increasing the distance between the heart and the area of the breast getting the radiation.
Sandra Lee, TV Host & Gov. Cuomo’s Girlfriend, To Be Honored For Breast Cancer DocumentaryLee sits down with CBS2's Dana Tyler to talk about her mission to make mammograms more accessible.
Holiday House Showcases Top Interior Designers To Raise Money For Breast Cancer ResearchTop interior designers have reimagined the 13,000 square foot mansion to raise money for breast cancer research.