New Jersey Seniors To Discuss Budget Cuts With Assembly Budget CommitteeNursing homes lost about $30 million in aid. A program that helped keep the aged, blind and disabled population out of managed care was cut by $11 million.
Democrats In New Jersey Assembly To Examine Gov. Christie's Budget CutsDemocrats say cuts made by the Republican governor before signing a $29.7 billion budget disproportionately hurt the poor and middle-class.
Report: Crime On The Rise In Camden Following Police LayoffsAn analysis of crime data finds violent crime was up 13 percent from Jan. 1 through June 20 compared with the same period a year ago.
Political Battle Expected Over NJ BudgetRepublicans led by Gov. Chris Christie want to hold the line on spending and taxes. Democrats led by legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly want to restore funding to the state's most needy citizens and fully fund public education, and they want the state's wealthiest taxpayers to shoulder more of the costs.
Yonkers Running Out Of Time To Close Budget Gap, Avoid Fiscal CrisisIn New York’s fourth largest city, the budget crisis is so severe that there has been talk of a state takeover. Rescue talks in Yonkers are going down to the wire.
Bloomberg Lashes Out At State BudgetMayor Michael Bloomberg says the new state budget unfairly singles out the city and makes it impossible to prevent layoff and cuts in services.
Nassau County Exec Plans Layoffs, Furloughs Amid Budget WoesEdward Mangano's proposal includes over $60 million in employee-related cuts, and would impose a 13-day unpaid furlough for county workers.
Gov. Christie Delivers Ultimatum In Staunch Budget SpeechChris Christie's second annual state budget address will likely ruffle feathers and bolster his reputation among his supporters as a fiscal conservative.